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Title: Song choices!
Post by: Serentic on August 24, 2012, 01:46:46 pm
Hey everyone!

A few days ago I promised everyone in the Nessaholics Phantom Friends Facebook group that, in exchange for their viewing my page, I'd give them the option of previewing a song the moment I finish it. Today, I released the tracklisting -

1. Cartographer
2. Shanghai
3. Explore
4. Pillow Talk
5. Strange Dreams
6. Wanderer

- and, as promised, I'd like everybody to pick, by title, the song they'd first like to hear. I will release the song to you guys privately the moment it is recorded in full.

I can't release snippets for all of them just yet (though I might post a .wav file on my Facebook page in a bit) so you only have the title to guess with. I will advise you that the first and last songs are really just intros, about a minute long. However, I'm a big fan of both of them.

I am giving everybody a few weeks to vote. The songs most likely won't be fully recorded until the first or second week of September. At that point, I will close the poll and post the song.

Happy choosing! c: