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Title: Rules, Regulations and schtuff... You best read this. (Updated: 4/17/11)
Post by: kaysha on March 16, 2003, 01:05:00 am
This is not the o-VCMB.  We have Mods, and rules and are not afraid to use them!   :D

Please spend 15 minutes and read through all the rules prior to posting.  They're here to make your posting experience here more enjoyable.

1st) Please proof read your posts prior to submitting them.  You don't have to be an English major but don't purposely bastardize the English language.  "How r u doing 2 day?" or "|-|3y +h3r3" does not make you look cool, it just annoys the Mods.

2) As your post count increases, your Rank will.  Your Rank is that little Vanessa lyric below your name on the left.  Do not request that it be changed, it will annoy us.
Mods and VCUBs only may have their Rank Info changed.
Current Ranks
0: You're a Genuine Wannabe
50: Willing and Able to... Run
100: Make me high on lullabies
250: Just a day, just an ordinary day
500: Your true colors shown
750: You aren't tryin'
1000: I'd Walk A Thousand Miles...
1500: Fine as dandelions
2000: You never thought it'd hurt so bad
3000: Keepin' secrets at midnight
4000: Speeding into the horizon
5000: Just looking for some affection
6000: It's nice not to be so alone
7000: Will always reach too high
8000: Who are they anyway?
9000: Summer dies & nothing lasts forever
10000: I know what you did...
11000: I see the ruin[/list]

C) VCUBs -- With time and support of Vanessa you may be initiated into the VCUB group and gain access to a hidden section of our forum.  You will notice several members of the forums have a special Unicorn icon under their custom Rank that looks like this: (  VCUB stands for Vanessa Carlton Unicorn Brigade (Thanks Trish!).  Don’t request to be added to this group… as we observe you helping others and supporting Vanessa you will be nominated and discussed amongst the group.  Do NOT take this gif and use it as your Avatar.  If we find that you have, it will be deleted.  If you continue to place it there, your Avatar rights may be taken away.
IV) Don't contribute to the idiots that show up and say "Vanessa is not talented" or "I don't like Vanessa!"  We have Mods for a reason... let them deal with those individuals appropriately.

5) Don't be an idiot yourself.  Meaning don't spam the forums, don't post wh0re, don't start or contribute to a flame war, please post in the appropriate forum, read other topics before posting and use the search function before starting something new... Now, because there is no post wh0ring, there is no need to have "milestone" threads.  If you have 100, 200, 500, 1000 posts... we really don't care.  We love you and we're happy you're posting but leave it at that please ;)

f) Don't start an entire thread to talk back and forth with someone.  Use PMs, AIM, IRC, Yahoo Chat or whatever other direct chat method... If you intend for your thread to have a conversation with many people, that is fine.  Don't announce you're here or gone, everyone can see who is online or not.

7th) Yes we like Vanessa here, just because you do too doesn't mean you're cool.  Save your love and praise for Vanessa for someone else.  Commenting on something she does well is fine but starting a thread because you're in love with Vanessa Carlton is another story. Also just because someone is your best friend, does not mean you have to start an "Appreciation Thread" for them. Save the ass-kissing threads for the O-Board.

VIII) Avatar Rules: Size Limit -- 100x100.  Do NOT use the Vanessa unicorn from the official Vanessa Carlton Message Board.  You wouldn't use it over there, don't use it over here... it's kinda disrespectful as that is her personal unicorn.  Sig Rules: Size limit -- Width=400 & Height=120.  If we find that your sig is larger than 400x120 we will PM you and you have 1 week to resize it.  This means you may only have a picture (or multiple pictures) in your sig reaching a total of 400x120... you cannot have two pictures that are each 400x120 totalling a sig that is 400x240 or something.  If you need help making a sig, check this ( thread.

9) Remember to watch your language if possible.  We just want to point out that we do have quite a few younger visitors and just avoid the use of heavy swear words if possible.  We aren’t going to strongly enforce this but assume everyone will use their best judgment.

J) Remember to have fun while you're here.  If you're not having fun, you may be banned.  ;)

11th) You MUST read the rules and FAQ ( prior to posting.  If you post something that is in the FAQ or covered in the rules, your thread will be locked with a helper text in Red pointing you to what you should have already read.  If you are upset that your thread was locked, get over it.  When a Mod locks a thread, it is the final say.

42) If you create an account and don't activate it within 10 days, we'll delete it. We assume that if you don't activate it by then, you don't intend to use it. If our assumption proves to be wrong, just create an account again and remember to activate it this time! Just check your mail and click on the link we send you. It really is that painless.

XIII) Don't insult other members of the forum. It's not cool. We want you guys to have fun and enjoy yourselves here, and we're not saying you have to like everyone and agree with everything they say, but be respectful of others and their opinions. It will make your experiences, along with your fellow members experiences, much more fulfilling.

14th) It is okay to use the "report" button if you think a post is breaking forum rules. We suggest you use it. We can't watch over everything like Big Brother, but we're pretty close. :wink:

o) If you have news, a live recording, or anything else to share, that's great. If you're here to share your experiences, that's great too. If you're here to gloat or flaunt what you know/have that others don't, don't waste your time--or ours.

XVI) When you make a thread title, make sure it is specific. If you are posting an article from Billboard with the title "Carlton's Fairytale", say something like "6/27/07: article - "Carlton's Fairytale"" not "Look what V said!?" ... It will make all of our lives a lot easier. :)

17) Discussion of contact information that you don't have permission to give out, especially Vanessa's, is a bannable offense. Don't go there.

The list of rules is subject to change at any given time and breaking of the rules may lead to your threads being moved, posts being deleted, you being banned or you could just be ridiculed endlessly by the Mod team.

Happy Posting!

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