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Label: Victor Music

Thanks for sharing! I love 'A matter of time'. If it is a new song I think that it will be one of my favoruites.

Like it, love the violin. Thanks for sharing!

On my birthday! Nice present, thanks Vanessa :D

"Soon" sounds like "June" xD

She will tweet...

"Now, hear the bells..."

I I thought about a notebook with some lyrics or something like that xD

I want more videos like this! She is awesome xDDDD

Maybe for the first year of Carousel?

Live Shows / Re: 4/18/12 - Webster Hall - NYC
« on: April 19, 2012, 03:16:43 am »
I saw it livestream, love the "shit" moment on White houses, loved how they played Hear the bells and loved Home as last song.

Maybe she uses some of her star maps for the "stars are wathing me..." part.

I like all 4 albums but there is one that I love and is H&T. I love all the songs from beginning to the end. I never get tired of it. I usually listen songs of the other albums randomly but when I hear one of H&T I need to hear the entire album. I think that is a perfect album. One of my favourites, not only of hers.

I was watching TV a few hours ago and they passed a cereals commercial with 'A thousand miles' on the background! It's only a few seconds of piano but I recognised it quickly.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Vanessa Carlton Dream
« on: January 08, 2012, 08:16:37 am »
Last night I dreamt that V was going to release an special edition of ROTR with two cd's one of them with some new songs. One of the new song was called 'Mi sweet your sweet' or something like that. That edition had also a few images like the star map poster featuring "in the end". The image was a dead end in a forest where suddenly the trees become dead.

I see a ballet dancer doing something like this xD

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