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Vanessa released a new version of NWUTOB. I am so in love with that version, she really shows that electronic music can be moving.
Enjoy !

Live Shows / Re: Paris - La Flêche d'Or - 17/05/2016
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:14:09 am »
AHAH, I will be there too ! I had already had the chance to see her twice last year but I am so excited to see her sing once again. La Fleche d’Or is a really charming place to perform. Quite far from the city center to me but that is okay. 500 people can enter the hall and I think they would be there. She has not been performing in France for so many years, since 2003 I think.

Live Shows / 10/30/2015 - Zanzabar, Louisville, KY (REVIEW)
« on: December 29, 2015, 01:33:07 am »
I know my review is late but I didn’t find time before to feed back my first concert of Vanessa Carlton.

First I was all excited to see her. At last ! I went from Paris to Chicago then from Chicago to Louisville despite exorbitant airline ticket prices. I planned to see her twice: at the Zanzabar in Louisville and at the HIFI at Indianapolis.

I arrived in Louisville the day before the show. I knew nothing about the concert hall. I was so surprised when I found myself before the pub. I thought it was a real hall but it was not but I was happy with it! It was wonderful to experience Vanessa close up- and approachable!  For my pleasure it was going to be an intimate concert. I was so stressed out that I started to drink much to try to relax . So as you can guess, I was not really myself that night! Anyway…

I met some other Vanessa’s fans before the show. They have loved Vanessa for many years. We spoke about their favorite songs of Vanessa: Fair-weather Friends, Get Good, London… It was the first time I had met some other Vanessa’s fans. Here in France she is not famous at all. People are acquainted with A Thousand Miles but very few know who the singer is. Besides it was interesting to see who her audience was. And she reaches a diverse audience, which I have to say surprised me a lot! I must confess I thought I was going to see many prepubescent girls!  

The concert started with Joshua Hypslop. I found he was great, he is a good guitar player and his music is really enjoyable. Good but not brilliant. But he was the perfect guy to introduce Vanessa. We waited 30 minutes after Joshua’s performance before Vanessa came on stage. I had never noticed beforehand how beautiful she was. She wore a wonderful leather jacket.  Her clothes were quite simple but elegant. She arrived with a guy of about 30, very slim, with bleached hair and brown eyes, also wearing casual clothes:  Skye Steele.

The concert started with Carousel. Everybody seemed to know the song by heart. So we were singing the song altogether. I paid attention to Vanessa’s reactions. She was surprised to see everybody singing her songs. So was I ! During the concert, I told myself how she had lived this turning point in her career. She sold millions of albums, has a worldwide pop hit (A Thousand Miles has 100 000 000 views on Youtube all the same!), has 3 Grammy-nominations, sang all over the world and released five critically-acclaimed albums. And she was performing in front of an audience of 80 people.  I really did not expect it. I thought she was more famous in the US.

Here is the tracklist.

1)   Carousel
2)   Tall Tales for Spring
3)   Unlock the Lock
4)   White Houses
5)   Take It Easy
6)   Willows
7)   House of Seven Swords
8 )   Operator
9)   Blue Pool
10)   Nothing Where Something Used to Be
11)   River
12)   I Don't Want to Be a Bride
13)   A Thousand Miles
14)   Get Good
15)   The Marching Line

It is really different to see her performing online from seeing her performing live. She has become a really good vocalist, a moving and talented singer. Her voice was clear, powerful and moving. I didn’t expect it either !

After the show, I went outside to breathe a bit, to let off steam and above all to regain my composure. I was speaking with the girls I had met when Vanessa crossed the street and became closer to us. A girl shouted to her that I was waiting for her and that I came from Paris especially to see her. She smiled at me and gave me a hug. In France we are not used to hugging someone to say hi. So i felt very embarrassed but relieved to meet her. I could not bear not to speak with her. I started to explain to her how much I love her songs. I grew up with her music. I also quoted few lines of Operator explaining this song is one of my favorite songs. “We should call your little brother, tell him to be good, tell him that you really love him, you don’t but you should”. I added that Who’s To Say meant a lot to me and that I owed her much. I was terribly uncomfortable. I dreamed about that moment so many times but the more I talked to her, the more terrible my English was. What a pity! My English was giving up on me just when I needed it most. Anyway I think she understood the general idea. I asked Skye to take a photograph of us. He took once, I saw it but it did not please me at all so that I asked him to take another one.

To finish with, I also had the chance to speak more with Joshua and Skye. I spoke about music with Joshua. This guy has definably good tastes in music. Skye and I also talked one hour about everything and nothing. This guy is really a good person. It is good to know Vanessa is in good hands.
Seeing her was a dream come true. It is always something special when you meet someone you have admired for ages, since I am about 11 I think. Meeting her was on my bucket list. Now I can check it !

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: December 17, 2015, 03:55:32 am »
YES !!! At Last !!!
I remember that a DVD was also expected many years ago during the Heroes and Thieves tour. They filmed the show and interviewed many fans.
I don't know why this project finally did not go through!
Hope it will be different this time!

Live Shows / Re: Troy Savings Bank Music Hall 12/3/15 review
« on: December 06, 2015, 02:15:36 pm »
Don't worry. She gave me a hug whereas I am not used to giving hugs at all. It is really American in fact.
It depends on her mood I guess, it is natural!

Live Shows / Re: 11/15/15 Cleveland, OH - Music Box Supper Club (Review)
« on: November 24, 2015, 01:21:30 pm »
I think what happens is she just uses the same set and doesn't play the same songs. I know she's done this in the past. But you're correct, she played Tall Tales and not FWF. She played that the night prior in Pittsburgh.  I'm working on putting my review up but I just can't get good wifi connection to upload my videos. Nice review I was at this show front row!!

Skye told me in Indianapolis Vanessa and he thought to play FWF, Hear The Bells and Who’s To Say. She now sings Hear The Bells and I am sure you could hear the other songs soon.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Meet and greets
« on: November 17, 2015, 03:05:13 am »
OMG. How was Amélie Nothomb? Ça a dut être très intéressant...

She is a genius. She is able to remember everyone she has already seen. That was very impressive. I read all her books. She is a big star here in France. Amélie is a model for me and wise beyond her years. I was with my grandmother and two friends of mine. We spoke to her a bit, I also told her how much I love her books. She was listening to us with tenderness and finally signed some books. She wrote personal dedication. Showing she was really listening to us.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Meet and greets
« on: November 16, 2015, 02:43:46 pm »
I met her a few weeks ago. I crossed the Atlantic especially to see and meet her. It was in Louisville. I was smoking outside after the concert and she came at that moment. I was stressed to meet her (at last) so I drank too much beforehand.  When I saw her walking, I prostrated myself before her !  She smiled at me and became closer. I explained to her why I was here and how much I love her. My English was really confused but she understood the general idea.
I was surprised to see a very nice and open-minded girl.

I met other famous people but I don’t think you know them. Véronique Sanson, Amélie Nothomb…

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: November 13, 2015, 04:20:34 pm »
Great performance of Operator. I am really in love with that song.

Live Shows / Re: New Dates Added to Liberman tour!
« on: November 13, 2015, 04:07:39 pm »
Skye had also told me that he and Vanessa also wanted to perform in Europe next year. Hope he was not kidding !

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: October 14, 2015, 11:56:21 am »
Amazing video. It's really beautiful, the director did an amazing job. The colors and everything, it almost feels like a David Fincher movie. I actually didn't expect Vanessa to be in it, which was a GREAT surprise! And love the studio version of the song. I really do believe it can do well on the charts or whatever. It has a great hook and sounds like something people might like to hear these days on the radio while it's still very Vanessa. Could this be her most radio-friendly song since the BNN era? I believe so.

I disagree.  :-*
It is hard to understand why she has never managed to be commercially successful again since BNN. White House, Who’s To Say, Nolita Fairytale, Hands On Me or even Carousel were radio-friendly songs.
To me her early years are a genuine burden for her career. Let me explain. Her problem is the targeted public. People have only kept in mind A Thousand Miles, the girl with the piano, a very mainstream, commercial and annoying song. So people who could however enjoy her new stuff are not really interested in her. Why should they listen to this Michelle Branch- Sara Bareilles- or Kate Voegele-like girl? She suffers from a lack of credibility even if her new songs are enjoyable.
And on the contrary the first fans don’t recognize themselves in her new stuff far from her hits and her first album.
She is just missing her public because she is trapped into an in-between situation.
The album tends out to be brilliant, subtle and well-thought. But I don’t think this album could put Vanessa back on the road to success. It is unfair because she deserves it. She deserves one Grammy per year for her huge talent !

Live Shows / Re: 10.31.2015: Indianapolis, IN
« on: September 21, 2015, 06:27:17 am »
I am attending too. But I especially come from France to see her. It is my first time! But I am alone (alas, there are not many Vanessa’s French fans anymore) ! If somebody wants to go to the concert with me, let me know it.

It will be a dream come true. I grew up with her music; I started to play the piano thanks to her and above all, I started to really love music with Harmonium. She made me realize how music can be moving and touching. I owe her much.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: September 04, 2015, 11:57:35 pm »
It is obvious it will be Willows and Take It Easy to me. The two songs are the songs she has wanted to promote since the beginning. First track of the album and first official single.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: August 27, 2015, 03:25:09 pm »
I found the tracklist !

1) take it easy
2) willows
3) house of seven swords
4) operator
5) blue pool
6) nothing where something used to be
7) matter of time
8) unlock the lock
9) river
10) ascension

Deluxe version :
1) blue pool (living room session)
2) river (living room session)
3) take it easy (living room session)
4) willows (living room session)
5) house of seven swords (living room session)
6) operator (living room session)
7) unlock the lock (living room session)
8) nothing where something used to be (living room session)

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: August 27, 2015, 03:03:13 pm »
I really like Willows. It sounds like an Harmonium song and I must say I have always been in love with this album so it is a guilty pleasure to ear a song in the same vibe. The lyrics are very different however.

I also like the album cover even if I had rather have a more colorful cover.  Ya I have exactly the same feeling she looks like a dreamy creature, an elf from Lord of the rings.

Still waiting for the final tracklist now !

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