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Vanessa Songs / Lyrics / Sheet Music / Moving On
« on: February 28, 2008, 11:16:37 pm »
I finally heard that song by Kimya Dawsom that V sings in Moving on. kimya has a weird voice...she sang some of the songs from the juno soundtrack. what do you guys think ofher, and this song?

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Very Clear Wanted
« on: December 26, 2007, 01:15:51 pm »
Hey everyone. (I posted this same ting on the O boards...but i thought someone here migh know more)
I just got sent this very clear recording of Wanted....i dunno if it is live or a studio recording...i dont thinkive ever heard it before....her voice sounds the way it did with the rinse album. it sounds just slighly different than the BNN recording...i dont think its the BNN recording ...but i could be wrong...becuase i dont have the BNN one on mycomp to compare it to.

but please tell me where its from.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Vanessa Q&A
« on: December 01, 2007, 11:39:11 pm »

My Exclusive Q&A with Vanessa Carlton!
Vanessa Carlton loves my cell phone ring!

I made that pleasant discovery that after I'd already left my very comfortable, very chill one-on-one with the singer/songwriter pianist following her fun set at Jennifer and Danny's No-Snow Ball at Cityplace Friday night. And it's because of my own goofiness - I'd just left the apartment where the interview took place and realized I'd forgotten my cell phone. I called it just to make sure, and then sheepishly knocked on the door, as a friend of Vanessa's was headed out to walk her cute little dog, Victor.

"Hi!" she said, as if it was absolutely normal.

"Uh, did you just hear The Fugees about thirty seconds ago?"

"I sure did!" Vanessa said brightly, opening the door so I could get past her to where my phone was sitting on the couch where I'd left it. "And good choice, by the way...'Killing me softly with his song, killing me softly..."

So thanks, Grammy-nominated Vanessa Carlton, for making what could have been a completely embarrassing situation sweet and song-filled. And for not siccing your cute little dog on me.

Before Killing Me Softlygate, Vanessa, whose third album "Heroes and Thieves" is out now, sunk into a comfy chair in front of a muted basketball game ("I wasn't watching sports; one of the boys had it on") and chatted with me about keeping your career fresh, befriending the new crop of up-and-comers and the challenges of performing in a mall during holiday shopping season.

Question: Are you doing a lot of these radio shows right now? Is there a difference between how you approach something like this and a show at a regular venue?
Answer: We're doing 13 of them, and there's not a lot of comparison. I just came off a club tour with Graham Colton, and in those shows, you perform in a vacuum. You have rapt attention (of the audience). I like to create a show that's intimate, like a full meal.
This (radio) was an extraordinary one, because sometimes you only get 30 minutes to play. Some of the Top 40 (station) shows even give you 15 minutes.

Q: Here, you not only had a whole hour, but you were singing basically in an outdoor mall. Is that distracting?
A: It's so cool - I always wonder if I can get them to stop walking and check out what's up. I do look (out into the audience) to see if I can do that.

Q: Obviously, you've been around for three albums now, but to some people you'll always be the girl who sang "A Thousand Miles" - there was an obnoxious drunk next to me yelling "Play your hit!" I guess at a free show that's gonna happen, but is that annoying? What do you do with that?
A: Something like this that's free - if anything, it's an opportunity to three-dimensionalize myself. The songs are so much bigger than the album. I want to have a full-bodied career...But (the success) of that album (2002's "Be Not Nobody") allowed me to make the most avant garde quirky song if I want, because I made this song that is a modern, quasi-classic.

Q: It really is. It's now even one a Zales commercial.
A: Yeah, I sold out (giggles.) They just wanted the melody, not me singing. They didn't license my recording - they rerecorded the piano part - so I still have the right to license my recording if I want.

Q: Cool. So five years after your first album, you've got such a recognizable song under your belt and now you're on a new label (The Inc.). What's it like to transition from being the hot new girl to being more established?
A:...When I was new, none of the older female singer/songwriters said "Hey, come have a drink with me." But there are so many new ones coming up, and I can't wait to hang out with them. It's been interesting as a singer/songwriter, getting to your third record. People have been so nice, and I've gotten some nice critics' praise. I've put out a consistent body of work.

Q: One more thing - I couldn't help but notice that gorgeous piece of fabric draped over the piano. It was such a nice touch.
A: It's Victorian lace from 1872. It takes a beating, but especially when I don't have my own piano - this one was rented - it says to me "Aww, I'm at home."

(is there anyway a sticky interview/article thread could be made??? just wondering....:) )[/list]

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Getting Sales Information.
« on: December 01, 2007, 07:42:20 pm »
Hello everyone.
I was just wondering if there is a way to get the information on how many copies HaT has sold so hasnt been on the top 200 so we cant check there any other way?

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / OK! Magazine Website Interview.
« on: November 28, 2007, 07:12:32 pm »
Sorry if this has already been posted....but i just found it :)

Singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton overcame a heartwrenching breakup with Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins — all thanks to her dachshund Lord Victor, who greets OK! with a friendly bark when we meet outside her spacious NYC apartment. Vanessa, who goes by “V,” has just taken him for a walk on this rainy day.

As we take the elevator to her floor, she gushes about Stumbling On Happiness, a book by Daniel Gilbert that teaches us to be happy with what we have.

“Siamese twins are happier than single women,” she says. “They’re always together. They don’t want to be separated. Our happiness is skewed. What we think will make us happy often doesn’t.”

She offers OK! a glass of water before we sit down in her posh living room, which is accentuated by a black baby grand piano and a gigantic, classical painting of nude women. Scattered rugs line the hardwood floor. Her dog is running back and forth with a jangly toy in its mouth before he decides to make OK!’s foot its resting place.

“He is my unconditional pal,” the Pennsylvania-born pianist, 27, says, as she throws the toy across the room. “He’s also a fantastic therapist and professional cuddler.”

Vanessa and Stephan dated for four years before splitting earlier this year, and her 43-year-old ex produced her latest release Heroes And Thieves, which boasts the tune "My Best."

“I love the idea of 'My Best' because it’s one of the most level-headed responses to a broken relationship,” she tells OK! “It lasted for about as long as I wrote the song. The notion behind that song is no matter what crimes are committed in any relationship that fell apart, you kind of always keep your promise to that person, those people in your past. If you were to serendipitously to cross paths with them again, you would always be the best version of yourself and offer them your best. I think that notion is so lovely.”

What did the woman who shot to fame with 2002’s "Thousand Miles" learn in going through the breakup?

“Picking the hardest path reaps the most benefits,” she says. “Straying from the beaten path has always served me exponentially well.”

These days, she is looking for something different in a man. “A nice beard and good jeans,” she says. “Lumberjack beard, good jeans – not trendy jeans – Seven Jeans, bad – and a penchant for vodka.” That lumberjack, she says, is on her holiday wish list.

She calls her dating “extracurricular,” and maintains that she’s married to the music. When she unwinds, she keeps her craft in mind. “I love to take long strolls through the neighborhood,” she says. “So much fantastic people-watching. I love to meet friends at the pub, share stories and lead as normal of a life as I can, despite the fact that I’m this traveling circus freak.”

At home, Vanessa relaxes by playing piano, which separates the living room from the kitchen, and she calls writing songs “fantastic therapy” for getting over lost love. “Playing piano is so relaxing for me, and I’m so lucky that it’s my work and my meditation.” She also likes to tub it up. “I have a pretty fabulous bathtub in that back of my house that I get in every night, no matter what time and no matter how much I’ve had to drink,” she laughs.

How does she boost her self-esteem when she’s feeling low?

“I buy some Louboutin heels or fantastic lingerie,” she tells OK! “It makes me feel better. You always want to channel that hotness when possible.”

Post-interview, she retreats to her kitchen, where she sometimes munches on her favorite snacks: red velvet cake, cupcakes, hot fudge sundaes and chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

Just an Ordinary Day for Vanessa.

Well we thought she might before but this interview kinda solidifies that there is a great chance of this happening in the future.

sorry if this has been posted. :(

VANESSA CARLTON LEARNED the hard way that "artistic control" in the music industry only has currency as long as you're bringing in currency.

Six years ago, A&M Records signed the piano-playing singer-songwriter while she was just a young lass studying at Columbia University. It was a match made in Billboard heaven when Carlton's debut single, "A Thousand Miles," went Top Five and scored three Grammy Award nominations. Along with Michelle Branch and Alicia Keys, Carlton was in the forefront of the "Britney backlash" — young female artists who played instruments and composed their own songs.

Then her Tori Amos-influenced single, "White Houses," got banned from radio and MTV because of its blunt lyrics about a girl losing her virginity. Its low chart position caused the album, "Harmonium," to sell poorly and A&M to lose confidence. Carlton left the label.

Last year she caught the ear of Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo, who signed her to his hip hop label, The Inc. — formerly known as Murder, Inc.

But Carlton hasn't gone rap, nor has she done a Nelly Furtado and sexed everything up.

The label allowed the 27-year-old to hold steady to her artistic vision and she's quick to say the "seemingly odd coupling" works. She may be right: Her new CD, "Heroes & Thieves" is arguably her best yet, with its funky, autobiographical lead-off single "Nolita Fairytale" and the gorgeously wistful coming-of-age ballad "Spring Street."

Carlton talked with Express by telephone in advance of her Birchmere gig. She spoke candidly about topics ranging from her relationship with ex-boyfriend Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind (who co-produced the new CD), to her feelings about her devoted fans, who call themselves "Nessaholics."

» EXPRESS: What influenced your distinctive piano style?
» CARLTON: Mozart sonatas — and in terms of a lot of the minor key stuff, it comes from some Rachmaninoff and [George] Gershwin. And then, of course, it's crossed with this blanket pop-culture influence. My father used to love Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac. It's kind of cross-pollination between those two worlds — classical and pop.

» EXPRESS: Who thought up the idea of satirizing your "A Thousand Miles" video for your new video, "Nolita Fairytale?" They start the same, but in the new video, your trademark piano gets smashed by a cab.
» CARLTON: It was [video director Mark Klasfeld's] idea initially. My initial reaction was to laugh. And then I realized it's so much deeper than just being humorous. It's obviously a big metaphor, and so perfect to open the new door into the next chapter of my career.

» EXPRESS: On "Nolita Fairytale" you sing "take away my record deal." Can you explain what happened with your former record company?
» CARLTON: Actually, I was given an ultimatum — basically like a slap on the wrist, like, "You shouldn't have made 'Harmonium'; you should have done everything we said." Meanwhile, it wasn't supported by them, so of course I was doomed to begin with on that project. They pulled the plug on my record and then said, "See, it didn't work. You have to now reaudition [and] submit your songs as you write them. You have to do everything that we say." So what's the point of having an aesthetic and being an artist if you're just some kind of puppet for a team of people that don't necessarily know their own aesthetic? There was no other choice for me but to leave.

» EXPRESS: How did you come to work with producer Linda Perry on "Spring Street" and "This Time?"
» CARLTON: After "White Houses" was released, the label sent me back into the studio because they didn't feel like I had a follow up single. One of the artists I worked with was Linda Perry and I really did connect with her. So I have to thank some people at my old label for hooking me up with Linda. We have a couple of other songs that didn't make the record, but might come out in Japan or something.

» EXPRESS: You've released several rare b-sides and some of your early demos are circulating on the Internet. Are we ever going to get a Vanessa Carlton rarities CD for all the "Nessaholics?"
» CARLTON: I'd love to do that. Absolutely. When I collect enough b-sides that have enough buzz around them I think a selection of rarities warrant a record. I will do that in a heartbeat. I love those kind of Nessaholic-type fans. I love that's the name they give themselves. I give them whatever they need to keep the addiction going.

» EXPRESS: Did your recent break-up with Stephan Jenkins influence the writing of any of these songs — or did that happen during the recording?
» CARLTON: Well, there's a lot of transition going on in my personal life that always influences my work. I did write two songs that were directly influenced by that kind of broken relationship, and how that was kind of evolving into a friendship. It all happened during the recording of the record, which I think in the end made for a pretty special record.

» EXPRESS: I found it ironic that Stevie Nicks was on the record, singing backup on "The One," because it seemed like you were working in a situation similar to when Fleetwood Mac was recording "Rumors," where relationships within the band were breaking up.
» CARLTON: It's funny you said that, because Stevie was in the studio with Stephan and me, and she was like, "It was just like [(Fleetwood Mac guitarist] Lindsey [Buckingham] and I." She was stepping back in time, in a sense, because it was a very similar environment in the studio as it was when she was in the studio doing "Tusk" and "Rumors." I met Stevie in 2004 when Lindsey played guitar on "White Houses." We just connected. And she asked me out on tour with her at the end of 2005. I've been touring with her on and off for the past two years. But we developed a real friendship, and even more special than that, she's been guiding me and mentoring me. It's pretty extraordinary the impact she's had. Not just on my career, but on my personal life.

» EXPRESS: How are you finding you fit in with the hip-hop artists at The Inc.? Doesn't that Ivy League pedigree destroy your street cred?
» CARLTON: Ha, ha. Actually, you'd be surprised. A lot of these guys are so eloquent when they want to be. They have different lexicons they speak depending on who is around. It's pretty funny. I guess I get the intellectual side of some of these hip-hop guys who you assume would give one word answers or something. But they're all quite lovely and intelligent. I love the fact that this is kind of this abnormal and seemingly odd coupling. In the end I signed with Irv because I think he's a brilliant guy and he has fantastic musical ears.

» EXPRESS: I had read some media outlets banned "White Houses." Is this true — or is it a rumor that evolved because Ashton Kutcher made this an issue for a skit that featured you on "Punk'd?"
» CARLTON: It actually was censored and then Ashton kind of played on that. In the bridge of the song it lyrically describes a woman losing her virginity — in a very poetic, subtle and beautiful way. But nevertheless I do say the word "blood." And I guess it wasn't OK for me to say that word. And I think it's absurd considering how graphic and disgusting things are on TV lately.

» EXPRESS: Back in April you performed at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser. Did you get to meet her and President Clinton?
» CARLTON: Yes, I did. I adore them as people in addition to their brilliant political careers and work. I am all for Hillary 100 percent. I really like Chelsea. I think they're an extraordinary family. Anything I could do in terms of cross-pollination with the musical and political world to support Hillary I will.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Voting For Vanessa on TRL
« on: October 21, 2007, 12:21:47 am »
Hey is anyone else having a pain in the ass time trying to make an account on the trl thing to vote??? I never get my confirmation email.

If someone could go to the TRL page, and then made an account, maybe you could message people who are having the same problem as me, with the account info so we could start voting. :)

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Second Single (Information)
« on: October 18, 2007, 03:22:56 pm »
hey someone i talk to who is involved with Vanessa just told me that the second single is Hands on Me. i havent gotten conformation that it is FOR SURE HOM but they sounded pretty definate.

after they told me here is what they said:

keep the focus on nolita
get it poppin at top 40
request on trl
focus on this single getting it way out there.

so it sounds like they arent going to rush with getting the enw single out...

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / NY Post Vanessa Appartment Interview
« on: October 11, 2007, 02:38:47 pm »

i dunno if there is an interview thread so i just made a new one...:)

aneways...she's already writing new songss??? thats' really great to hear ;)

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Voting on TRL
« on: October 09, 2007, 02:56:22 pm » just wondering how we are supposed to vote for Nolita on the TRL voting page?? i cant see it on the i totally missing it ??

Completely Off-Topic / What's in???
« on: October 03, 2007, 07:47:57 pm »
Hey everyone...
This question is more directed to the people still in school here....but i was just woondering what brand names are in at your school?? Im just curious so i can see if it's different from what's popular here...
Here a few of the things that are big now are Hollister, A&F, J.Lindeberg, Diesel, LuLu Lemon, and Pusch is starting to become big.
Aneways, i was just wondering :)

Entertainment - Movies / TV / Books / Saw 4
« on: October 03, 2007, 04:41:53 pm »
Who's excited??? I LOVE the SAW movies and i can't wait for this one...i think it comes out on october 28 or so....I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!

Vanessa Songs / Lyrics / Sheet Music / More Than This (Lyrics)
« on: September 26, 2007, 08:13:30 pm »
Sorry if i am completely off. I'm not very good at figuring out lyrics.

Cradling stones
Hold fire bright
As crickets call out
To the moonlight
And as you lean in
To steal a kiss
I'll never need more than this.

We all share the pain
of our histories
but the ache goes away
if you could see
This night under stars
well i call it peace
if you say ill never need more than this

And the trees grow so thick
you can barely see through
and the forest bestows
all the simplest of truths
and you think you'll be happy
grantedone more wish.
but the truth is,
you'll never need more,
you'll never need more ,
you'll never need more than this.

Want some much in this life
There's so much to be
we sail through our youth
so impatiently
until we see
that the years move along
and soldiers and heroes come home
and they carry a song dont <<<????

Live and forgotten times
may this always remind
you of the sea under the skies
you looking back <<<<?????
lets make this our story
lets live in the glory
time it fades away precious as a song
cuz someday we'll be gone.

A craddling stones <<<<????
hold fire bright.
as we watch the glow
of the morning light
someday our bones heavy will lie.
and so we sing.

As the years move along
and soldiers and heroes come home
and they carry a song
lets make this our story
lets live in the glory
time it fades away precious as a song
cuz someday we'll be gone.

Thats what i got from the song. see what you can fix cuz some parts i really didnt get.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Fan Reviews of Heroes and Thieves
« on: September 26, 2007, 07:06:49 pm »
Well i thought i'd make a topic where everyone can post tehir own review of the album, so we can see what everyone thinks of each song..if you haven't listenined to the album yet and are waiting for the release day then post your review when you get it :)
heres mine:

1. Nolita Fairytale: We'll we've been able to listen to this song for a while so it wasn't a shock to listen to it on the cd. I actually think its one of the best songs on the album, its very upbeat and catchy.

2. Hands On Me: This was a little different than i was expecting. I thought it would be more slowed down and full of strings, but it turned out to be a little more up tempo. However, i still really liked it. I also liked the backup voices during the chorus.

3. Spring Street: This is probably my least favorite song on the album. Its okay, but its nothing spectacular. Its a bit boring for me. However i do like the bridge.

4. Fools Like Me: I thought it turned out to be pretty good. I thought the intro could have been a bit more powerful...i dont really know what that is in the intro....I think her vocals are REALLY great on this song. Its one of my favorites.

5. Home: All i can say is WOW! i think this song is AMAZING on the album. I was totally surprised by the piano solo, which is absolutely INCREDIBLE. wow wow wow wow wow.

6. Come Undone: I think this song is okay. In my opinion the intro is a bit long. But it was very different compared to alot of other Vanessa songs. But i think its kinda catchy and its starting to grow on me.

7. The One: I thought it would have been really nice to have Stevie in the song, but it just doesnt seem to fit in quite well with me. I think Stevie kinda sounds like a robot in this song. But other than that i think it is really nice.

8. Heroes and Thieves: I LOVE this song. It was alot better than i was expecting. I love that violin or whatever it is in the background, and i think her vocals are GREAT in this song. It's definately one of my favorites.

9. This Time: This was kinda exactly what i was expecting. I think its really nice though. I think the strings are really nice in this one. I didnt really used to like this song too too much but im starting to really like it.

10. My Best: I really really like this song. I think the melody is really catchy and i really like the lyrics. I think its one of the better songs on the album.

11. More Than This: This is my FAVORITE song on the album. I absolute LOVE it!!!!! I think it was the PERFECT way to end the album. I think the "Let's make this a story.Let's live in the glory!" part is sooo beautiful.

Overall Thoughts:
I really enjoyed the record. There were definately a few standout songs for me. They were Home, Heroes and Thieves, and More Than This.  A few songs i wasn't to impressed by like Spring Street, and The One. However, i will be listening to ALL the songs over and over again. I cant wait to get an actual copy of the album>
I LOVED this cd.

Hey...i was just wondering if someone has time to start making new sheet music for these songs...
for Best Behavior..i think the sheet music we have now the chorus is wrong...
for the one, it is now in d major, and some of it has been changed...
for nolita fairytale, what we have is pretty accurate, but the opening piano intro i think is missing a few well as the bridge..

if anyone could start working on these id greatly appreciate it :)
if you do start working on one, please post, and update us with your progress :)

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