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Live Shows / 11/9/2015 -- A&R Music Bar Columbus, Ohio (review)
« on: November 11, 2015, 11:14:20 am »
Here is my quick recap of last night's show in Columbus, Ohio. It was at the A&R Music Bar; a rather grunge like bar that was kinda cozy (if you're into that sort of thing). Vanessa was perfect as always and Skye was fantastic.  She was borderline drunk (and by this I mean she called herself "mom drunk" at one point). Victor was not with her but she had the wiener flag posted at Skye's little table. He will be on the road with the group starting in NYC, according to Vanessa.  The set was pretty similar to the other shows, EXCEPT she played Who's To Say instead of Hands On Me and I was in tears (it's one of my faves from Harmonium).  She played Matter of Time and In our Time with John. I wanted to save on phone battery, so I only got videos of the Liberman tracks, and some of my other favorites.

V also referred to her set last night as a big sandwich, with Liberman being the roast beef meaty section of the show.  Overall, her mood was fantastic and she was great as always. Probably because she was kinda drunk.

That's pretty much it. I don't have my set list on me now but I'll upload it later. Here are the videos I did take! Enjoy! carousel white houses
Who's to say willows swords
Operator blue pool
Nothing something
Matter of time

Live Shows / 10/29/2015-- Live @ Ludlow Garage, Cincinatti, Ohio (Review)
« on: October 30, 2015, 09:58:47 am »
Okay guys, here is my review of the show.  It was the first show of the Liberman tour and it was at the Ludlow Garage in Cincinatti, Ohio.
I'll try my best to write what I remember for each song, forgive me if it's not the most appealing review  :-\

So, to start off the evening, I arrived at the venue which apparently had just underwent renovations for the past year and let me tell you guys this was a classy venue.  It was in this basement of this bar restaurant place and it was so cozy looking and just warm and inviting.  When I arrived at the will-call, apparently they had been waiting for me (or knew who I was just from where I was coming from.) since I drove from Pittsburgh to Cincinatti. The girls at the will-call were so excited that I came so far to see Vanessa and I was super pumped they were all happy for me.  Fast forward to before the show and what happens...?? I win the meet and greet with Vanessa!  Soooooo crazy but it was fantastic!  We spent a short bit of time backstage chatting and talking about her set tonight and her trip to Japan.  She was kinda all over the place and changing outfits so she didn't say much but she remembered me from previous shows!  Skye and I talked about the Japan trip.  They played a show or two in Okinawa, for soldiers and sailors (I immediately thought she obviously had to sing More Than This.) and talked about what songs they were playing tonight.  He mentioned playing Fairweather Friend (they didn't play that btw) and a few other oldies but goodies.  So, wrapping up the backstage time, I was dumb and completely forgot my Liberman CD at home for her to sign but I said I'd see her out on the road again.  She was radiant by the way, dressed in such a lovely black outfit with the cutest dark blue leather jacket (I pay attention to the small details like that).

Onto the good stuff... the set list.

OH.... before I forget, her opening act, Josh Hyslop was fantastic and a great singer (also very attractive haha).


Started off with some oldies but goodies:
Carousel w/Learning To Fly Intro- beautiful as always.
Handsome (Hands on Me but my set-list literally says "Handsome") she made a joke about it and so did Skye.
Tall Tales - Surprised to hear her play this. Nonetheless, it was wonderful and Skye was on point.
White Houses - New intro w/Skye was super cool. Always gives me chills when she sings this and also makes me cry a bit.  She prefaced the song with the story about how she didn't write the bridge of the song and how it traumatized Edmund.

Vanessa invited us to fast forward into the future of her musical catalog, to the Liberman era and played a good bit from the album.

Take it Easy - she used the backgrounds from Liberman during the live performance and Skye did his cool techno violin stuff that was wicked as always!
Willows - No super long intro like in previous songs, but great performance.  Talked about how this song was inspired by her parents and her home from her childhood.
7 Swords - Story behind the song is that everyone has different sides to them; like a sword and we can choose which side we want to be at any given time.  I really love her concept behind the song.  Trippy and awesome just like the record.
Operator - I was sooooo excited to hear her play this live for the first time and it was FANTASTIC!!  She made it as close to the record as possible and the performance was great.
Blue Pool - great performance of the song. I think she was struggling to hear the reverb or something from the speakers so she could play with the backgrounds.  At one point I think she stopped playing the piano so she wouldn't forget the chords to the song!!
Nothing Something - (shortened on my set-list) she talked about her grandfather and how he changed his last name from Liberman to Lee and how Ralph Lauren changed his last name from Lipschitz. She also talked about the infamous "boob" Liberman painting and how she wrote 8 of the 10 songs on the album staring at the painting.
River - I still wished she recorded the album version more similar to the live version, which brings me to tears and just makes me feel all the things. But love both versions obviously.
Bride - Talked about how she wrote this prior to getting married and having Sid.  Also mentioned that John knows about the song.
ATM - Referred to this as "an old chestnut" because she wrote it at 16.  She talked about how some guy wrote a review for Liberman at a big magazine company and said "This sounds nothing like ATM." Vanessa's response was "Of course not! That was Ballerina Vanessa, this is older mature Vanessa."  Great performance as always

Get Good- Didn't think she was going to play it but she came back on stage and said she forgot her nice leather jacket then sat down and dazzled us with this song.
Marching Line - Closing song was great as always. Such a timeless one and one of my favorites from ROTR.

The show was fantastic and I enjoyed every minute of it!  I'll post my videos and pics/set-list once I get them all uploaded!  Hope you guys enjoy! =)

Here are my videos: (I appreciate it if a certain somebody wouldn't rip them off as their own.) That's all.
To save on my phone battery, I didn't record Carousel, Tall Tales or Handsome. =) I also apologize for the shitty quality, my wifi blows at my house so I uploaded them from my phone. I'll try for better quality for future shows.

White Houses -
Take it Easy -
Willows -
7 Swords -
Operator -
Blue Pool -
Nothing Something -
River -
Bride -
Get Good -
Marching Line -

I posted my pics to the Phantom Friends FBOOK Page =)

Well, they had the lyrics posted in the YouTube description but I thought I'd post here to share with the gang! :) Enjoy all!!

I will admit that you're the closest I have come
There's just something about you that I trust
I didn't say but I was sad to see you go
You went back to the ghost, I went back to what I know

Seems like every night, meet my friends at some bar
I tell myself I'm thinking but I'm just drinking
til I feel far away
Saw your buddy, said he talked to you last week
Said you seemed pretty bummed, you've been wanting to call me
do it do it do it do it
you should do it do it
do it do it

Cause now there's nothing where something used to be
Cause now there's nothing where something used to be

It's confusing cause I'm the one that left, it was pre emptive
I don't know who I am
Are we all searching for something we don't understand?
Someone else to see through our battle plans
You should do it do it
do it do it
You should do it do it
do it do it

Cause now there's nothing where something used to be
Cause now there's nothing where something used to be

I try to remember there's no future there's no past
I try to remember if it can last then it will last
Try to remember it

Cause now there's nothing where something used to be
Cause now there's nothing where something used to be

Do it do it do it do it
Do it do it do it do it
Cause now there's nothing where something used to be

Do it do it do it do it
Do it do it do it do it

Live Shows / 4/24/2015-- St. Joseph's University Philly, PA (Review)
« on: April 24, 2015, 09:28:48 pm »
Many many thanks to Nicole for inviting me to this show!!! I am forever indebted to her for the fabulous opportunity. So, this show was sort of an impromptu thing for me since it was so last minute. I tried to get only the new Liberman tracks and really just enjoy the rest of the show. I'll do my best to review the show. Again, Nicole you rock!

I don't remember the actual order off the top of my head so this is as best as my memory serves me.


Take it Easy
7 Swords
White Houses
Blue Pool
Unlock the Lock
Marching Line (she didn't play the encore because I'm guessing it was too late plus she didn't have her mom babysitting sid, I'm also guessing.

Carousel-- (Learning to Fly Intro) wonderful as usual she just started off super quickly cause she went on about 20 minutes later than schedule (10pm show start). Fabulous as always! Some crazy college guys were cheering for Tom Petty cause of the intro haha.

Hands-- I'm not 100% positive what she talked about before this song but it had something to do with a haunting melody or doe thing. After she finished she talked about how she missed video stores haha.

Take it Easy-- Introduced the handsomely talented Skye Steel and talked how they've been friends since 2007 and started her spiel on her new album and new music. Great performance of this and Skye rocked the pedals again :)

Willows-- she started off by saying she wasn't gonna Chad as much during the show because she doesn't talk as much whenever she's not drinking. (This was a dry campus so no alcohol or anything of that nature).  Skye was on point with his violin skills and killed it with his trippy pedal skills. Also talked about her parents love again like last night and how she played under the willow tree in her Milford home.

7 Swords-- same story as before about her brother graduating college two years ago. I am transitioning into the adult world. Good performance tonight :)

White Houses--  apparently the college kids here had no clue what Duke university was but she told the story about the man who were obsessed with the lyrics of the song and also went on to talk about how her brother was embarrassed of the bridge of the song and how she ended up not writing it and it was cowritten with somebody else. Everybody in the audience sang along because they all knew the words.

Blue Pool-- she said that she was going to premiere this song tonight regardless of how she played it or if she messed it up. I think she ended up forgetting some of it and kept playing you'll see it in my video that I'll upload. It was so great to hear this live. Wonderful song!

Unlock the Lock-- she didn't really give the background story about the song she just played through it. Still great though.

River-- I actually got her a little speech before hand so I'll leave the description of the song to that video. This had to be my favorite song she played both nights live.  It made me tear up it was that great. And just hearing what inspired the song was so cool.

Bells-- same story as the previous night about how she talked about earthy drugs and how people shouldn't get into pills.  She dedicated this to the guy who never woke up from drinking and doing pills. She talked about it last night's show.

ATM-- introduced how she wrote the song when she was younger and how she only had the melody of the song and no lyrics. Also talked about how it took her a year to actually complete writing the song. Was slightly entertains that this song was on. Lip-synch battle being performed by the guy from white chicks. Everyone sang along to the song and they were like absolutely in love with it was great.

Bride-- she did the same story about feeling that everyone should choose who they get to be with and who they end up marrying. She also talked about John and her relationship and how he likes the song even though he knows that it's about not wanting to be a bride. She also forgot how to start the song or part of the song later on.

Overall the show was amazing I'm pretty positive I enjoyed it a lot more than last night's show because the crowd was more into it and it was pretty great. She didn't say for a meet and greet this time but that's okay it was really late and she probably needed to get back to Sid and Victor and John. Thanks again Nicole for inviting me I had a blast!!

So, I did my best to decode the lyrics of River from the show last night. If anyone has any corrections feel free to check my work. My videos are uploading to my YouTube account right now!! :)

River-- Lyrics

 Sailors on the see where we're headed  clear for the edge of the ocean.
 There's no city that keeps you looking for a gypsy.  And are we guided by some vision?
 All our moves adding up to an ancient art.  We have freed the canyon cliff of my heart. (Not sure of that line)

 The river flows it takes a hold and it's running through
 When we change and on our own how we change for you
 The river flows it always flows

 And he walks home in another city
 Your minds stuck in an ancient art
 All you need is the space for beauty to take you
 And she will take you

 The river flows it takes a hold and it's running through
 When we change and on our own  how we change for you
 The river flows it's always flows

 Flows through you, flows through you

 The river flows it takes a hold and it's coming through
 And we ain't changing on our own  oh we change for you
 Oh the river flows it always flows

  And there's just sailors on the sea
 And where just sailors on the sea
Yeah we're just sailors on the sea

Live Shows / 4/23/2015--- Rams Head Tavern Annapolis, MD (Review)
« on: April 23, 2015, 09:59:35 pm »
Attempting to do this review the best I can, V said the show would be somewhat short because she hadn't practiced enough (or was having difficulty remembering the music due to her "stoned" state of mine while being pregnant). She wasn't actually stoned during pregnancy she just described the feeling as being super high.

Carousel (with Learning to Fly intro)
Hands on Me
Take it Easy
House of Seven Swords
White Houses
Tall Tales for Spring
Unlock the Lock
Hear the Bells
A Thousand Miles
I Don't Want to be a Bride

The Marching Line

I got the set list  she used for the night (some sort of wine or liquid on in we called in the "Vanessa Special."

So this venue was very similar to the one I attended last summer in Bethleham, PA. It was a casual dining atmosphere and it was very small. Another one of those waiters take your orders all throughout the show disturbing people while the performance was going on. I tried my best to make sure my videos weren't interrupted but had some interferences in most of them, sadly.

Carousel (with Learning to Fly intro) --  still my favorite of the two intros Vanessa has done live and I think it works. She had a glass of red wine in hand and was ready to perform and looked stunning as usual.  Skye had completely changed his look this show and I was totally digging it. He went for this shorter cut and dyed it a grayish white which Vanessa referred to as the "asylum" cut. Basically that it was short and looked super good but maybe belonged to a mental patient? I'm not quite sure the reference. Nonetheless Skye looked super handsome! Enjoyed the song as I always do (no claps happened on the audience end this show).

Hands on Me -- I think this was were she introduced Skye. She talked about their long lasting relationship and how they met back in 2007 at the Bitter End. He was performing with a pianist and she was like three drinks deep and decided to chat with him. Anyways, long story short they hit it off and have made beautiful music since that time.

Take it Easy -- talked about her new album and started off with this song. PS it'll be out sometime in October she said. She talked about how she wanted to create this new record and have it be very dream like since she got older and wanted to branch out from her pop music mold from her younger days.

Willows -- same story about her parents home where she grew up and played under the willow tree. She also talked about her parents relationship and briefly hers and Johns. She went on to say how her mom was at the show babysitting Sid. Skye again did an amazing solo prior to the song starting. He used his awesome pedals and what not and rocked out. It was fabulous. She dedicated the song to her mom btw. 

House of Seven Swords -- same intro about her brother going through a different times and graduating college.  Great performance tonight.  At one point she ran out of red wine and asked for another glass and an audience member pointed out the Vanessa wine special list and that's how the running joke got started for the night.

White Houses -- V made the night a lot about telling stories (my apologies if I didn't get all of the details) and said her brother had always been haunted by the "my first time" lyric. She said how he had to go through school dealing with all these jock men singing the song and what not and years later she told him she never wrote that line. She had been co-writing with someone at the time (Stephen Jenkins I'm guessing) who wanted a women's perspective on the song and ended up writing that line for the bridge? (May have said that backwards not positive on that) anyways, she mentioned to Edward years later that she didn't write that line someone else did. So I guess Ed forgave her or didn't feel as bad? Also went on to say that all the Duke men sang along to the song and knew all the words

Tall Tales for Spring -- she talked a lot about waltzes and how each record she tries to incorporate a waltz on there somehow. She made a reference to the movie Anna Karenina and how women wore these elaborate gowns and corsets to dance in. She went on to say you don't need to wear one to enjoy the song or the waltz but you get the image she was trying to create for us.

Unlock the Lock -- explained about how this song was written while she was on a vacation with her family to Arizona at the dude ranch. Said how the days were like 110 plus degrees and how she and her family rode horses all morning until it was unbearable.  Talked about how awkward it was for her to be on vacation with her family at her age without friends or a partner but then said it was fine or whatever. The ranch didn't have TV, but had satellite radio and she listening to it and it was like bob dylan radio show and this one show had a theme of "locks and keys" and all the songs played had to do with it, and it inspired her to write this song.

River-- I have been dying to hear new music from Liberman and her story that went with the song was amazing. She said she had always been fascinated with rivers, particularly after a thunderstorm how breathtaking and majestic they can be. She went on to talk about how she would go up to people (friends etc) and they'd start telling her a story or talking and she'd just be like dude you're really giving off a river vibe or something along those lines. (Those weren't her exact words but that's the idea) absolutely gorgeous song and I'll try to decipher lyrics after I post my videos sometime tomorrow.

Hear the Bells-- she talked about how when she performed this song at Duke previously the guys said she killed their buzz or something. And went on to tweet about how she killed the mood of their college frat obscenities. But anyways, she went on to talk about how she was very ill and sought help from a Chinese doctor who gave her these really potent smelling remedies and teas that she'd take all the time. She described Christmas with Stevie and how Stevie hated the smell of the teas and how all her friends she stayed with loathed the smell of them. V also went onto to say that if people are doing drugs or whatever to keep it natural and something from the earth because she talked about a relative of Stevie's who took a lot of pills after drinking heavily and never woke up from that. Although she said most people don't agree with her stance she said she wanted to make sure people were making a little better choices.

A Thousand Miles -- a nice performance as always. She talked about how she was told to finish writing this song when she was 17 and talked about how she was working with a producer pre-BNN era to get her discovered. Went on to say the song was stupid but quickly took it back cause she said her mom would yell at her if she said that.

I Don't Want to Be a Bride-- she talked about her relationship and how the song related to who's to say (about love not being approved by the government and family etc).  she forgot how the song started and the audience quickly reminded her.  Talked about signing stuff at the merch booth afterwards and gushed about her amazing shirts (minus her name being on them) and how victor was reminiscent of  horse. Skye was great on this song also!

Marching Line-- great performance and she was beaming with joy that the audience was constantly clapping for more  encores.

Vanessa came out at the merch table after the show to sign stuff. I managed to snag two set-lists (a clean copy just to have and the one V used by her piano with some sort of stain on it, which we referred to it as the "Vanessa Special."  She was very pleasant and I told her how much I enjoyed the release of Young Heart and she said thank you but she needed to practice it more with John that's why she didn't play it (or something along those lines). She really didn't have time to take photos but being that I stayed towards the very back of the line, I had a few taken for me which I'm very thankful for. Overall the show was magical and I enjoyed it! I'll do my best to upload my videos later tomorrow or early Saturday when I have access to my computer.

Live Shows / 11/29 Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA (Review)
« on: November 29, 2013, 08:55:06 pm »
So, if some of you guys did not know, tonight was the last show of Vanessa's November tour and it couldn't have ended on a better note (minus the crazy drunk man I'll talk about later).  This had to be one of the most magical performances I have seen of Vanessa's to date and I cherished every minute of it.  Her and Skye rounded out the last show, without fiance John (Lord Victor also was not present this show).  She and Skye both seemed to be having a really good time for this last show.  She talked a bit about her sickness and how Hear the Bells was inspired from that time and she also mentioned Stevie, because some drunk guy asked if she watched American Horror Story: Coven and she said she does.  V ended up dedicating Hear the Bells to Stevie (or maybe Get Good).  V also told us about the Dude Ranch and how she enjoyed her time there and the countless amount of lacrosse guys who knew all the lyrics to White Houses.

I was deeply upset that V did not come out at the end of the show to sign merchandise for her fans, this was due to the fact that a drunk man was interrupting her speeches between songs and ended up trying to follow her up to the lounge of the venue.  Needless to say, he was thrown out and banned from the venue.  However, myself and two other girls chose to wait out in the cold for about 30-45 minutes post-show to see if her tour management would invite us inside, or Vanessa would come out and say hi.  Luckily for us, they saw that we were not deranged crazy fans and invited us back into the venue.  If some of you Nessaholics don't know, I hold the manuscript to Twilight, along with the orchestration CD.  Both V and Skye were so fascinated that I had this piece of musical history and looked through it.  I got her to sign it and also politely asked for a quick group photo, which she graciously agreed to.  I am so thankful that I got to see her after the show and I had such a magical evening!

I tried my best to record all of the songs she played tonight but I was conserving on my iPhone battery so I could record the new songs.  I managed to get all of the new songs and most of the ones from Rabbits on the Run (with the exception of Carousel and Tall Tales for Spring).  I also have a few pictures I'm going to upload this evening.

Here was tonight's set-list: (The photo I took of the set-list has Home listed as the last encore but V ended up playing The Marching Line in stead).

Learning to Fly / Carousel
Hands On Me
Tall Tales For Spring
House of Seven Swords
Take it Easy
White Houses
Get Good
Unlock the Lock
Hear the Bells
I Don't Want to Be a Bride

A Thousand Miles
The Marching Line

Here are some pictures from the show:

Okay, so I've taken the lyrics from another post that I saw under the Live Shows thread and attempted to fill in the blanks to the best of my ability. Someone else can take the plunge and finish what I have and or correct it!  If this topic needs merged or whatever, someone please feel free to do so =)

The Willow

Find a love, go build a cabin
Find land and a tree, carving a wish
On your knees, plant seeds
Dirtmaking roads
Where the devil don't see

Lovethe green, so lucky you find it
Our memories, they
don't stay behind us

Our minds are strong
Could it be enough to grip straight through the holes

Arm of the willow is hanging above me
Imma back in the sun Would it fall upon me
I won't let you down, Man you will keep save my love
Save my love

Throw me the earth, a blanketa bounty
something about prayers?
The devil dries empty
And a babies' eyes
Ritual purifies every desire

Arm of the willow is hanging above me
Imma back in the sun Would it fall upon me
I won't let you down, Man you will keep save my love
Man you will keep save my love
Man you will keep save my love

Arm of the willow is hanging above me
Imma back in the sun Would it fall upon me
I won't let you down, Man you will keep save
let you down
Man you will keep save
let you down
Man you will keep save my love
Save my love

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Twilight Manuscript
« on: January 02, 2013, 10:06:31 am »
I was doing some shopping online and wanted to expand my collection of Vanessa Carlton Memorabilia so that I have a nice collection to look back at when I'm older and I appreciate it.  I was searching through eBay when I discovered the manuscript of Twilight with a rough version of the orchestration CD track, so naturally I was highly interested and looked at it for a while.  It ended up being a Christmas present to me from one of my friends who knows my love of Vanessa.  So, I thought I'd share this with my fellow Nessaholics!  If the pictures aren't showing up, please let me know. If you listen very carefully (with headphones) to the audio track I posted to my YouTube account, you can hear the conductor counting off in the beginning, and hear Vanessa singing bits and pieces. Enjoy =)

Live Shows / 10/10/11 - Fisher Hall (IUP) Indiana, PA.(review)
« on: October 10, 2011, 04:59:18 pm »
Okay, Vanessa was on point tonight! She was smiling and having a great time!  She had Skye with her again and let me tell you they were both fabulous. I was able to sneak into my school's performance hall to watch her do a sound check and even that was amazing! I only say sneak because I was afraid the security would yell at me. But, those videos will be posted on YouTube later tonight. 
She stopped in the middle of ATM because her pedal on the Rhodes wasn't working. She cursed and laughed it off and kept on playing.

The setlist include:

Carousel w/ Learning to Fly Intro
Hands on Me
Fair-weather Friend
White Houses (Rhodes)
Hear The Bells
A Thousand Miles (Rhodes)
I Don't Want To Be a Bride

She was so happy tonight and smiling a lot and just was absolutely on tonight. There were more vinyls at this show and I got one and she signed it!  Also, the merchant knew me from the Pittsburgh show and I told him I had everything from the night shop and then said this is something you don't have, and pulled out Vanessa stickers with her twitter emblem on it! ( pictures will follow.) Also, Skye remembered me from the Pittsburgh show and we smiled at each other. I was able to tell Vanessa and Skye that I am a piano major here and she was like that's great and shook my hand and she said pleased to meet you.  Long story guys sorry, so Skye and I were talking and he said my name Phil, and asked me what classical piano music I was studying this semester and I told him. I'm currently in the process of waiting for the show to be over so I can ask if she's going on tour!  I'll keep you posted.
I'm still in the process of uploading pictures from the Pittsburgh show, and I have a couple of ones from this show that I'll also upload as well.

Live Shows / 10/2/11 - Diesel, Pittsburgh, PA (review)
« on: October 02, 2011, 06:58:47 pm »
Let me start off by saying Vanessa looked absolutely stunning this evening!
The setlist that I have might not be 100% in the correct order, but I'm almost positive I have
every song that she sang!  She had Sky with her tonight and they were both amazing!  She did mess up a lyric on Fair-Weather Friend
and also in Hear the Bells she sang Kneeling pray to a witchdoctor instead of now i'm asking the witchdoctor, but the witchdoctor won't tell. But it's alright, she was amazing!

Carousel (w/Learning to Fly Intro)
Fair-Weather Friend
White Houses (Rhodes)
Hear the Bells
A Thousand Miles (Rhodes)
I Don't Want to be a Bride (started off on piano, then it cut out, then finished on rhodes)

If any other NESSAholics were at this show and I forgot to post a song in the setlist, and the correct order please feel free to do so!
I also only got a couple videos, mainly cause I was just taking a few pictures.  She also told us that all of the vinyls were sold out that were being sold tonight at the show and she was pleased to talk and hang out for a bit with her fans by her "Night Shop" as she calls it =)

Completely Off-Topic / Song to Sing
« on: October 14, 2009, 07:47:48 pm »
Hey guys, I was just wondering I have to perform a song for my voice class!  Our professor said we can choose whatever song we want, as long as we have an accompanist or an instrumental cd!!  Any suggestions?  I wanted to sing a v song haha but it'll sound all manly but please suggest!  NO opera or difficult pieces, I'd prefer V songs, popular tunes or something from a broadway show!


General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Dreaming of V
« on: September 01, 2009, 07:17:57 am »
Okay, so you know when you go to sleep and dream about stuff that's going to happen in the future?  Well, last night when I went to sleep I had a dream about Vanessa.  In the dream I saw myself going online to the forums here and finding a new thread that had been posted saying New Vanessa Carlton Song!  I got really excited and opened it and read what it said.  The person who sent the post was unclear to me but the only thing that I could see was a song title.  In the thread it said something along the lines of Hey guys V just had a private little concert and she performed a new song which was called Never Alone.  Just letting everyone know!  Thoughts are welcomeee!


General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Song from Gotti's Way?
« on: July 11, 2009, 11:44:57 am »
I know this has been brought up many times in the past, but I'm just so curious!  The song that Vanessa played on Gotti's way the one that we tried to figure out semi lyrics too, will she be completing it and putting that on this next album?  If she did that, I would be gittier than a little sunday school girl haha! 

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Home
« on: October 06, 2008, 12:41:41 pm »
Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know that I'm performing Home live with my best friend who I think has an awesome voice for this song!!  If someone tells me how to upload or link a video I'll have someone record the performance act and put it on here, other than that wish me luck!

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