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Hi Peeps

After over 6 months without internet access at home since I move to Central Victoria from Queensland's Gold Coast to take up a position as Assistant Sommelier at Lake House, it looks like I will finally have internet access by Monday.

You can look forward to having me around on the board here much more frequently, and most likely sharing artwork ideas and concepts from Corel Draw / Photo Paint and my newly acquired Wacom Bamboo Fun 6 x 9  :-*


Aaron AKA NESSAusie / cadenus

Assistant Sommelier
Lake House

Polls / Which Mövenpick Ice Cream flavour ROCKS ..?
« on: May 26, 2008, 09:35:46 am »

**Ingredients include Philly, Pumpkin, Sugar, Sour Cream, Pecans, Ground
Cassia Bark (Cinnamon), Vanilla, Nutmeg & Ground Cloves**; and its Yum!



Completely Off-Topic / Port Jackson claims another six souls :-O
« on: May 02, 2008, 06:30:34 pm »
Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) is without doubt one of the most beautiful
places to venture onto the water, especially at night. But with the cover of
darkness comes added navagational hazards, of which last Thursday AM's
boat collision that claimed six souls, is a very real reminder. Clearly grave
errors in decision-making and judgement were made for this to occur, and
there seem way more questions at this point than answers. Hopefully lives
lost in this manner will serve as a reminder to those like runabout skipper
Mr Reynolds, as to the safety of those tagging along for a pleasure ride :idea:

Quote from: "aap"
Alex Rumiz was a 22-year-old "kickarse bartender" with a big future, while his mate, Alex Nikakis, 29, had an "art for living life".

Bubbly bartender Stacey Wright, 21, was reportedly saving up for an overseas trip, and had been hanging out with her friend Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Holder, a 20-year-old Balmain hairdresser.

Single mother-of-two Ashlei Ayres, 32, had been enjoying a night out, while Darwin-based American citizen Jessica Savanna Holloway, 25, was passing through Sydney on her way back to the US to see her grandparents.

After a night of celebrations at Balmain's Commercial Hotel, all six came together on a Balmain wharf for an impromptu cruise on Sydney Harbour that would end their lives.

The six were named as those killed in the horrific collision between their overcrowded runabout and a fishing boat at Bradleys Head early Thursday.

Eight other passengers were rushed to hospital, although all but two have since been discharged.

Authorities are continuing to piece together the cause of the fatal crash, conducting interviews and walking through the wreckage with a shaken and scratched survivor.

Superintendent Mark Hutchings of the Marine Area Command also praised three fishermen who pulled a survivor from the water shortly after the crash at 2.40am (AEST) Thursday, and who helped other injured before emergency services arrived.

"They helped in a very substantial way in the rescue of those people and we thank them for it," Supt Hutchings said.

Internet sites were flooded with outpourings of grief and tributes to those killed.

Mr Nikakis survived the impact but died in Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) Thursday night.

On his Facebook site, the Balmain local was described by friend Christina Croft as "a great person" loved by all.

"I am so sad, I have known you since i was little kid ... You will be missed dearly. My (sic) you rest in peace my friend."

Krystle Cuthbertson's message said Mr Nikakis was someone who "really lived in every moment you had".

Friends of Mr Rumiz, a barman at the Clock Hotel in Surry Hills, used Facebook to describe him as "funny, accommodating, kind & caring. A kick arse bartender with a huge future ahead of u".

"I know you are in a good place now buddy, Rest in Peace. We wont forget you," another friend wrote.

The MySpace page of Ms Wright, who worked at Balmain's Unity Hall Hotel but hailed from Corrimal East, near Wollongong, included a message from Bec: "hay babe i will miss u even tho u will never get this as now your in heaven. love u today tomorrow an for ever i will see u again one day."

A blackboard outside the Commercial Hotel stated: "To our fallen friends. We love you forever. Lizzie (and) Stacey. Miss U."

American consular officials sent "deep condolences" to the family of Ms Holloway, a much-loved social worker who was dedicated and creative, according to her boss.

A spokeswoman for RNSH said 31-year-old Matthew Reynolds, who is believed to have skippered the runabout, was in a serious but stable condition in intensive care with a spinal injury.

Chloe Dickey, 18, the only female survivor, remained in a general ward at the hospital, and was improving every day, the spokeswoman said.

"She is expected to go home fairly soon," she said.

Police took blood samples from several people, including the driver, at the time of the incident, to test for alcohol and drugs, he said.

Supt Hutchings said police would fully investigate allegations the runabout, licensed to carry just eight passengers, had been stolen.

(Rest in) Peace


Other Musicians / Aimee Duffy
« on: March 28, 2008, 08:59:42 pm »
The voice is a mix of all the best that are no longer with us,
whilst being unique... this one will be here for many years!

Essentially Aimee's debut album is an attempt to capture what's refered to
as 'Northern Soul' in the U.K. Three producers worked on Rockferry with a
baby-boomer market in mind no doubt. But there's no doubting the appeal
of such a dynamic vocal talent across a much broader demographic. 'Duffy'
is likely to continue to stick with a sound inspired by Marvin Gaye & Bettye
Swann and their Motown contemporaries. The least Aimee can achieve, is
to remind fans her age and younger, of the true essence of soul music 8)

This comment from Steve in the U.K. who posted over at backstagepass...

Been following Duffy since the autumn of 2007. Always new that with such
raw talent and dynamic voice that this young lady would make it big. The
album is astonishingly good. I have at last secured tickets for Wolverhampton
on June 3rd. Cant wait.

Posted on March 18, 2008 9:23 AM

1. Rockferry
2. Warwick Avenue
3. Serious
4. Stepping Stone
5. Syrup & Honey
6. Hanging on Too Long
7. Mercy
8. Delayed Devotion
9. Scared
10. Distant Dreamer :heart:



Other Musicians / ~*~ Jake Shimabukuro - Ukelele Virtuoso ~*~
« on: March 22, 2008, 06:04:41 am »

Yes Peeps

Despite talent sufficient to wow the world with a larger acoustic instrument
Jake has used his prowess with the humble Uke to a distinct and unmatched
advantage. Clearly his 'playing' ability is up there with the T.Emmanuels of
the world (Tommy has invited Jake to play at festivals down under and the
response from these encouraged Jake to take up an invitation to this years'
Byron Bay Blues & Roots Festival over the Easter Weekend. News of Jake's
performance has spread like wildfire since, and it was great to see material
on Youtube confirm the gravity of Jake's natural ability with this often times
over-looked instrument. Jake's cover of 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' has
to be experienced to be believed. His own compositions break new ground!!



Completely Off-Topic / ~*~ Happy Birthday Mike (LostDwarf) ~*~
« on: March 18, 2008, 03:26:23 am »
I tried to find a previous thread that I could bump, but to no avail. Sooooo


I still owe you big time for the pic you took with V that was so easy to crop
it was the very first Vpic that I was able to edit in Corel PhotoPaint and put
myself in. I'd post a copy of it here but its on a PC in Perth ;I'm there April!



Hi peeps

I've been paying more attention to the album recording of Home lately and
wondered if anyone else here noticed a resonant quality to the last notes
of the recording. No studio wizardry here; just wholistic placement of the
mics used for this recording. Resonant inspiration; I will be in Dijon (A city
filled with church bell towers) from August 1st to August 3rd, and must sus
out such. I hope someone will indulge in a campological rendition of Home!



Completely Off-Topic / ~*~ NESSAholics on Skype ~*~
« on: February 28, 2008, 04:55:16 am »
Hi Peeps

For those with a Broadband or ADSL connection that are using Skype as a

way around the less than apporpriate prices AT & T are charging for ISDN
calls just reply here with your Skype SN and talk is cheap; way cheap  :dr evil:



Skype SN = "NESSAussie"

Hi peeps

I had one of those very ordinary starts to Valentines Day, where I've been
locked out of my apartment since 7:30 this morning, because my lil' bro is
AWOL with the key he borrowed last night. I didn't know I didn't have the
key until I went to open the door I'd push-button-locked on the way out ;-)

My Valentines Day can only get better! The girl I most want to see tonight;
her phone # is on my cell phone... currently locked inside my apartment :-(

I Look forward to returning to this thread with better news much later  :razz:



* 1  5  0  0  t  h  *  P  o  s  t  *

Further to the information recieved in brief ahead of being directed to here

Master bedroom with double bed and full wall-length built-in wardrobe
in a spacious unit on 2nd floor of complex.

Fully secure lock-up garage avail.

Fully furnished open plan design w. recently refurb kitchen & bth/rm

Near new electric stove & oven in kitchen; space for another mirco/w

Own laundry equiped with programable washing machine and a dryer

Alkaline Water filter featuring Far Infra-red

ADSL/Broadband internet access (included in rental)

No TV, but I have P2P software to take streaming broadcasts across the
ADSL connection w. 19" TFT monitor and 7-speaker surround system ;-)

Close to shops; Monaco Street bus stop right out front at the Shell.
< 15 min. walk to the Surfers CBD.

Other Musicians / KATIE MICHAELSON
« on: February 17, 2006, 08:05:48 am »

I came across Katie whilst searching for NESSAlinks with Google. Looks like a
serious talent just waiting to break through on an independent label March 7

Quote from: "Katie Michaelson"
I have also found links to interviews with me on Michelle Branch and Ashlee Simpson fansites. It’s really funny.

With a little more exposure Katie is sure to realise the success she envisions

Live Shows / 2/22/2006: Ex.& Co.Centre - Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
« on: January 15, 2006, 07:45:31 pm »
Not sure how recently this gig was added to the tour, but tickets are cheap
and this is as close as V is ever going to get; AU$95 for B-Reserve is cool 8)



Completely Off-Topic / ~*~HaPpY 18th BiRtHdAy Scotty~*~
« on: January 13, 2006, 07:45:16 am »
All the best for your 18th Birthday/Black Friday celebrations; sink a few Heine!



Entertainment - Movies / TV / Books / Nicole Blackman (Poet)
« on: August 20, 2005, 07:15:08 am »

I was watching Eat Carpet earlier this evening and they ran a Corrie Jones
short film based on the poem Victim by Nicole Blackman. Shot in 2003, the
film was featured at the 2004 Brooklyn International Film Festival. Rebecca
Davis' narrative perfectly captures the atmoshpere in this haunting piece;


I feel the motion of the car before I open my eyes.
The air is blue-black, brown-black, black-black.
Smell of gas, oil, animals.
I'm in the trunk.

My wrists and ankles tied.
Tape over my mouth
it almost covers my nose
but I can breathe barely.
I must have been here for hours,
everything's stiff and my head throbs
like someone's drumming on china.

The car stops.
He turns off the motor -- but there are no traffic sounds.
No people sounds. No wind. What place has no wind?
I turn my head towards the sounds
like people watch radios when something terrible happens.

My palms are sweating. Where am I?
The trunk squeaks as he lifts it up and the sun blinds me.
He almost looks like a faceless Jesus surrounded by light.
He pulls me out of the trunk and bangs my head against the door.
I try to cry out, but it comes like a hum.

He drags me, half-standing, along a dirt road into a house.
I can't see any other houses and it looks like a farm.
The screen door bangs behind me and I feel a deep, deep pressure inside.
All the rules have changed here.

I'm dragged down a hall like a bag and I look for a phone, other doors.
Nothing but bare floors and brown boxes in small rooms.
He pulls me into the bathroom
and I almost crack my head as he pushes me onto the floor.
Tilts his head to the side and gazes at me
as if I was a pet then walks out.

I'm lying there for a long time, trying to get the tape off of me.
My eyes are tearing. I don't make a sound.
I can't get up and I keep rolling from side to side, trying not to make noise.

I've got to get him to talk to me.
If I can get this thing off my face I can talk to him.
I'll tell him my name.
Have you killed other women in here?
I'm thinking you've got hundreds of them nailed down,
hung on walls, hanging from ceiling fans
swinging dead in summer wind.

Why did you pick me?
If I had stayed to finish at the library
I would have been there twenty minutes longer
maybe I'd have been OK.
Would have rushed into the house, books piled up in my arms like a baby,
and blurted explanations why I was sorry.
So sorry I'm late everyone.

Would you have waited for me anyway?
Would you have picked another woman?
Would I have read about her in the paper and said
oh my god, I was there that night...
and called all my friends in a panic.
Telling them then how much I loved them
as if I'd never have the chance again.

I wonder what everyone is doing now. Putting up signs.
Showing my picture on the evening news. Calling old friends.
Maybe I'm not even considered missing yet.

The family will fall apart and my parents will go crazy. Slowly.
My brother will be so quiet at the funeral and insist the casket be closed.
(I never even told anyone what kind of funeral I wanted when I died.)

Maybe years from now they'll find my skeleton
on the floor here and they'll have to use dental records to identify me.
My family will say "At least we know now.
We always hoped she was alive somewhere.
We just hope she's in peace."

When I sleep my dreams are crazy -- I'm flying over fields.
I don't think I sleep for more than twenty minutes and when I wake up,
it feels like I'm under a heavy blanket. I'm still here.

As I wake up I hear a dog barking in the distance
and I think I'm in my parents' house in South Carolina.
When I open my eyes, there's a shotgun pressed between them.
I'll never get married.
I'll never have kids.
I'll never go to Europe.
I'll never learn to play piano.
I'll never write a book.

The last thing I hear is a click.

Completely Off-Topic / ~*~ Happy 21st Birthday Kat!e ~*~
« on: June 25, 2005, 07:00:07 am »
I wish I could be there to help celebrate a very special day for a very special
friend. So much has changed since I first bumped into aleera84 on the VCMB
but we're all still NESSAholics at heart! I hope you have a fabulous day full of
surprises and awesome gifts. You're possibly the most admired of the NESSA
Aussies and understandably as you ROCK 8) Here's to my fave Superhero :wink:



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