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Completely Off-Topic / just thought i'd say hey
« on: October 04, 2010, 01:23:07 am »
i haven't posted here since last year so thought i'd say hey. what's everyone up to these days? i just re-downloaded some vc music cuz i missed it & it made me think of you guys haha.

i've been super busy these days. working, now looking for a better job so i can get my own place and i've been doing church things as well. also been branching out, meeting new people. some things are the same but i've changed quite a bit.

still involved in the paula abdul fan base though & it's been beyond amazing. all the crap i used to get from you guys, totally worth it lol. it's awesome having one of your heroes interact with you all the time & know you exist :-P

btw if any of you who i used to talk to wanna keep in touch, pm me & i'll send you my twitter link.

Completely Off-Topic / old school nessaholics?
« on: October 12, 2009, 06:59:19 pm »
i'm talking way back to divasteph, nicole, brian, manda, etc. days.

i wanna know what you guys are up to these days & any cool stories/events that have happened to you guys recently if you wanna share. & i want you guys to post a recent picture if possible =)

i rarely post here these days.. but i haven't forgotten about you guys. just got tired of all the nessaholics arguing w/ each other.

well i work full time now, got a new office job about a month ago & graduated from a training college before that. it seems to be going well so far. so i keep busy with that during the week & hanging out with friends, doing church things, etc. i'm pretty busy these days.

i still like backstreet, criss angel & paula of course. kathy griffin is my newest celeb favorite, believe it or not. not into vanessa like i used to be sadly. & if you haven't seen my post, i finally got a picture with paula on my bday back in may. it was a pretty cool & surreal experience. it always is meeting her.

here's my recent picture..
not too long ago at a friends party.. decided to crop my friend out:

i'll be there tonight with a few friends. if you know what i look like, i'll be in a red shirt & black jeans if you wanna look out for me. probably with my hair down, but i'm not sure yet.

it's on NBC at 8pm.

btw, Simon Cowell produces the show for those who didn't know that. just thought i'd throw that out there.

just wondering how, who, what happened, etc. etc.

some of you might know from the picture thread, but me & my friends became friends with Dean Cain's/Superman's brother when we saw his band perform in our town earlier this month. we went out to eat with him after we talked for a bit, then a week later hung out with him at another one of his shows & stuff. he's a cool guy. after a while you kind of forget he's Dean's brother..he's so laidback & freaking hilarious lol.

we don't talk about Dean around him though of course unless he brings him up. but sometimes i have to pinch myself haha cuz this like never happens.

me & my friends went out dancing last night & after we were done we went up to the 2nd floor of the building & took some pics up there. & in one of the pics, a ghostly looking thing appears & is kind of wrapping around my friend on the very left (i'm in the red shirt btw).
i used a digital camera, & some said it might be cigarette smoke, others say it's a spirit or guardian angel. it looks like the 2nd choice to me. i don't even remember smelling smoke last night & i don't think the guy that took the picture was smoking. also this is at a Casino, which used to be an old indian reservation.
someone said if it is a spirit, it looks like it's making some kind of old fashion dress or something & that was before i mentioned that we were at a place that used to be an old indian reservation.

Completely Off-Topic / this is so cool
« on: July 20, 2008, 05:11:38 pm »
watch the whole see the rocking chair move first, then the ghostly figure appears. whoa..

one of my friends posted it on myspace.

i've never done this so i think i was still out of it when i tried to put the pics on my computer & just wasn't thinking lol (got a little drunk the other night for the first time with some friends). anyways, i thought the pics got added to the kodak program when i went to do it, but for some reason they didn't & i accidentally deleted the pics on my camera before i realized it.

so does anyone know how i can get them back?? i'm not a computer/camera expert so yeah. i tried some recovery programs i found online but none of them worked. btw it's a kodak digital camera if that helps at all.

Other Musicians / Brendan James (the male VC)
« on: June 11, 2008, 06:46:06 pm »
lol he seriously is imo.
every song is piano driven.
check him out, his album is amazing.
i usually download cd's like most people do these days, but this one is actually worth buying so i bought it.
every single song is amazing & beautiful on it. not one bad song! that's super rare to find.

Other Musicians / cyndi lauper
« on: June 01, 2008, 02:37:20 pm »
i'm surprised there's no thread for her yet! i've always been a fan, i love a lot of her older songs, but i've been getting into her a lot more lately. i love her uniqueness.

i didn't know she had new stuff out until she went on a radio show that someone i like goes on each week (which didn't go so well btw lmao). she has a new cd out or coming out this year, i'm not sure. but a lot of the songs are on her official myspace if you guys wanna check them out. i really like them, especially "same ol story", that song is soo catchy!

she's gonna be on jimmy kimmel June 26th. tickets just sold out, but i'm gonna keep checking back to see if they put more up & hopefully convince my friends to go. they will probably give me a "wtf" look if i ask them to go though lol.

Completely Off-Topic / tornados in southern california
« on: May 26, 2008, 09:16:16 pm »
yeah if you didn't know there were at least 3 last week, and i think more too. they were each like 30-40 minutes from me, & the week before it was like 100 degrees. wtf?

anyone else having weird weather? haha.

Other Musicians / Dolly Parton
« on: May 04, 2008, 02:42:59 pm »
surprised there isn't a thread for her! she is a legend.
i got into her after seeing her mentor the kids on American Idol this season & after watching her performance on Idol.

her new cd is really good, even if your not a huge country fan. it's really relatable.

here's her official myspace

"Only Dreamin'" is my favorite song on her new cd.

& "Shine" is my all time favorite by her.

how you felt, but COMPLETELY FORGOT?? i've totally been kicking myself ever since. most of you know i got to meet Paula Abdul last month, who is my hero (she literally saved my life). & don't get me wrong..the experience was pretty damn amazing. way more amazing than i could have ever imagined (i left out one major thing cuz i promised i wouldn't say anything about it). but i had THE PERFECT opportunity to tell her how she saved my life & has been a huge inspiration to me. & in my mind i was just thinking "OMG she just hugged me again, omg" lol i'm an idiot. i waited 3 years to be able to talk to her, but nope..couldn't get any words out besides asking her for another hug & telling her thank you afterwards haha. she told me not to cry when i almost did so maybe she knew what meeting her meant to me. i hope so anyways.

please tell me i'm not the only one that's happened to lol.

i'm most likely gonna see her at jimmy kimmel next month if she goes on, so hopefully i'll be able to get the words out next time.

Other Musicians / ingrid michaelson
« on: March 15, 2008, 12:28:39 pm »
i searched & saw a thread with the name ingrid from like 2004, but there was no last name in the thread so i dunno if it's the same ingrid. if it is, sorry.

anyways. i can't stand her single "the way i am" cuz it's so overplayed, BUT one of my favorite radio stations was pimping her out like crazy one week so i finally decided to check out her cd cuz i was dying for some new music & thought i would give her a chance. & i'm soo glad i did cuz i like every song on the cd besides the single haha.

piano fans should check out "corner of your heart". a lot of her music is piano driven & very unique.

unfortunately her myspace was hacked & deleted the other week, but check out her official site here:

Other Musicians / kurt nilsen
« on: March 11, 2008, 09:43:38 pm »
i don't know too much about him, one of my friends from my group who just started getting into American Idol actually recommended him to me. He was on World Idol, but that's all I really know.

anyways, "never easy" is an amazing song & i love the video too. you can watch that here:

& check out his "beautiful day" performance on world idol here..i totally wasn't expecting that voice to come out of him haha, i was like holy crap!

& here's his myspace: "my street" is a good song from his myspace.

i wasn't sure if i should put this here or in completely off-topic, but since he worked with V I thought i'd put it here. did anyone see the episode? omg he was a little umm loco is the word that comes to mind lol. if your familiar w/ making the band he worked with Donnie & Donnie was majorly freaked out by this guy. there was all this smoke in the room (almost like a concert, but i think it was real smoke haha) and he was talking about doves or some kind of bird like that how he has to keep them in the other room cuz of the smoke & that he's "gotta respect their wings" & stuff. you just gotta see that episode to get what i'm talking about, he's strange. Even Diddy had to warn the viewers before they showed that part.

Donnie loved the hits this guy made though lol. I thought they were good too.

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