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Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / Jolly holidays to all : ), from V
« on: December 22, 2007, 12:30:00 am »
Dear friends and music lovers,

As the end of the year approaches I'm recalling my adventures of 2007 with a smile and a sigh. I hope u all had a year filled with bravery and love and that this next year continues to be filled with enchanting lessons and whimsy.

Meanwhile enjoy the hedonistic chapter of every year which starts today and abruptly ends with a headache on january 1st.

Salut, mazel tov and cheers to you and yours.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007  12:50 AM

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / Message To My Fans
« on: September 25, 2007, 08:45:07 pm »
hello peeps,
this is painfully overdue. on more than one occasion I have had conversations with you (person who is reading this) in my head, but alas it never gets written down. One lame excuse (though totally for reals), my laptop flew off the roof of my rental car (prius) at 60 mph.
I, of course, thought a bird had flown into my rear window and screeched the car to a halt, slightly traumatized and ready for some birdie rescue. much to my dismay, my 4 year old laptop was sitting in the middle of the street jolted to it's open position. it works intermittently. I still use it. I just can't let it go. sad. my tour manager, Mark, wants to kill me.

ok, so how handsome is victor in the nolita fairytale video. I'm so thrilled that it has been received well by you guys. thanks for voting for it! my warriors.

After a few sleepless night and many months of work, the artwork for the album is done. it's weird. EVERYTHING is done. Now, I'm focusing on the website (it will be up soon, promise) and my tour. I CAN NOT wait for this record to get into the hands of whoever is reading this. I am proud of the work, but mostly looking forward to sharing the notions in these songs with you. I realized recently that music is the way that most people meditate. I love that. I have been meditating on neil young's after the gold rush, bob marley, and my morning jacket "Z" for the past few weeks.

as usual, I am ridiculously lucky to have your steadfast support and can't wait to see you on the road.  to the nessaholics and beyond  endless x's and o's Vanessa and Victor

ps. (this will only make sense to those who have read some press
lately) don't do drugs. I love mariah (who doesn't?). gossip sucks.

Posted: 9/25/2007, 9:07pm

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / Heroes and Thieves update
« on: April 12, 2007, 10:19:00 am »

i know i've had a bit of a "pregnant pause" between this note and the last. i am in sf now finishing up vocals on a brand new song that's definitely making the album. possibly the first single : ) it's called "my best" and it makes me sad when i sing it (in a good way). i'm heading down to la to mix a few songs this weekend. i finally got to listen through the entire record last week and it's been non stop on my speaker since. (my neighbors think i'm an ego-maniac for sure). i feel like i'm sitting on a record that is my most honest to date. and i enjoy hearing it as if it was somebody elses. that's a first. lots of bold moves on this one. it is dear to me, partially because of the process it took to get made. the stevie tours, the switching labels, weeks of feeling like i'm in slow motion and then intense giddy night sessions, writing in cafes, these moments (there are 2 many 2 mention) add up in my mind and become this album. i'm in the home stretch. your interest in what i'm up to, despite such a long break, makes me overwhelmed with feelings of luck and appreciation. Heroes and Thieves!!! xo v

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / end of year desert moment
« on: December 19, 2006, 07:48:54 pm »
hello all,
every year around this time my family and i go to arizona to ride horse, hike, and soak in hot water with the occasional margarita. it's great. i am looking forward to next year with high hopes and genuine excitement. i've also found such a sense of peace over the past year. i hope the songs on this next record reflect these last two years in the most musical way possible. Just to remind everyone (in case u read an innacurate article that makes u question) i am of course continuing on with my vanessa sound.(ew i hate 3rd person talk) . Hopefully, i'm just becoming a better version of myself. There will not be any inauthentic, desperate to sell, musical sound changes goin on over her. Also, i'm gonna take the plunge and officially call this next record Heroes and Thieves (will explain title next year). i love it love it. also, i feel particularly thankful to have such attentive fans. seriously. you guys are why i put my music down on tape in the first place. k. gotta get on me horse. xxoxo

posted: 12/19/2006 12:28

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / that is really irv!!!!
« on: October 29, 2006, 03:58:40 pm »
Quote from: "Irv Gotti INC"
Hey everyone. This is Irv Gotti. The president of The Inc Records (formerly Murder Inc Records) home of Ja Rule, Ashanti, my young R&B singer Lloyd and now Vanessa Carlton. This is the 1st time I have ever posted a message or anything like that on a website. I did not even tell V I was gonna do this. I wanted to surprise her. Hahahahahaha. But I wanted to because I believe this is the site that really broke the story of me and V teaming up. I believe V posted something on here letting you guys know she signed with me. So I decided to let my V family here something from me, since I don't know how much you may know about me or my company. I just want everyone to know that I believe V is 1 of the most talented singer/songwriters I have ever met in my life. And I can assure everyone here. Her album sounds incredible and for the 1st time in my professional career. I am totally trusting my artist to deliver her vision. I am gonna be the CO Pilot on this one. And I am usually a Dictator with my acts. Thats how much I believe in our V. If your wondering how me and V came together, stay tuned to MTV. I think they will be doing a news piece on us shortly. Because basically everyone is pretty much interested in how we came together. Which is a beautiful thing. You want everyone wanting to know about whats going on with V. I will say this. And I am not an over the top religious person. But GOD brought us together. :) Funny thing also is after she completely blew me away with her singing and playing that Piano in Doug Morris's office. I went to my top A&R person in the world. The one I talk to the most about artist, to see if there HOT or not. My 14 year old daughter Angie. hahahahaha. Who told me V was off the chain. And knew all her music and was saying, daddy you have to sign her. hahahah. Well bye for now. I just wanted to let you guys know. I am just like you in believing in V. She totally has me caught in her MAGIC! And I will be doing everything humanly possibly to make the world see exactly what we see. That V is the SHITTTTTTTTTT! Talk to you guys again soon. Love Irv


the post from irv gotti inc is the real thing!! he didn't tell me he was gonna do this. just want u guys 2 know, that is an authentic post. i'm such a lucky chick 2 have someone like irv. what kind of label head takes the time 2 post on an artist's website. awwwww

posted: 10/28/2006 13:48

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / movin movin....
« on: October 03, 2006, 12:22:34 am »
hi my sweet peeps
so i go back into the studio in la in oct to do another batch of songs for the record. very refreshed and ready. i anticipate a spring release. i recently signed with irv gotti at the inc at universal. doug morris and jolene cherry are also overseeing the project. i'm working with amazingly passionate, MUSICAL people. i love that it's such an unexpected move too.
no my name has not been changed to "v", but v is my nickname for some and has been for a while. will check in from la.

posted: 10/1/2006 20:47

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / what i'm into right now
« on: September 16, 2006, 08:18:17 pm »
so when the new site goes up and i get my act together and do a myspace thing i'll have a little box that tells u what i'm listening 2. this is long overdue. i discovered regina spektor about a year ago. she is one of the most talented musicians on the scene and should be selling boatloads of records. please check out her site and her live performances. killer. also the snow patrol album is excellent. so nice 2 c their song doing well. currently, in a brisk sf, writing songs and planning out my 2007. you will all be so pleased!!! i'm sure of it. lots of good stuff 2 come.

posted: 9/15/2006 21:19[url]

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / lots o stuff
« on: August 15, 2006, 10:12:48 am »
i think i've found an awesome group of people to support me and this album. can't give u details til it's done but you'll all be very surprised and curious that's 4 sure. life seems very sweet. i'm figuring out to enjoy myself more these days. i like getting older. i honestly think i'm writing the best stuff i've ever written right now. i feel a huge sense of freedom on all fronts and i can't wait to take this vibe to the road, the radio, ur ipods, and beyond. i'll write another update soon and tell you everything. also this website is gonna get updated. i don't know about u but i'm so sick of seeing myself all pearly slumped in the corner. ; )

posted: 8/15/2006 10:38

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / travel travel
« on: June 21, 2006, 02:48:55 pm »
so i'm slightly zombieish having just gotten in from the red eye from sf excited. in addition to working on my album stuff i just demoed 6 new songs for the chronicles of narnia musical. man, i hope they use this stuff. it's super good. stephan and i worked on it together in his new badass sf studio. musicals rock when the songs are really good. anyway just one of many things goin on.

i'm gonna go to spain on monday for 10 days and will be drinking lots of wine and buying lots of baubles for friends. barcelona and then on to fromentara. travel has become one of my favorite things. from aus to new zealand. i especially like going alone. if you haven't done this gotta do it.
perhaps, i'll be inspired over there and write weird spanish songs. woohoo.
talk soon guys,

posted: 6/21/2006 11:19

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / alrighty
« on: May 10, 2006, 10:03:15 pm »
hey guys,
soooo..... there's not much news. life has been good lately. i have an album written (it's my best work i think) and my dog is almost potty trained. thank the friggin lord. so things are lookin up. again, i'd like to thank everyone again for stickin around for so long. you all impress me so much with your level of interest.
get ready for website changes and a real my space page. chuggin along over here in nolita. ok gotta watch lost. seriously this show is losing steam. i mean really.

posted: 5/10/2006 20:43

i had the pleasure of being on my favorite tv show (aside from lost of course). so this show kills me everytime. i saw it at the gym once and started to cry and almost fell off the treadmill. i promptly left. went home. watched the end. and had an existential crisis while balling my eyes out. this show is soooooo good. i was able to play a few songs in honor of the Py family. the show airs april 30th at 9pm. i sang athousand miles and white houses. i started to choke up in atm (which is impressive cause i've sung it so many friggin times) because i saw so many people in the small crowd cry. i realized atm can actually be about death if u want it to be. i had this realization while singing it, which is what brought on the tears. anyway, guys i hope u watch the show and love it. the story is heartbreaking as usual.

btw, i think my dog is almost totally potty trained. i know it's pathetic considering he's 10 months but he's a dachshund and supposedly they're really hard.

posted: 3/28/2006 12:00

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / down unda
« on: February 25, 2006, 10:09:16 am »
gday mates.
within one minute of meeting me every single aussie changes my name to ness. love it. they are the most efficient speakers in the world. i can barely understand them, and yet i envy their sneaky speaking ways. back on the road with stevie. it's always the best. i so enjoy being a part of her world. did i tell you all that she gave me the dress she wore on the back of bella donna! ridiculous.

i went surfing for the first time the other day in gold coast. i giggled the whole time. i got up a bunch of times too. my cute instructor said i was a "natural" despite the fact that i was being dragged along the bottom of the ocean for most of the time ; ) anyway, all is well here. the majority of the album is done. loving it. working on artwork. can't wait for you all to hear it. i think you'll be proud.
ps. i miss my dog more than any human. is that wrong?

posted: 2/24/2006 22:34

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / holiday progress
« on: December 30, 2005, 08:51:21 am »
i hope everyone has felt a little buzz of holiday joy at some point these past few weeks. i just got back from vacation with my fam. every year we go horsebackriding in arizona. big fun. though i've ingested so much dust i think i need some kind of lung cleaning.

also, i forgot to mention that i finished half of my album this month. linda perry is fantastic and genuine and really inspiring. we had a blast. i had a whirlwind studio moment and finished 5 songs in 2 weeks. you guys are gonna be psyched. loving this stuff.
thanks again for stickin by. love you guys.

posted: 12/29/2005 23:26

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / cruisin
« on: November 20, 2005, 08:42:10 pm »
just to keep you posted. i had a little mini creative breakthrough the other day. very exciting.
oh yeah, i ran the marathon and i'm feeling great. so glad i did that. i feel like i can face anything now. i hear that the pain i felt during my run was similar to child birth. needless to say i couldn't walk for a week. don't know if i'll do that again.

soooo i'm hoping to finish this record by the time i leave for australia. which, btway i'm so friggin pysched about. victor, my very proud doggie, is doing much better in the potty training arena. it's amazing how pissed i get (no pun intended) when he doesn't figure out the pad. but he's too cute for me to stay mad.

fall in ny is crispy and bright. my favorite. hope you're all well.


posted: 11/20/2005 19:28

Official Vanessa Carlton Posts / marathon living
« on: October 12, 2005, 09:16:59 pm »
i was about to leave the city to do a psa for z100, but i've been flooded back to my very clean house. i ran 18 miles this weekend and actually enjoyed myself. my soundtrack was the new fiona record (love it), postal service, and the old franz ferdinand. it got me through the pain.

i got a new puppy named victor. we are all convinced he is a direct descendent of lord byron. he is proud and victorious and has no idea how small he is. (a long haired dachshund). i've kind of been leading the life of leisure of late. writing, sleeping, running and hangin with victor and friends.

looking forward to finishing another album and hopefully sharing it with lots of you.
i've never felt so complete. thank you for hangin out even when there's not much goin on.

posted: 10/12/2005 13:32

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