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if anyone cares to check it out. it's meh.  :-\

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Daytrotter Session 2016
« on: April 06, 2016, 01:35:34 pm »

in case anyone didn't know, this happened.
...pretty cool recordings.


 Will she play Paint it Black!?!?!?!??!?

Is anyone going?!?!? More info!?

SOLD OUT !!! The Best Fest presents STONES FEST NEW ORLEANS: A Night To Celebrate The Music Of The Rolling Stones Sponsored By Jameson

Thursday, July 17 at Tipitina's. 100% Of Ticket Sale Proceeds To Benefit Sweet Relief

With Your Hosts The Cabin Down Below Band starring: Ann Wilson of Heart, Jason Sudeikis, Butch Walker, George Porter Jr., John McCauley of Deer Tick, Walter Wolfman Washington, Pat Sansone & Glenn Kotche of Wilco, Jess Wolfe & Holly Laessig of Lucius, Nikki Lane, Scott McMicken & Toby Leaman of Dr. Dog, Eric Pulido of Midlake, Karen Elson, Doyle Bramhall II, Joe Pug, Jonathon Boogie Long, Lukas Nelson, Ruby Amanfu, Ryan Miller of Guster, Vanessa Carlton, The White Buffalo, Matt Sorum & Ace Harper, And Many Many More Surprise Guests….

Artist & Line Up Subject To Change Without Notice

Live Shows / 6/20/2014 -- Musikfest Cafe, Bethlehem, PA (Review)
« on: June 21, 2014, 08:04:40 am »
the last show of this mini "tour"...

Carousel (with Just A Friend intro)
Hands on Me
Tall Tales for Spring
House of Seven Swords
Take it Easy
White Houses
Get Good
Young Heart
Matter of Time
In Our Time
Unlock the Lock
I Don't Want to Be a Bride
Marching Line
A Thousand Miles

I got the set list and it looks like she opted out of doing "Hear the Bells" as a 2nd encore song.

So this venue was really a good one, very nice inside (because it is still so new)
One of those sit down at tables and order food before the show shows where you pray that the annoying people who get there late and order food and eat WHILE MUSIC IS PLAYING don't annoy you too much,
but alas IDIOT waitresses had to come up and talk to the people sitting next to you during 2 songs.
I cannot understand why they think that is ok and why they couldn't wait. Anywho, a minor thing and probably my only complaint the whole night.
But the show was absolutely AMAZING!!
I'll go through it piece by piece as best as I can remember

Carousel (with Just A Friend intro) (On Grand Piano) --  my first time hearing this with this new intro, btw I was actually lucky enough to get there early enough to hear like half of the sound check, where I heard them practice this intro, Matter of Time, and uhhh... I don't remember, some other song that she did play tonight, no big deal... Anywho, it was a nice new intro, though I must say I think Learning to Fly fits better with the song, I'm sure Just A Friend works better lyrically for Vanessa and better fits into the theme of Carousel for her. This was a Vanessa-only, Piano-Vocal version, as she did in the last show I went to in Delaware. The claps were awkward as always as only a few people did them. but of course I did, and I'm sure she appreciated them, though I was unable to see her face from where I was sitting whenever she played on the grand piano. I was front row mind you, it was just a bad angle, I saw her feet clearly though.

Hands on Me (On Grand Piano) -- She introduced Skye, song was beautiful as always, she changed it up at the end and extended a "see" at the end of a "and all the constellations shine down for us to"

Tall Tales for Spring -- interesting story about how she was with her brother in Egypt with her cousins (who are Egyptians, them being there for a wedding) having an in-depth convo with them about life and the grand scheme of things and how the chaos of everything relates to their family which led her to read up about Stephen Hawking.

House of Seven Swords -- same intro about her brother going through a different part of his life what with graduating college, mentioning herself that she hasn't graduated college.

Take it Easy -- stage guy ran up to duct tape down her pedal that she mentioned she hoped didn't move while playing in her heels before the last song.  Connected to a billion stars, not a million. I remember this from the last show I was at, too. Awesome song :) Skye was fantastic in this as well, loved it.

Willows -- did this REALLY cool extra long intro, where skye was like recording loops for his pedals for the rest of the song, but it sounded awesome as an intro. This song is awesome :)

White Houses -- same intro about male lacross teams knowing the song. Lovely as always. :)

Get Good -- Intro about her friend who was having relationship issues, who this time she named out as being "Kat". She forgot the first line, but remembered right away and played the rest of the song normally on the omnichord. Back-up vocals by Skye.

Young Heart -- With husband John, he mentioned how last time they played it, V told him he was playing it too fast, it was cute haha. But omg, this is becoming one of my favorite songs, it was performed perfectly, in which I said "Perfect!" after it was done, and I think she heard me, as she repeated "perfect" to John, also very cute haha. ughhh I love this song so much.

Matter of Time -- With John, she stood up to sing this song, it was cute. lovely song.

In Our Time -- With John, John introduced this song, talking about his parents and how he's surprised they're still together, mentioned a joke about "Our Time" being a christian dating website. Performed perfectly, of course. and During the last show I was at, it looked to me like john was missing a tooth, which I thought was how he could whistle so well, but after seeing pictures and looking closer, his tooth is still there, it's just all silver or something :-P not that it matters at all, just something I thought I would mention.

Unlock the Lock -- explained about how this song was written about a year after rabbits on the run while she was on a vacation with her family to Arizona at the dude ranch. The ranch didn't have TV, but had satellite radio and she listening to it and it was like bob dylan radio show and this one show had a theme of "locks and keys" and all the songs played had to do with it, and it inspired her to write this song. She kinda forgot the intro piano but quickly remembered and played this song perfectly, very lovely. Skye was awesome in this song as well!

I Don't Want to Be a Bride -- beautiful as always with the same intro about how she actually went against this and got married and wore white, making a joke about how it's ok if you find the right kind of dress lol. then went on a tangent about how she'll sign stuff afterwards and the dog/horse shirt. Skye added backup vocals, as usual.

The Marching Line -- very lovely, glad she played it :)

A Thousand Miles -- a nice performance as always
Home (On Grand Piano) -- Vanessa played this BARE FOOT, LOL! She also forgot the words after "Some people live in a house on a hill", but the audience reminded her and she went on to play it fantastically and flawlessly including the extended outro, which was beautiful! (though she did out-out of another line right before "they search for the color you can never quite see" due to probably forgetting it, no big deal though)

Vanessa came out at the merch table after the show and did signings. she signed my setlist (which Phil got for me btw, Thank you again!!) Me & Nicole assured her that we really didn't care about the length of the Delaware show and I expressly thanked her for that 3-song ep and complimented her on such a well done performance tonight.
She seemed happy tonight, it was a very good show. She didn't do pictures with anyone as far as I noticed, the staff told us all in line that she was only doing signings and no pictures.
Skye and John weren't at the merch counter unfortunately.

overall it was a pleasant show, I was very happy with it :)
and it was nice meeting another nessaholic for the first time, oddly enough I sat next to Phil (pswik91).

Vanessa asked that this not be shared, please do not ask.
If you have this though, feel free to discuss.

Man, it's so nice to see you again
You're the great blue pool in L.A.

And I close my book, move my bag, make some space
'Cause it's time to give that song a break

So tell me now how these few years have been
When it's living to honor the best

And I have been well, I've saved you a smile
These feelings they come and go fast

Light your cigarette, see the fame in your eyes
Sing me that new song you sing
The time for you and I was never quite right
It matters and means everything

'Cause the garden walls grew quick
Before you know, you're outside of it
And the ivy's coming in
It's so beautiful if you can find it

And time, she's always kept you on her good side
Some people they still fight their fate
I understood clear what you said with your eyes
We all speak in different ways

'Cause the garden walls grew quick
Before you know, you're outside of it
And the ivy's coming in
It's so beautiful if you can find it

The garden walls grow quick
Before you know, you're outside of it
And the ivy's coming in
It's so beautiful if you can find it


haunting... like... another tall tales for spring kind of.. it has that dancing vibe to it... very lovely

Vanessa asked not to distribute this song, please do not ask.
If you have it, feel free to discuss

This canyon
Formations of sand and stone
You'll navigate down the 'lope


The sky is no separate light
And we watch every day of our life
And we grow
And I go and die


not completely 100% positive on all the lyrics...
this song feels like another "In The End" to me... very ....well... very serious and uhhh...

Live Shows / 6/20/2014 -- Musikfest Cafe, Bethlehem, PA
« on: April 06, 2014, 12:26:18 pm »
(ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks)

$10 per person food & beverage minimum on all table and bar seating.

See you there! Who else is going? I know Nicole is going... who else?

Live Shows / 6/12/2014 -- World Cafe Live, Wilmington, DE
« on: April 06, 2014, 12:18:17 pm »
Heads up to all NESSAholics:
DO NOT BUY TICKETS through the Vanessa Carlton fan thing a.k.a. MusicToday.
It will be "General admission" which is in the far back by the bar.

buy your tickets from the venue's website HERE:
you can be close to the stage!!!!! (and is apparently $0.50 cheaper)

See you there. who else is going? I know Nicole is, I'll be sitting next to her  ;D

we currently only have 2 versions of one instance, so here's a rough of what I can make out so far

Strength and devotion come without warning
You know when you know what to do
No simple scheming, you should be sleeping
Sometimes you just can't think it through

And that's the way it is, love
Go whichever way you need to go
Nobody can tell you how to build
Your house of seven swords

That's the way it is, love
Together and yet still we're on our own
Nobody can tell us how to build
Our house of seven swords

Shamen won't tell you
The preacher will try to
And you take your time
Take a trip

Let your eyes see hidden things
Your heart beat like a drum
Your eyes see hidden things
Your heart beat like a drum

'Cause that's the way it is, love
Go whichever way you need to go
Nobody can tell us how to build
Our house of seven swords

That's the way it is, love
Together and yet still we're on our own
Nobody can tell us how to build
Our house of seven swords

Oo, oo, oo, ah

And that's the way it is, love
That's the way it is, love
Your house of seven swords
That's the way it is, love
Together and yet still we're on our own
Nobody can tell us how to build
Our house of seven swords


so yeah, these probably aren't all correct, so PLEASE DO NOT COPY-PASTE THIS ANYWHERE YET.
we don't want the internet filling up with incorrect lyrics.

I did spend a lot of time on this, but I know it can't be perfect yet

Thank you, and PLEASE give your input.

a song about a failing relationship?

FAQ / Board Issues / recent new error notice
« on: July 02, 2012, 06:17:40 am »
I've been noticing lately I keep getting this message on the very top of the page.

Warning: ob_start(): output handler 'ob_gzhandler' conflicts with 'zlib output compression' in /home/katia/www/ on line 125

Notice: ob_start(): failed to create buffer in /home/katia/www/ on line 125

just letting you know.

so far this is what I can make out from the lyrics:

If you're old and lonely in life
You've got to let it go
Let you to a million stars and then

Soon your Moon slowly dies
To yourself and to your light
The Shamans can't always know limits fade, as will you

When the music crumbles down
And it will
Take it easy
Take it easy, baby

The Sun won't rise
You said it twice to yourself through the night
The Shaman's there, you've always known
And when it's dark, it gets low

When your music crumbles down
And it will
Take it easy
Take it easy

When Heaven lives around you
And it will
Take it easy
Take it easy


Young to let it go
But old enough to know
Connected to a million stars and lights

You sang in thoughts, sang it twice
To yourself and to the night
It's natural, the Shaman's prayer
When its fire gets low

And as your castle crumbles down
And it will
Take it easy
Take it easy, baby

Know you have to go
Just wanted you to know
I'll be ready when you gotta go home

You sang in thoughts, sang it twice
To yourself, to the night
The Shaman's prayer, it's natural
When its fire gets low

When your castle crumbles down
And it will
Take it easy
Take it easy

When Heaven wraps around you
And she will
Take it easy
Take it easy

Connected to a million stars and lights

Discuss!!!!  ;D
it's probably not 100% correct, obviously given the one recording we have so far.

new fall tour 2013 lyrics
2013 fall tour new lyrics
Take It Easy

I'm old enough to know
Too young to let it go

Connected to a million stars and lights

I know you have to go
Do we follow what we know?
I'll be here for you in the night

Say it once, say it twice
To yourself, to the night
The Shaman's prayer, it's natural
When it's quiet, it gets low

And as your castle crumbles down
And it will
Take it easy
Take it easy, eh

Are you waiting all the time
For some modern things you like?
Have you ever broken your own heart?

Say it once, say it twice
To yourself, to the night
The Shaman's prayer, it's natural
When it's quiet, it gets low

And as your castle crumbles down
And it will
Take it easy
Take it easy

And as Heaven wraps around you
And she will
Take it easy
Take it easy

Say it once, say it twice
To yourself, to the night
The Shaman's prayer, it's natural
When it's quiet, it gets low

And as your castle crumbles down
And it will
Take it easy
Take it easy

And as Heaven wraps around you
And she will
Take it easy
Take it in
Take it easy
Take it in
Take it easy
Take it in, easy

Sunday 4 September 2011

Los Angeles State Historic Park
1245 N Spring St
Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles 90012
United States
Tel: (213) 620-6152
Showcasing music and art from some of today’s most influential bands and artists,
Freedom Festival 2011 is a celebration of humanity. Everyone is invited to come as you are and be proud of the unique existence that you occupy. Gay, straight, fierce, pierced, conservative or unconventional - you are Free to Be!

Semi Precious Weapons
Dashboard Confessional
Vanessa Carlton
Sophie B. Hawkins
Colette Carr
Dave Aude
Tony Moran
DJ Escape
Courtney Act
Calpernia Addams
Jared Ashley
Danielle LoPresti and the Masses
DJ John Joseph
DJ Kimberly S.
electra barakos
Chad Michaels

tweet from the festival confirming Vanessa:
@VanessaCarlton performing LIVE in LA on Sept 4th for only $10... deal expires in a few hours
(and of course it is already expired, sorry)

What is and why should you care?
Please take 1 minute (seriously, there isn't much here) to read what is:

Vanessa Carlton's page:

---- has become so huge recently, especially within the last year or 2.
It is integrated with a lot of websites already and more including Xbox 360 video game consoles.
Quite honestly, it's a huge database website perfect for promoting bands and musicians worldwide.
AND IT'S 100% FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

To help us Nessaholics promote Vanessa even more, I highly suggest that if we don't already have a way to scrobble our Vanessa Carlton plays, that we get in gear and do so now!

Today, as of May 2nd, 2011 Vanessa Carlton has 7,327,804 unique scrobbles (song plays) and  577,127 unique listeners scrobbling Vanessa Carlton.

I want these numbers to raise greatly. Especially the number of listeners.

Today (May 2nd, 2011) the statistics for the week of April 24th through April 30th (Last week) of Vanessa's Top 15 scrobbled songs are as followed:
1      A Thousand Miles (3,514 listeners)
2      White Houses (1,123 listeners)
3      Ordinary Day (967 listeners)
4      Nolita Fairytale (424 listeners)
5      Hands On Me (419 listeners)
6      Pretty Baby (416 listeners)
7      Who's To Say (363 listeners)
8      Paint It Black (322 listeners)
9      Twilight (307 listeners)
10      San Francisco (278 listeners)
11      Rinse (260 listeners)
12      Wanted (227 listeners)
13      Sway (216 listeners)
14      Private Radio (212 listeners)
15      Paradise (211 listeners)

and if you wish, you can see the complete list updated weekly here:

Honestly, I think these numbers are slightly embarrassingly low  :-[
I want all of our Vanessa Carlton plays to count! Please, help Vanessa out and download the scrobbler!
It's extremely easy and gets seriously addicting once you do it for a while (especially to compare with all of the other music you listen to)

Simply, the more listeners Vanessa gets on, the more people who use will have her music suggested to them, the more people will see of Vanessa on, and the more people will realize she actually exists and has a new album.

I want for Carousel to be as popular as ...say Ordinary Day... or...maybe even White Houses...
I don't expect it to beat out A Thousand Miles, OBVIOUSLY, but hell, it would be nice, wouldn't it??

We can all do our part.
Carousel releases on May 3rd, 2011 (tomorrow!) If we all scrobble our listens with, Carousel will gain more popularity and attention. This is what we all want.

You can check the status of Carousel here:
As of today (May 2nd, 2011 -- the week of April 24th through April 30th (Last week)
Carousel only has 1,127 Scrobbles (plays) and a low, low number of only 32 listeners.

These statistics will get updated next week, which will be after Carousel has been out for a few days.

I implore you all to PLEASE HELP! we just need your scrobbles. downloading the scrobbler is easy and it works silently and automatically while you listen to music, the only information it collects from you is who you listen to, how many times, and when.
You will need to register for an account (which is completely free and easy).

a few of us here already use and scrobble Vanessa's songs regularly. I want us all to!

Also as a side note, every artist, album, and song has its own page on automatically. it's kind of like a wiki site.
I've been on this website for several years now (since 2006 apparently) and I've been very active making sure the Vanessa Carlton page is accurate and whatnot..
but anyway..

every artist page has a system where you can upload images for the artist (you'll see, it's very self explanatory)
that works on a voting system.
the point of the voting system is to move an image up or down through the pages, the main goal being to have the picture you want (or what the general public wants) to be the default image (what gets displayed every time someone listens to a song by that artist on the website) -- this image gets displayed to a lot of places that take information from (and a lot of websites now do)

Vanessa's images page is here:
My goal is to have the newer promotional pictures for Carousel or Rabbits on the Run be the default (main) image to represent Vanessa Carlton.
...for a while we had it as this one:  (the heart image from late 2010)
but somehow that pesky Harmonium era image from the Best Of album cover snuck its way to the top... but we can change that with some voting up/down.
The new Rabbits on the Run images are already uploaded, you should be able to find them easily so you can vote for them.

I think it's important to have the new RotR images be the default images because if people see new images, they will know that Vanessa is up to something new, be curious about it, and discover Rabbits on the Run! truly is a very important medium for music promotion.
With a little effort from all of us (we just need numbers! people!) We can seriously help out Vanessa in regards to promoting this new album, which I honestly think is just so very important.  :)

If you decide to help out, let us know!
Here's my profile page:  feel free to add me as a friend also, please join the Vanessa Carlton group:
I want to see these numbers jump up!!! Especially Carousel!!!!

"I was very lucky to be offered a lovely piece of property to build a career on," says Vanessa Carlton. "I started building a house on it, but it wasn't necessarily a house I would want to live in. So I ripped down that house, and I worked with these great lumberjacks to build a really cool cabin—a place I want to drink whiskey in and hang out until the sun rises."
For her fourth album, Rabbits on the Run (Razor & Tie), Carlton needed a fresh start. She had been going at full sprint since she was discovered by legendary record executive Ahmet Ertegun when she was still a teenager, signed by Jimmy Iovine soon after, and exploded onto the pop scene with the platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated Be Not Nobody in 2002. But as she was nearing thirty, Carlton felt lost.
Ultimately, she made her way to Peter Gabriel's Real World studios in Box, England, where she created something that harks back to a different era of music-making: ten intimate, evocative songs, recorded direct to tape with a close-knit team of collaborators including producer Steve Osborne, drummer Patrick Hallahan from My Morning Jacket, and guitarist Ari Ingber of the Upwelling. It was not, however, an easy road to get there.
"For two years, I went through a very reclusive period," says Carlton. "I was confused by a lot of decisions I had made, heartbroken in a lot of different ways. Once I got through the initial stage of grieving, I started studying everything around me. I became a sponge—listening to a lot of music from the '70s, classical music, reggae, just observing and paying attention."
When she started creating again, she was writing instrumental music, and thought maybe that would be the next chapter of her work. But on a visit to England, she came up with a personal, revelatory song she called "London," and felt her writer's block receding.
As she returned home to New York City and tentatively ventured back into songwriting, though, Carlton knew that things had changed. "I had no one," she says. "I was completely self-contained, I left my label, had no producer. So this was me going back to the demoing process that I was doing when I was 17. In my writing, I didn’t want to waste words anymore. It was a total arts-and-crafts vibe that I was doing all by myself."

During her years of retreat, there were two vastly different books that Carlton found herself returning to over and over, and she started to feel their influence in her new songs. "My brother is in college, and he and I would get into these intense debates about physics and philosophy," she says. "Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time really comforted me and helped me make sense of the chaos that is our lives."

Her other guiding text was a lifetime favorite, Richard Adams's epic tale of rabbit society, Watership Down. "My whole being related to this story," Carlton says. "I realized how lucky I am to be an artist in this world, how I somehow got out of the burrows. So not only did I link into the book in a fundamental way, but it helped me to continue to make the decisions on this project and keep exploring. I carried around Watership Down like a talisman, a bible."
As more songs were coming to Carlton, she was also realizing that she could hear an identifiable sound for them in her head. This concern for sonics was new for the singer: "I never had any interest in that—I love Pink Floyd, I love those sounds, but to me, they just appeared out of thin air." Recognizing that one of her favorite album was Lost Souls, the 2000 debut by post-Britpop band Doves, she made it a mission to locate its co-producer, Steve Osborne.
While continuing to sort out plans for her new music, Carlton visited her friend, singer/songwriter KT Tunstall. Coincidentally, Osborne himself turned up at a bonfire party at Tunstall's house—where, incredibly, he asked Tunstall if she happened to know Vanessa Carlton. Once she got over her shock, Carlton described some of her ideas for a new album, saying that she heard the sound of a "creepy children's choir" on some songs and that she knew she needed to record with analogue equipment. After this auspicious meeting, she began to send Osborne her home demos.
"I had a clear spectrum of sound in my mind for the album, and Steve understood and found the right tones for me," she says. Hallahan and Ingber eventually signed on for the ride, and they headed to England to bring a new and still-evolving batch of songs to life.
“We were trying everything many different ways, because we were so confident of the big picture,” says Carlton. “In the past, I had always been really clingy about my words and arrangements, and that was a sign that I didn’t really think it through. So I tried everything until I thought it was real honest—what it should be.”
The songs that ultimately made up Rabbits on the Run retain Carlton’s impeccable melodic sensibility, but are consistently surprising and unpredictable. “Carousel,” the opening track and first single, sets a lilting and lyrical mood, while “Hear the Bells” creates a feel that’s more ambient and creepy. The structures shift and veer on “London” and “Dear California,” yet never lose their propulsion.

Incorporating the atmospheric sound of the studio, Carlton and Osborne stayed true to her ambition of capturing the vibe of her initial demos. “From the commencement of the sessions, the end goal was how it would sound on vinyl,” she says. “It was always going to be ten songs, no matter what—I wrote all of these songs for this album, I didn't pull from a bucket of tunes.”
With such commitment to the material, of course, some songs came easier than others. “The toughest nut to crack was definitely ‘I Don't Want to Be a Bride,’ because you can’t waste a word in that song,” she says. “I have at least twenty pages of lyrics for that one. The rhythm of the words has to be right, but it can’t be elementary, every line has to move it forward. A song like that deepens my respect for old-school country storytellers like Johnny Cash.”
In tribute to Stephen Hawking, Carlton explains, “In the End,” the final song on Rabbits on the Run, has the album “disintegrating back to nothing.” The haunting track—with a prayer to her brother woven in, addressing the death of a friend—actually uses the music from another song, “Tall Tales for Spring,” with the tape slowed down. It’s a perfect end note to an emotional and creative journey that represents nothing less than the rebirth of an artist.
“I felt like I wasn’t navigating, but the time was navigating me,” says Vanessa Carlton. “I wasn’t manipulating the process at all. I got to that place where you don’t think about how you’re going to do it, you just do it in the way that feels the most clear and right. That shouldn’t be so exotic, but I’d never gone through it before.”

2 new song titles officially announced..
that makes all of them except for one so far.

loved this, very interesting read, also very cool to learn more about the song "In the End".  ;D

Live Shows / 04/02/2011 Mountain View Manor - Glen Spey, NY (review)
« on: April 02, 2011, 07:00:13 pm »

I have to go to work fffffffffffffffffff no sleep for at least 33 hours fml, but tonight was AMAZING
pictures and MANY videos to come,
I got every song including a lot of the soundcheck.

i think her set was only like 4 songs though it was short, be patient, i had like the best seat besides Nicole so wait for my videos

i'll be back and able to upload around 6:30 am if i dont pass the f out when i get home omg o_O <3


I posted these on pages 2 and 4, but I figure I'll just edit this because it's the first post of the thread and is easy access:

YouTube Videos:
Sound Check:
you should probably watch in order.
1: (ttfs - first time with violin as ttfs)
2: (ttfs)
3: (website song/ttfs)
4: (website song/fair weather friends - first time with violin since original premiere)
5: (fair weather friends)
6: (heroes & thieves)
7: (heroes & thieves)

1) Tall Tales For Spring:
2) Carousel:
3) Heroes & Thieves:
4) Home:

mp3 Downloads:
1) Tall Tales For Spring (Sound Check):
2) new song snippits & Fair Weather Friends (Sound Check):
3) Heroes & Thieves (Sound Check):

more mp3s of my videos and my actual videos will be available for download soon, check back later.

other people have posted videos and photos, please read this thread.

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