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Live Shows / Northampton, MA 3/7/17 (review)
« on: March 08, 2017, 10:31:25 am »
was able to drive up from CT w/ a friend to catch this set. kindof an unexpected venue - was so small the copy of her grandfather's mural didn't fit in her setup. the place didn't really seem accommodating to her show, but she still was amazing nonetheless. at some point she got cold and a womyn from the audience gave her a pair of fingerless gloves. i saw v live for the first time my first semester of university, and now seeing her again during my last semester, it feels sorta full circle. anyways, the setlist was:

a thousand miles
carousel (learning to fly intro)
fairweather friend
who's to say
white houses
take it easy
nothing where something used to be
blue pool
love is an art
i don't want to be a bride
mercedes-benz (w/ Tristen)

i was really blown away by some of the things she and Skye have been able to do w/ the loop pedals and reconfiguring her older songs to match her current sound/aesthetic (particularly who's to say). love is an art transfixed me. it seemed like a logical progression from the sound she built on "liberman," but a little more stripped back and adding in more of her classical training/compositional skills. the vocal loops in bride were incredible - truly like a collage of sound textures. the ending was really cute; i think lots of people in the bar knew it and were (soft) singing along.

she also said that this was her last tour in this particular configuration (her and Skye), and hinted the possibility of working on a new record that might tour w/ a full(er) band setup.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: September 25, 2015, 09:33:52 am »

Operator - Single just released to iTunes :)

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Liberman
« on: April 25, 2014, 09:22:43 pm »
1. Patience
2. Take it Easy
3. House of Seven Swords
4. Unlock the Lock
5. Young Heart
6. Nothing Where Someone Used to Be
7. Willows
8. A Matter of Time
9. River
10. Ascension

Just my guess based on what tracks she's given via Instagram/what's been played live.

Live Shows / Re: 10/10 - StageOne - Fairfield, CT (review)
« on: October 19, 2013, 08:20:21 pm »
Oh shoot, sorry. I bought the vinyl/shirt combo and together it was $40.

Live Shows / Re: 10/10 - StageOne - Fairfield, CT (review)
« on: October 15, 2013, 01:29:44 pm »
Emmy! So sorry if I came off as rude. I asked my friend to trade seats so I could get a better video.

Also the shirts were $20.

Live Shows / Re: 10/10 - StageOne - Fairfield, CT (review)
« on: October 13, 2013, 11:13:38 am »
Hey! So I just got back from a weekend in Boston and I finally have time to write out this post.

I received an email from Vanessa's management saying that I won tickets to the pre-show meet & greet, I arrived at the venue around 7 and bought the Victor Horse tee and a vinyl; the guy at the merch table said that they just picked up the new press of vinyls from Vanessa's apartment before they got to the venue, so I felt pretty lucky. Mike came to the merch table at around 7:45 as the opening act was taking the stage. 8 of us went backstage where we were able to meet Vanessa for a quick beat. She's seriously so beautiful and I can't even express how surreal it was actually shaking her hand. She asked what everyone's names were, but I was so overwhelmed I just blurted out something along the lines of, "You're so beautiful," and swept in for a hug. Kind of embarrassing but I figured this would probably be the only chance I'd ever have to meet her. I asked if she brought the pup, and she in turn called Victor. We were able to play with him - he's seriously such a docile, friendly dog. Took a picture with her (and Vic) and she signed my vinyl after she got around to finding a silver Sharpie.

When she came on, she started Carousel without Skye, which kindof confused me, but I had no objections. She later introduced Skye who started doing some magic on his rigs and helped take the live show to a whole new sonic plane. 7 Swords had this icy-violin effect that was incredibly mystifying. Take It Easy now has this trippy-string loop, and Willows has a beat mixed with a plucked string loop. All-in-all I was extremely impressed with the new songs, and I'm so excited to hear them in studio format. Get Good on the omnichord was really interesting, it was really funny though because all of a sudden this strange beat came in during the chorus that was triggered by the omnichord, but I really enjoyed this new take on the song; I really appreciate how V always finds ways of recreating, or reimagining how certain songs can sound.

After the show was over, I stayed around for the setlist and drove back home. Such a great night. I'll conclude this with some photos/videos/audio recordings.

Skye lookin' like the Wizard of Oz.

VC swag.

And here are the audio files for the new songs, I'm still working on the video.
House of Seven Swords
Take It Easy

Live Shows / Re: Re: Re: 10/10 - StageOne - Fairfield, CT (review)
« on: October 13, 2013, 08:25:37 am »

Ghisy! You were there? I wonder if we ever saw each other!
I was! My seat was front row to the right side of the stage. I was actually in the corner, sitting with a friend.

I was in the front row on the left corner so I was sitting opposite you in the red cardigan.

Live Shows / Re: 10/10 - StageOne - Fairfield, CT (review)
« on: October 11, 2013, 08:57:23 pm »
I have a pic of the setlist (the guy from the venue didn't want to give it to me...) and they mispelled "Nolita Fairytale" as "Nolita Fairytail" haha! Another weird thing: she didn't do the "Learning to Fly" intro for "Carousel", I was almost shocked lol

I'm falling more and more in love with "House of 7 Swords" everytime she plays it. The new stuff in general is really really really good. It makes me so excited about the new album.

She tried something new on "Get Good": she used an omnichord which sounded really interesting!

And some obnoxious drunk dude ruined part of "Home" for me, which sucks because it's probably my favorite song live. Oh well.

Ghisy! You were there? I wonder if we ever saw each other! I totally feel you though in regards to that drunk guy. The instrumental tag onto Home is my favorite and I super didn't appreciate how he kept yelling "Vanessa!" in his drunken stupor.

Live Shows / Re: 10/10 - StageOne - Fairfield, CT (review)
« on: October 10, 2013, 07:37:22 pm »
Hello! So the experience was not what I expected it to be, it was everything AND MORE. It is quite late but I captured some pretty good video of the new songs she performed. My video stopped halfway through her set because my phone had no more memory. Before I go to bed, I will post the setlist and I'll post the vids/my recap eventually.

Hands On Me
Nolita Fairytale
House of Seven Swords
Take It Easy
White Houses
Tall Tales for Spring
Who's to Say
Get Good
Hear the Bells
I Don't Want to be a Bride
The Marching Line
A Thousand Miles

Cool things to note:
- The new songs were played in a truer representation of what they'll sound like on the new album. Skye used a bunch of rigs and loop pedals and the sonics were incredible
- Vanessa announced her pregnancy again, stated that she usually has wine or whiskey when she plays a show but she can't do that anymore since she's pregnant (congratulations!)
- Before playing Bride, she stated, "This song's called 'I Don't Want to be a Bride'...which I'm now reconsidering."

Alright, will update later. It was so amazing! And I picked up a vinyl/Victor tee. Pics/vids soon.

Live Shows / Re: 10/10 - StageOne - Fairfield, CT
« on: October 10, 2013, 06:09:11 am »
So excited! I will see you there, and I will do my best—when I return—to give a recap of the night.

Anyone going to the Fairfield show in CT? First time I'm ever going to be able to see V since I've finally moved off-island up to the east coast!

Pic of her and John from Deer Tick signing 7" singles for the Songs for Slim auction.

V posted this link on her twitter:

Me thinks this is the collab with Deer Tick she was talking about before. Releases in three days!
EDIT: don't think this is the same collab I was thinking of, but still, really good to see that this is happening.

from yesterday:

Wilmington Orchestra & Voyagers choir r a very cool bunch. An awesome tapestry 4 these songs. Plus a good cause 2nite. This storm is perfect

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