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Is it possible for someone to make the new "StyleLikeU" video available for us to download?
There you go! Click me.

That's great, I liked this video a lot. :) Thank you very much, Ghisy!

i happened across them one time....the few I saw were not flattering to our beautiful V :/  the one you posted was the only good one I saw.

Yes that's right, there were two more, but they really weren't that good.

Has anyone seen pictures from this event yet? Just found it via Google.

International Tennis Hall of Fame's Legends Ball 2012 - Arrivals
New York City, NY, USA 09/07/2012

Carlton AC. In fry an egg traffic en route 2 newport musi fest. Worth it. Victor don tink so tho.

Great to c Stevie in such fine form. A moment w a friend,feelin pure joy & gratitude. Zee best.

So lame for this last minute show change. Rescheduling. Was looking forward to San Antonio. Apologies! for real. Coming coming

Meanwhile i will distract with a good song. Hot Chip/Flutes. Need this on vinyl.

Oh man it is not cool that I have to cancel the show tmrw. Sadly, I have no other option. Super lame that it's so last minute. I hope to reschedule and make it up to anyone in San Antonio who was planning on coming. We had a great show planned! Deep apologies. X v

Bless brew and their paper straws.

I would love to hear Fools Like Me with an orchestra.  Or Home with a big finish!  yowza!

Why does everyone always wanna hear ATM and OD and WH lol  booo!!!! :)

You're so right, Fools Like Me or Home would be awesome!
I suppose they always want those songs cause they hardly know any others. :/ But yeah, it gets boring hearing her play the same songs over and over again.

General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: Streets have no name live?
« on: July 05, 2012, 07:25:37 am »
No, unfortunately there isn't. She hasn't played this song in any concert, but it sure would be great.

Live Shows / Re: 6/12/12-XVI Rooftop Lounge NY,NY (review)
« on: June 13, 2012, 02:43:04 am »
A NEW SONG!! :o *excited* *excited* *excited*  :D

This song makes supe happy and also gets me up steep steps at a fast pace. Avicii Silhouettes. He's a cute dude

I never would have thought that V likes such music. Also the Deadmau5 thing. :D But it's cool, I like it too.
I just wonder if she really wants her next record to sound similiar to these. I can't really imagine that for her...especially how the piano would fit in...unless it's going to be something like "Patience". Anyway I'm sure she won't completely abandon her unique style. :)

I think no one of us would have expected the video to be like this - with all these home videos included. I thought too, she'd reveal something about her sickness. So I'm very surprised, but at the same time I LOVE it. <3 It's as personal as a video can ever be and the shots are beautiful! ♥

I also love the reference to Rabbits on the Run with these white rabbits in it. :)

isnt that a picture of her and Stevie? <3

I thought so too!

These army pins are beautiful. I'm defo pokin two in2 my mom's old leather coach bag

‎1890's wooden beam fnd on bowery in bck of B4 it was Cool. Gadi cut it 4 me. Can't beat these

Re: Linda Perhacs, her approach is unique because she sees music as colors. HEARS colors. Music from a different angle

It was a monday. I looked on a calendar from 2011.

Ooooh I bet it's going to be this Monday, the 7th.

I hope so!! I can't waaaaiit!! :D

On this drippy nyc morn. Bob marley is singin sayin "every action has a reaction". What a nice man.

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