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General Vanessa Carlton Discussion / Re: V on Tumblr
« on: August 26, 2012, 05:34:08 pm »
Where has GODNESSA been? I miss their posts! :(

Live Shows / Re: 10-27-12 Trask Coliseum -Wilmington, North Carolina
« on: August 22, 2012, 04:17:34 pm »
Unfortunately I can't be there for this :( Things didn't really work out... I won't be over there in October like I intended, and 5 hours is a little far to travel right now. I hope everyone has a good time!

I'm hoping with V working on this new album of hers, I might catch her next year!

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures, NessaHipster.

I love these  :D

KULPDOGG, thanks for the post. "That I'll be ready when you gotta go home" sounds right, I couldn't seem to understand the rest of the line the first time of listening.

It's interesting to see other peoples opinions, everyone will hear something different ;) Makes me more excited to find out what the 'true' lyrics are. 

Posted by Arwen in a different forum (shows with Stevie)

I hope it's alright, wanted to share it here! This is AMAZING! Thanks so much for the recording, it's a beautiful song, you can hear/understand at least 90% of the lyrics now, I'm so happy. I don't know how accurate this is, but what I understand from the lyrics:

Young to let it go
but old enough to know
Connected to a millions stars tonight

Say it once, say it twice
Do yourself into the night
It's natural the shamans prayer
When it's quiet, it gets low

When your castle crumbles down, and it will
take it easy
take it easy

know you have to go
just wanted you to know
I'll be ready when you (?) ( this line sounds like "When you get to home" but I don't think that's right )

Say it once, say it twice
do yourself into the night
the shamans prayer, it's natural
when it's quiet, it's low

when your castle crumbles down,
and it will
take it easy
take it easy

and when heaven lives around you
and she will
take it easy
take it easy

Connected to a million stars tonight...

Not too different from Fred_Saboya's post, they weren't too far off. Sorry, there is still some of the words I can't quiet understand, maybe someone else will hear what I don't. I hope one of these days it makes it to a studio or there is some kind of 'official lyrics' posted!

Live Shows / Re: New shows with Stevie announced today!!!
« on: July 05, 2012, 05:27:24 pm »
See, this happens quite frequently. As you can recall, Vanessa (and I think Stevie too?) were in Vienna last year, well now she's in Virginia Beach. Same state I'm in, but too far away. V needs to prep us months in advance so it's easier to come up with the money/time to transport ones self.

Everyone who goes, have fun! This would be a dream for my mother and I, she raised me on Fleetwood Mac.

Live Shows / Re: 10-27-12 Trask Coliseum -Wilmington, North Carolina
« on: July 03, 2012, 04:53:52 pm »
Does anyone happen to know how the cost for an event like this? Since it's for charity, I have a feeling the price will be outrageous = me not being able to go. Luckily it's a few months away so I can save money for tickets! (But I'm still curious on the price, if anyone has any idea) Thanks!

^ I think it's on one of the "Ordinary Day" releases.

Makes since I didn't realize it was studio recorded, I don't pay attention to the single releases  :) Thanks.

Actually I've never heard the studio recording, I didn't know there was one... thanks for the upload! It sounds much better than the live recording I have on my mp3  :P

If you don't mind my asking, wyattmeurs, what CD did you have this on?

I am very much looking forward to this song! Despite the noisy recording, it sounds amazing. I cannot believe you guys could decipher words out of that, though, the lyrics are beautiful.

Live Shows / Re: 10-27-12 Trask Coliseum -Wilmington, North Carolina
« on: June 16, 2012, 01:03:32 pm »
I googled and it took me to the chords for a cause facebook, and this was posted.

...and finally, Chords for a Cause is pleased and proud to announce that this year's second co-headliner for the 2012 signature event on 27 October 2012 at Trask Coliseum is.....Vanessa Carlton with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra!!!! Tickets will be on sale in August, but tune here and at for contests and advance ticket sale details. Rock on!!!!!

They say that someone else will be preforming as well, but if she is only doing a few songs, I might just skip out on this one... if anyone finds out how long this event is / how many songs she'll be preforming, that would be deeply appreciated, thanks!

From my own speculation and her issues with dancing that she talked about in pleased to meet you, along with her weight fluctuations, I can see her suffering from an eating disorder. I always thought that paradise was about an eating disorder.

You know I've always thought about that, and perhaps it's true. She always seemed so skinny, but now she looks very healthy, like her skin is glowing now if you get what I'm saying. Either way, whatever the song is about, I'm very glad that Vanessa is healthy, and has gotten passed her problems.

Live Shows / Re: 10-27-12 Trask Coliseum -Wilmington, North Carolina
« on: June 12, 2012, 06:33:47 pm »
I might get to attend this concert! I'll keep checking back for more info, how exciting!

For days I've been trying to place why I wasn't getting the video, and I think it's because the vision in my head was totally different... my vision was something dark that just clenches at your soul, and like Fred_Sayboya said, "dead trees, dark purple sky, a big yellow moon, gravestones." that's the imagines that were in my head. So not seeing that was kind of a disappointment. I wonder if perhaps she wanted to show a different side of the story, different from what the lyrics say.

I love the idea with the old home movies, wasn't expecting that at all! It was nice to see those, but I didn't care for all of the overlapping, I think it is nice but too much going on at once.

I still very much like the song, and think they did a lovely job.

I'm too extremely delusional from such a long and tiring day to state my opinion of the video, but...

OH MY GOD. I'M LIKE, DANCING AND SINGING IN THE STREET! I need to write Vanessa a letter ASAP, this is beautiful!

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