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The most exciting thing about V is when shes writing new stuff and we start to listen to some snippets and songs live and stuff, its so exciting :D

whats the "like a cinema" thing? did i miss something?

DAH I totally agree!

She tweeted when she was in Egypt that she has a song idea like an cinema, I'm expecting something on The IDWBAB scale : )

Sounds like she destroyed her writers block and is hitting the ground running! : ). It's just so hard to believe after having to wait 4 years between ROTR and H&T.
I want to hear her new "like a cinema" song SO BAD.


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Edit session w/ @VanessaCarlton & @cooltwitdawg for Bells. It's coming...

I think they're from the Rock Bodies event from the Harmonium era, she looks great though :)

Live Shows / Re: 3/16/12 HUB Robertson Center @ Penn State
« on: March 17, 2012, 06:58:31 am »
Here's a pic, she looked great!

Has she ever seen one before!? They're really not that cool hahahaha

Live Shows / Re: 3/16/12 HUB Robertson Center @ Penn State
« on: March 02, 2012, 10:43:35 am »
My friend who's going to Penn State is going to this. She doesn't really have a particular love for Vanessa, hopefully V will win her over : )

I' pretty sure that's the Counting Crows CD with ""Big Yellow Taxi" on it : )

I'm ready to finally know what her mysterious illness was. Hopefully it's the story of what happened, this video could be iconic if it turns out right : )

UGHHHH if that's true that's so dumb! hahaha

Can someone tape it? : )

Was Carousel even released to radio? I'm sure bride would have been if it was a single, but I always came up empty trying to request carousel. Bride would have been great on the radio, especially since Foster the People broke in the kind of ambient/analogue sounding music

I hope they give us at least ONE of the videos they shot...ughhh 2 missing videos for the same song :-\

NOOOO!! What the heck happened!?

Are we voting for her under pop or all time?  She's in the third dot of all time, is that cause we voted? : )

I vote Heroes & Thieves too! I'm surprised to see all this support for that album, usually it gets hated on :-\. It was the album that really sucked me in and I get super sentimental when I listen to it : ). I have no problem admitting that RotR is a better album musically..there's just something about H&T

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