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Creative Endeavors / Re: 'Get Good' Wallpaper
« on: July 30, 2011, 02:56:39 am »
could you pleeeeeeease change its side to 1366 X 768? wish i was smart enough to be able to do it haha

You spent money for the magazine, OK, so what? You don't own the pictures. If you love tags, put the magazine's name and the photographer and not your website. In the downloads thread, I bought some of the items that I then shared. Look at the file names or the ID-Tags, I never mentioned my name, simply because I don't own them.

Next time I will offer a CD or a book to my friend, I will write with my indelible big pen "generously given by Pushglow". I'm sure he would be happy!

people who do untag photos could have their I.p banned from the gallery.
Good luck with that.

@NessaHippster, you've got to stop watermarking these pics please, they're not your property. Thanks.

You have a huge ego problem NessaHippster. Nonetheless, thank you for taking the time to scan these pictures, I'm very grateful , but you know what, I'm really really happy to untag them. Let people make nice wallpapers or whatever.

Vanessa on Jay Leno Show (.mkv - HD 720p - 60fps)
Mediafire - YouTube

Vanessa on Chelsea Lately (.mp4 - SD)
Mediafire - YouTube

One for France (36,35€) ;D

F*** iTunes >:( I don't see why they didn't put this behind the scenes on the retail CD. So here it is for free. Delete this message if a moderator is not happy about it.

Behind the Scenes of the Carousel Video
Mediafire - YouTube

Omg! love this cover. I'd love her to do more things like this. can somebody PLEASE rip an mp3?  :)

New link:

Creative Endeavors / Re: 'Get Good' Wallpaper
« on: July 22, 2011, 05:15:07 pm »

And I cobbled together a wallpaper with the pictures from her official website (1920x1080 - 16:9)

I really suggest you to read the first book
That's what I did. I just passed the half of the book. I'm so eager to start the second one :D

Whoah, very nice job sobriquet 8)

Since then, I've been thinking about making a new sheet music thread.... What do you guys think?
I don't understand why maag ignores us. He seems still active. You should definitely create your own thread if you have any news from him.

Is there sheet music for Fools Like Me?
"Fools Like Me" is in there. It's a backup of maag's transcriptions but "The Marching Line" and "In the End" are missing.

Live Shows / Re: 6/26/2011: Joe's Pub - New York, NY (review)
« on: June 27, 2011, 07:45:52 am »
Isn't it possible to capture yesterday's concert? The videos in that web never work for me  :-\.
I don't know where the part 1 is, I can't find it. And by the way, are you going to update the sheets thread soon?

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