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Somehow I feel the book would look better with only calligraphic design (with 'Vanessa Carlton' and 'Rabbits on the Run' in it how it is now) and no text at the top. However, the text might be requirement to make it clear enough or something.  :-\

Other Musicians / Re: Meg & Dia
« on: June 06, 2011, 10:44:49 am »
Meg & Dia is one of my favorite bands. I recommend listening to the song 'Separate' from their new album, Cocoon. Although it may be very different from Vanessa's music, I like that song for similar reasons I like hers.

Each album Vanessa comes out with is so distinct in style and vibe. Because of this, so many of different musical tastes are introduced to her amazing songwriting. An album being different is not a problem--just look how many fans were introduced by H&T :D

I became a fan through BNN. Harmonium was very different, H&T was even more so, and we already know how different Rabbits on the Run will be. However, through understanding and appreciating songs that were automatically my 'taste', I understood and appreciated her further writing. I believe I will always be a fan if she keeps writing good music; despite how different an album sounds, I think I'll always be able to figure it out and enjoy it.


It seems that someone has the full version of 'In The End' and they used it in a youtube video. How did they get it?  :-[  I'm really tempted to listen, but I feel like I'll be cheating somehow.

It seems this info's been on the 'In the End' thread for a while. ^^; My bad.

I'm currently listening to the clips over and over again. Even though they are so short, I think I can say that this will be my favorite album to date. It has the same magic as Harmonium, and a dreaminess reminiscent of 'She Floats', which was previously my favorite of Vanessa's songs.

Two, however, caught me very off-guard. I was expecting 'I Don't Want to Be a Bride' to sound bolder, and 'Tall Tales for Spring' to sound a bit softer. But I think I like them better this way; it makes them more unique.

I can't decide which song is my favorite; I'll probably be able to once the album is out (in way too long :'( ). I love this whole album so much.

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