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Thanks for the review! Glad you had an awesome time. Your mom sounds adorable.
Haha, my mom can be quite interesting at times. She did a few other things that night...

When Vanessa came out the front doors before the show, my mom kept saying, "It's her! That was her! That was her!!"
And then during the opener, there was a strange rattling noise between songs and my mom loud enough for people to hear, "That was my stomach."


HA!  I can't wait to embarrass my daughter some day. it will be super fun.
(not necessarily saying you were embarrassed, but this is something I could definitely see myself doing)
Oh, I was most definitely embarrassed!! My mom goes out of her way to embarrass me and after she does she usually says, "Yeah, just wait until you have your own kids one day. Then you can embarrass them all you want. "

I'm sure you'll have lot's of fun!

Hi there! Thanks for the writeup, it sounds like you had a great time.

It's awesome that she signed things. What was on sale? I'm wondering if I'll be able to buy the album or something there, or if I'll have to bring something to get signed.

Also, did anyone say anything about a sheet music book going on sale? She's had one for every album so far, but I'm nervous Liberman won't get one.
From what I can remember, there was the Liberman album, ROTR album and vinyl, the new t-shirt and hoodie, the t-shirt with Victor on it, and maaaybe the ROTR sheet music. You will probably be able to buy something there, but you could also bring something if you wanted to. The lady selling things said there were not many hoodies left. I don't know if she meant just for the one show or for the rest of the tour.

Here are some pictures from this show. Sorry about the quality!

Thanks for the review! Glad you had an awesome time. Your mom sounds adorable.
Haha, my mom can be quite interesting at times. She did a few other things that night...

When Vanessa came out the front doors before the show, my mom kept saying, "It's her! That was her! That was her!!"
And then during the opener, there was a strange rattling noise between songs and my mom loud enough for people to hear, "That was my stomach."


Live Shows / 11/04/15 Minneapolis MN - The Cedar Cultural Center (Review)
« on: November 04, 2015, 10:48:59 pm »
Wow! That was a trip!

Well, I suppose I should start from the beginning. While everyone was waiting in line outside the venue, Vanessa randomly walked out the front doors and down the street. I have no idea where she was going, but she looked like she was on a mission!

The show was A-MAZ-ING! I really love the new album and the way the show was played.

The set list was:
Carousel (With Learning to Fly intro)
Tall Tales for Spring
White Houses
Take it Easy
House of Seven Swords
Nothing Where Something Used to Be
Blue Pool
A Thousand Miles
I Don't Want To Be A Bride
Get Good
The Marching Line

I got a front row seat!! The opener was a singer/guitarist named Joshua Hyslop. According to Vanessa his last name is high slope in Scottish. He was very good, I really liked his song Hallelujah.

When Vanessa and Skye first walked out on stage, Vanessa said she won't tell Skye what is in the cup that she was drinking out of. Later in the show Vanessa said, "I'll never tell you what's in this cup..... It's red wine."

During Carousel, a few people clapped at the bridge and Skye smirked at them.

Before Vanessa played White Houses she told a story about how the song made a rift between her and her brother's relationship because of the bridge and the coming of age story. Vanessa said the song is ambiguous. Then Skye said, "It's not ambiguous." She told her brother that the she had a co-writer for the song and she "didn't write that part"

Vanessa said she wrote the House of seven Swords for her brother because he was graduating and didn't know what direction to take in life.

She told a story about how she visited her friend in Mexico where it's hard to get Peyote because people have to bring it down from the mountains. She said this made her realized she wanted to create an album like Lieberman. She wanted to make an album that if you were to have Peyote and listen to the album it would not disturb the flow of the Peyote. "Not that you have to eat Peyote to enjoy the album though."  :P

She also told a story about how the album was named. Her grandfather was a clothes designer and decided that woman would buy clothes form him if he had a less ethnic name, so he changed his last named to Lee. His clothing business didn't work out so he became an painter. His painting style was classical but with lots of vibrant colors. She has one of his painting on the wall that she looks at when she plays piano. Vanessa said her grandmother would not give any of his painting to anyone. The picture Vanessa has is of a woman painted three different ways, "That woman was my grandpas muse, she is not my grandmother. That is why she gave me that painting."  :D

After she played Willows, the song was being played quietly on the speaker for some reason. Vanessa said, "Wait is there a song playing? Does anyone else here that? Wait, that's my song! Oh well I'll just talk over it."

Through-out the show there was this strange rumbling/rattling noise that no one knew where it was coming from. During A Thousand Miles the rattling noise happened and Vanessa stop playing and asked, "Is that a motorcycle?" and then continued playing.

There was no encore between the last two songs. Vanessa said that her and Skye will just hangout instead.

She signed things after the show. I got the new t-shirt and sweater. While I was waiting in line I saw a set-list on the stage, but was too afraid to ask if I could have it. Someone else got it instead. I got a shirt signed. My mom also got something signed after me. My mom told Vanessa that we "Follow her around." Vanessa turned to me, gave me a thumbs up, and said "Good!"

This was a very cool experience. This was definitely my favorite show that I have been to...(Third times a charm!)

I have pictures but I will have to post them later.

Live Shows / 11/04/15 Minneapolis MN - The Cedar Cultural Center
« on: November 01, 2015, 04:15:58 pm »
I know this show is only three days away, but is anyone going to this show? Anybody, anybody? I would have posted this sooner but I had noooo time!! (I haven't even had time to listen to the album yet... Thanks college...) Anyway, I'm really excited for this show, I only have to drive an hour instead of six+ hours!

Live Shows / Re: 11/27 - city winery - chicago (review)
« on: November 28, 2013, 03:43:40 pm »
The show was amazing! It was the best show I've been to, but I've only been to two, so... It doesn't really count. I hadn't listened to any of the new songs prior to the show and I have to say, HOLY - THEY'RE AMAZING!!! I love the Willows so much! It was worth the wait to hear them in person.

I got pretty good, clear audio of the whole show. Except, Take it Easy has the lovely sound of someone pouring water at the beginning :P These are the audio for the new songs:

House of 7 Swords:

Take it Easy:


Unlock the Lock:

Live Shows / Re: 11/27 - city winery - chicago (review)
« on: November 27, 2013, 07:01:43 pm »
Birdcloud was interesting. Hahaa.
Very interesting  :P

Live Shows / Re: 11/27 - City Winery - Chicago, IL
« on: November 27, 2013, 05:07:43 am »
I'll be there too  :)

that's what i thought. not that he got too close to her, but that she was like afraid of going out because of his psychological torture on her. everyone please report him.

the only area i saw to report him said "report as spam" so i clicked on it but all it did was block him.  does that actually report him?

i think it does. that's what happened to me too.

There is a report tweet option that lets you report an abusive tweet and user. The option also allows you to add more than one tweet that the abusive person sent.

Going to the Chicago date. Love that shirt MUST buy one!
I'm going to the Chicago date too. It's a 7 1/2 hour drive for me but, hey, it's better than a thousand.  ;)

I might be able to go to the Chicago show. Hopefully.

My ear finally popped yesterday, @realworldstudios

Nice ta meecha Chad! You and ur new amigo sounded really good :) @rhcpchad

@medic0803 Radical. Was nice to meet you too! I remember. Everything. Always. xoxo
Vanessa tweeted one of us!

Manny‏@medic080320 Mar
Sending some love to @VanessaCarlton from guatemala! Got this little rabbit in ink after I met ya!!

Retweeted by Vanessa Carlton  
That guy looks familiar  ;D

Thank you Starz. U've proven that I'm Still Here with Joaquin Phoenix has stood the test of time. It's so god damn good and hilarious.

To build a shantie like a boy scout.

Wait. What.

There's a lot!  :D The last two are the most recent.

Anna Karenina is amazing. Sick veils.

Saw a solid chat w/ Lena Dunham on Sunday Morning w/ my mom, who yelled "Ugh! So courageous! And her mother is an artist!" at high volume.

This article is great. The Male Bond.  Nytimes magazine today.

This stuff is dead right. My collection grows. Got the duvet @ love adorned. Can't wait to go to bed. @youre_upstate

This shit is right. Finessa Carlton's 1000 Scripts. (Thanks Ryan, I never would have known!) … @_feebzz_

The wedge sneaker upsets me.

No doubt Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid is a good song but now the jamaican lobster man's voice won't stop.

Figured out the cure to Under the Sea brain worm. Watch Life of Pi.

Zebras always overreact.

I want Neil Young's Sign of Love to play over and over. From the Le Noise album.

I've just put together that the wife in Independence Day is the wife in Donnie Darko. I'm obsessed with her.

I dig a ring that's actually just a really really tiny necklace.

Wondrous Bughouse! Youth Lagoon :) …]

You know you're in your thirties when gettin a new juicer feels like a Hannukah Christmas explosion.

Favorite band I saw at SXSW this year: EAGULLS

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Leeds boys : )

Chris Black‏@donetodeath18 Mar
“If you get paid for being crazy, if you can get paid for running amok . . . I call that sane.” - Hunter S. Thompson

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Senator Joe Manchin‏@Sen_JoeManchin10h
Looking forward 2 celebrating music education in #WV w Shepherdstown Middle School's jazz ensemble  @VanessaCarlton @RHCPchad @bw51official

Retweeted by Vanessa Carlton

Proud to support @vh1savethemusic tomorrow in DC. The kid and his song! It's everything:) Bringin my 1st piano teacher too, Heidi Carlton xo[/quote

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