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Doing tracy anderson to Dead Kennedys is great.

What are they lookin at? I don't know but I hope they find it while I'm away.

Readin this lovely Madame. And really dig the ode to Eloise drawings she does. Good stuff

Man, he'd make such a sick album cover. We Were Partyin At The Lake And This Girl Starts Freakin Out … @waynewhitedoc

What the fuck is alt-country?! Hows it differnt frm rock in the 70's! Do people get confused by slide guitars?In othr news the swan is back.


I just saw that tweet too someone on twitter thinks that the Blonde is Julia but I don't think it is. Kulp I looked for vids on you tube but didn't find anything
The person in the picture has a beard, so I don't think it's Julia. I think it's the man in the picture above playing the guitar.
lol!! i think she means the pic that Julia posted, this one and no, thats not Julia Stiles for sure. lol
That is the picture I was talking about  :D To me, that person in the picture looks like the man in the band.

Vanessa re-tweeted this :

Julia Stiles‏@MissJuliaStiles
Vagina monologues? #deertick
Retweeted by Vanessa Carlton

@VanessaCarlton I'm looking for a vinyl of Rabbits on the Run but i found nothing. Where can i buy it? wonderful record of urs

@ryanrubia Thanks! Not sure. We ran out and gotta press more. Maybe amazon? I have ten copies in my laundry room.

Not sure how this guy is sleeping so soundly cuz his heads smells like a dead animal.

This makes me a judgmental asshole but im bummed that Beck is a scientologist. I like Modern Guilt an then i think of all that weird shit.

Sometimes ur computer gets in ur face about shit. Begrudgingly u update iTunes. Old purchases come back 2 u, like Beirut's Nantes. Winner.

Well the darkness was interesting. Ive always liked F Lawrence's I am Legend & I finally got to b in it. Can confirm no zombies in area. Win


I am unable to get the pic on here, but it looks like some sort of recording equipment. anybody know exactly what?
It's a soundboard.

Cabbie is blasting Man in the mirror while en route home frm tennis legends dinnr. Billie jean king & chris evert slayed w speeches. Nyc♥

My radiator of a laptop has led me 2 Kimya Dawson @mrskimyadawson Ill retweak her lovely song. I tink i remembr chirpin those words in SF

kimya dawson‏@mrskimyadawson
Free DL of my song 'Moving On'  w/ @respektor on piano & backing vocals by @VanessaCarlton, The Baby Skins, & my mother!

Is that a heart w a bunch of veins or a duck, mmmmphh 

Here on a Shaytards vlog: From the start to about just over 1:00. Interesting story...  :D

I know how you feel, during the Harmonium era she did 3 shows in my state, and one of those shows was less than 10 minutes away from my house :'( But I was 15 when I got to go to my first show last October (It's almost been a year already?!?)  Anyway I'm 16 now and have my license. Hopefully I will be able to go to a show by myself or with some friends.

Incredible georgia o'keeffe. Oil/canvas 1930-looks like a song-& she says the coolst thing about it.

Early morning zombie walk thru airport but this woke me up a lil. Legend meets this dude.

Just rode 2 roller coasters and a freefall. Still, its not like when I'm dreaming. There is no free fall like that kind.

Beamin w pride 4 my cousin/headmaster John Austin. Check new Town & Country.King's=quality frontier 

I have a ghost cat that turns my neat balls of string in2 nests in middle of the night. Currrrious.

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