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Creative Endeavors / A Thousand Miles Cover
« on: December 20, 2007, 09:21:41 pm »
This is an "A Thousand Miles" cover by a band that I found their video on youtube. I like it a lot, I just want to know what other people think.


Lol, it's pretty great, I think.

Their band is called "Changing Directions" I think.

I noticed some things in the sheet music that weren't covering ALL the notes Vanessa played, if it's helpful to all of you who want to play the small little tidbits in between that the sheet music left out.
After the second repeated chorus, before she goes back to playing the intro, she plays 'F' and 'G' (above middle C) in an octave on the right hand.
She does the same thing after the instrumental chorus.

For Fools Like Me, in the sheet music for the bridge, it only gives you the basic notes for both hands, but she sort of plays the singing melody in her right hand, if you've noticed. I'll write that when I'm at the piano. One moment...

Polls / Post-Checking
« on: December 05, 2007, 06:35:52 pm »
I was just extremely curious if everyone checked all the topics so none of the "unicorns are green" or not.

Creative Endeavors / Watch Her
« on: December 05, 2007, 06:22:04 pm »
Here's a song that I wrote that I am proud of the lyrics and piano arrangement I have almost completed.

Watch Her
Verse 1:
She hides her emotions so it doesn't hurt
For the ones around her weren't what it's worth
She puts her smiles on in vain
It means nothing, yet she carries it through the day
The on in whom she puts her love and grace
Shrugs her off, slams the door in her face
And she just needs a place to give up and cry
She just needs arms to hold her
To hold her through her fear
If it doesn't last forever
You're her only hope, and
She loves you more than you would know
And you just stand back, and
First Chorus Ending
Watch her fall to her knees
Verse 2:
She watches you from a distand place
So it all doesn't blow up in her face
She brings her laughs up in vain
Even though her day is bleak and grey
Without your love she just can't go on
**Repeat Piano Bars of First Stanza**
Chorus Repeat
Second Chorus Ending:
Watch her fall to pieces
I place my words carefully
I take my steps gracefully
Every now and then I fall in the dirt
Everyday it will always hurt
If only life could give back that love
Though this isn't rock bottom
Chorus Repeat
Third Chorus Ending
Watch her fall to nothing

Watch her fall into your arms.

That's my song. Definately not the first song I wrote. Haha, if you read the first song I wrote, you would be laughing your head off because I was nine when I wrote my first song. I recorded it on a tape recorder and everything. I laugh everytime I listen to the recording.

Back on the subject...
To describe my songs that I've written so far, I think most of them are like, darker songs with a small ray of hope written into them. So if you like that kind of poetry, then you might actually like my creations. :D
If I get good feedback on this one, I'll post some other songs I've written.

Completely Off-Topic / My Aunt is Getting Married!
« on: December 04, 2007, 08:26:15 am »
One of my two Aunts are getting married (The other one is already married), and she wants me to play piano at her wedding!
I'm so happy, but I don't know if she wants me to play a specific song, or choose myself within a select few appropriate songs.
If I do have to choose myself, I'm not sure which one to play. Any suggestions?

Eheehee, if she has a baby, I will have my very first cousin!
I have second cousins, but no just COUSIN cousins.
I am SO happy!

Entertainment - Movies / TV / Books / Stargate Atlantis
« on: November 24, 2007, 04:50:40 pm »
I was wondering if anyone here watched it and loved it like I do! It's my all-time favorite show. I took a BUNCH of personality tests on the internet.
If you do watch it, who's your favorite character?

Creative Endeavors / Piano Players: Advice Please?
« on: October 26, 2007, 10:18:09 am »
Okay, so this question is directed at the piano players who make their own songs on piano. I was just wondering the different ways how you get started on your songs. Because I have like, 12 songs that I'm extremely proud of, but only three of them I have piano for.
Do you hear the song in your head and play it on piano?
Do you just pick a random note and see where it goes from there?

I'm not sure how to shape my technique for that, so if I could hear others' techniques, try them, and shape my own technique around mixing and changing what works for me, that would be so helpful.

Vanessa Songs / Lyrics / Sheet Music / Working On "More Than This"
« on: October 25, 2007, 06:37:37 am »
Yes, but I do need some stuff that I'm not sure is out there. For one, I'll probably need a video of Vanessa singing it live, but I'm not sure she's done so yet, so that's not absolutely mandatory. Secondly, I have never made sheet music before, so maybe someone can explain to me how to do that using Adobe Reader? Maybe just a slight tutorial-like thing, they could message me or something, seeing as that isn't fit for the boards, because it's a one on one conversation.
I wouldn't ask for these two things if I didn't think I could figure out the whole song, because I am quite positive I can now. I have never figured out a song by ear before, making me think I was quite incapable of doing so, but trying this has made me trust I can. If you are wondering about my progress, I shall tell you. Although I'm not that far quite yet seeing as how I didn't start working on it again since this morning.
I have the intro (Something is missing but I have the main idea and it's not absolutely important, if someone can figure it out, great), and the first verse for sure, I just need to have a definate on the "I'll never need more than this" part, but I think I have the basic idea around that. Aren't you all excited? I am..I love that song.  :D

Introduce Yourself / Lurker Who Just Signed Up!
« on: October 20, 2007, 10:56:15 am »
Haha, I used to look at everything on this website, so I decided maybe I'd better sign up. I'm not so good at describing me in a nutshell, so maybe people would like to ask questions?

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