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that's the only song i skip over on the cd..i dunno if it's just me, but something about that song sounds little kiddish & it drives me nuts lol. the music, lyrics, just everything i guess.

just my opinion.

so of course i had to post about her lol

She's really talented for someone at such a young age. Her piano skills are amazing & her voice sounds mature for her age. I would say she should go on America's Got Talent, but I think she's too good for that show (whatever happened to Bianca Ryan? exactly). She got to play at a BMI music label event so that's a start.

I found her through the artist a Fine Frenzy page, & she also has Matthew Jordan on her top friends which I thought was pretty cool (most of you know who he is).

Who You Really Are is my favorite song:  

^the name says fans at the end, but it's run by her & her parents, there must have been someone with jessicalombard as a url name

Other Musicians / Aqua (reuniting!)
« on: October 24, 2007, 08:36:29 pm »
Surprised there isn't a thread for them because there's a thread for almost every other 90's artist or group. But man, first the spice girls, the backstreet boys have a new cd out this next Tuesday, now Aqua! Just found out from that they are reuniting. they have a greatest hits cd coming out with new songs on it, and also a European tour planned. nothing about a US one yet, but hopefully! or at least some talk show promotion here.

Completely Off-Topic / southern california is on fire. almost every city.
« on: October 22, 2007, 03:03:26 pm »
from what i know, Malibu started yesterday, then the OC, irvine, san diego, the san fernando valley, san marcos, fallbrook, fontana, and country canyon. the fallbrook one is about 20-25 mins from me. Seems like my town is the only one thats not too affected, its just REALLY freaking windy here! looks like a storm outside.

Everyone in so cal okay??? hopefully it doesn't get windier tonight cuz i have class tonight. at least i think, my schools site is down for some reason.

just wanted someone to confirm this for me. im asking her to help with an invisible children project (she mentioned it in her bulletin today) so i just wanted to make sure its really her & not someone screwing with us lol.

edit: k since you guys all say its really her, i my reply a few responses down :)

Other Musicians / Tose Proeski (RIP) :(
« on: October 18, 2007, 07:55:21 pm »
unfortunately, he died 3 days ago in a car accident  :cry: its a shame i didnt find out about him sooner, cuz his cover of feeling good is INCREDIBLE. AMAZING. i cannot stop listening to it.

please check it out  

RIP Tose:(

Polls / britney spears or the backstreet boys (read before voting)
« on: October 15, 2007, 11:52:29 pm »
please no wisecrack remarks on either go in their threads if you wanna bash them..both of their comeback cd's come out the same day (october 30th). if you HAD to buy one, just out of curiosity, which one would you buy?

a lot of bsb fans are freaking out cuz britneys label moved her cd to the same release date as theirs. but i dont think anyone would buy her cd cuz shes so messed up.

& if no one wants to admit they picked either, its fine you dont have to say anything just vote.

just letting you guys know. they are probably testing those as singles, cuz is a site where people rate music incase you didnt know.

I think both would make good singles.

Other Musicians / leona lewis (xfactor winner)
« on: October 10, 2007, 02:47:58 pm »
She's a little bit piano driven so you guys might like her. She's like Mariah mixed in with Alicia Keys. You might not be able to compare her to Mariah just from hearing her debut single Bleeding Love, but watch the videos to the left (scroll down a little) on her official myspace from xfactor & you might be able to. Especially Summertime.

If you don't know who she is, she was the winner of simon cowell's the x-factor earlier this year..or maybe last year? I forget, you British people should be able to tell me lol. It's basically the British version of American Idol except anyone can try out..can be in groups, and age doesn't matter. She has a single out called "bleeding love" & its absolutely amazing, and really refreshing. Check it out:

Entertainment - Movies / TV / Books / Babel (with Brad Pitt)
« on: September 21, 2007, 11:44:30 pm »
My roomate invited me to watch it with her the other night & I wasn't interested in watching it, but I wanted to hang out with her since we never do   and I ended up REALLY liking this movie. I'm not a Brad Pitt fan or anything, but it was an amazing movie. Sad, but amazing. I think it's based off true events. I was so tired, but I couldn't stop watching it, it was that good.

The officers in the movie pissed me off though.

FAQ / Board Issues / why doesnt the official vc posts get updated anymore?
« on: September 11, 2007, 05:11:29 pm »
even if its only on her myspace.. i dont feel like checking the official board and her myspace cuz i never have time, it would just be nice if they were posted here. why did it stop all of a sudden a while ago?

Completely Off-Topic / a cross just appeared in 1 of my pics
« on: September 03, 2007, 10:46:55 pm »
yes, I am freaking out to say the least..I would be very happy if someone can explain this. it's like a cross made out of light, this is too weird. for those who know me, you know I don't have photoshop since I always ask for sigs & avs. So I swear to God that it wasn't photoshopped in. & for future reference it was night time & i didn't even use the flash.. just had my light on. & i dont have any crosses in my room for it to be a reflection:

read this... you probably won't look at him on Idol the same. I wasn't sure where to put this since this isn't about Idol, or one particular show so I hope this is okay to put here.

I always knew he had a sweet side to him, but now you guys do too :)

2 September 2007
EXCLUSIVE X-Factor judge makes a brave girl fan's dream come true... and the show's sexiest ever line-up Caring Simon agrees to wed dying teenager
By Emma Donnan

X Factor judge Simon Cowell granted a dying girl's last wish - by agreeing to MARRY her.

Brave Susannah O'Cansey, 18, had cheekily proposed to Simon when she appeared on his This Is Your Life show.

Weeks later her muscle-wasting disease took a turn for the worst.

When he heard the news, caring Simon shed his Mr Nasty image - and rang her in hospital to say Yes.

Her mum Agatha, 51, said: "Simon was wonderful. He made Susannah's dream come true."

Susannah first met Simon, 47, when he visited CHASE children's hospice in Artington, Surrey, to hand out Christmas presents.

She had been a patient there for four years with Devics syndrome, which is similar to MS. Mum Agatha said: "She a fighter. Despite her joints and her sight deteriorating, she stayed on at school and did her GCSEs. There was a spark between her and Simon. They were both as cheeky as each other.

"She loved X Factor and he invited her to be a guest judge on the panel for the next series."

Susannah made such an impression that she was also asked onto This Is Your Life on ITV in May. TV millions were reduced to tears by her bubbly personality as she popped the question to Simon.

Agatha, of Mitcham, south London, continued: "She was always joking.

She was a real laugh."

When Susannah was critically ill with inflammation of the brain, Simon called to accept her proposal - on condition she got well.

Agatha added: "Simon was so kind. He called her even when she was in intensive care and barely conscious. I'm sure she knew."

After Susannah died, Simon wrote a touching note to her. It read: "The only girl I ever asked to marry me. I will miss you so much. All my love, Simon. X" Simon has been with girlfriend Terri Seymour five years but says they will never wed.

He told The People: "In spite of her problems, Susannah never complained. She always had a sunny smile. She was full of life. I feel privileged to have known her."

Completely Off-Topic / For all the old school nessaholic fans
« on: August 30, 2007, 08:57:58 pm »
where are you guys??? nicole, tricia, brian, bvulture kevin, si, aleera, holly, who else am i missing?

newbies are taking over, i'm skurred lol

Other Musicians / Brea (piano driven)
« on: August 22, 2007, 11:04:35 pm »

she's awesome, I can't stop listening to It's Alright, which is currently my profile song. And If Im Not Here is a really good song too. Looove her music.

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