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i cant do anything
i keep on getting this...
General Error:

Divasteph got the same error a while back.
Dunno if it was ever resolved or not.

Ref: http://forum.nessaholics.com/viewtopic.php?t=782

steph needed to use IE instead of the AOL Browser to have things work properly.

what browser kulp?

he uses the AOL browser too with full parental locks to boot.

his post about it on the OBoard

Kulp, this is absolutely NOT a problem with the forums.  This is a problem with AOL and how they do proxy surfing through their numerous web caches.  I've tweaked the session code to only validate the first two octets as opposed to the entire IP.  Please let me know if that helps.

You can read up on AOL web caches here

In addition to that, thre is an entire thread here on the phpBB forums discussing what a problem this is with AOL.

I don't feel comfortable completely removing the ip source validation as it then becomes a security risk for all the other users.  In addition, completely altering all the code to add in the IP ranges for AOL proxies, is a lot of work and quite a pain.



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