Author Topic: [Ok! Mag] Vacationing with Vanessa Carlton  (Read 6444 times)


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[Ok! Mag] Vacationing with Vanessa Carlton
« Reply #15 on: August 23, 2008, 11:07:26 am »
I have to agree with B.  She was out way too long with out a hit record and simply said "forgotten".  She had two major hits, came with a followup record that was classic and her label just put her on back burner for the money makers of the label.  If Harmonium did better or produced even one hit, it would have not been as hard to come back.  I also agree with Brian in that "Private Radio" should of been a top 10 hit for Harmonium.  Radio should of eaten that up.  In the end that is what fans are for.  To encourage her and to make her feel appreciated in this tough and cut throat business that is 100% Dollar Driven.  I always had mixed feelings about the IRV issue even though some had some high hopes.  He was also trying to make a comeback and so she was already on a sinking ship.  I thought it would get her some publicity but it just really did not work.  I hope this next album she just has that one hit to really just put her back in the spotlight.  Unfortunately she will just have to make some of her music a little more radio friendly.  Even though I don't agree with that, for I think you should always keep your music true to yourself, it might be what she HAS to do from just being a one hit wonder.

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