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« on: July 14, 2008, 07:04:03 pm »

 (INT. to a conference room where a medical lecture is taking place. Camera shows three women sitting together. Suddenly, all of their pagers start beeping. They say quiet apologies and rush out of the room)

 (Outside the room)

 Blond doctor: I want to personally thank the poor dying patient who got me out of that stupid lecture. (all still walking)

 Dark Brunette: Yeah… although I did ask McKenzie if he could possibly get me out of that place with a fake page.

 Light Brunette: Do you really think he’d do that?

 DB: Sure.  I mean…he wants us to like him, right? (entering room) Oh… hi, Dr. McKenzie.  (Arrive in room (lounge) with McKenzie in it and another man too.)

McKenzie: Hello, ladies. This here is Dr. Marc Mathews. He will be assisting us from now on. This is Dr. Kristyn Jones (blond), Dr. Phoebe Fields (dark brunette) and Dr. Olivia Lane (light brunette). Make him feel welcome. Jones, there is a case for you in exam room five.

 Jones: Joy…(sarcastically. She leaves.)

  McKenzie: And Lane, there is a case for you downstairs. (takes a file and leaves). Fields! You get the special job of showing Mathews around this know…how we do thangs ‘round here! (failed attempt #1 to be funny. Trying to act cool in an embarrassing dad way. Clears his throat)  Good day. (leaves. There is a moment of silence between Mathews and Fields)

 Fields: So…I guess just follow me. The lunchroom is on floor two, er…you’re a cardiac specialist? Your section is… (interrupted by Mathews)

 Mathews: Thanks. I’ll figure it out. So… Fields, right? (she nods) Are you single? (her jaw drops)

 Fields: Are you trying to make a good impression or something?

 Mathews: Maybe. And it works most of the time.

 Fields: Well, not this time. I’ll walk away. And, if you do need me for any job related reason, I’ll be in obstetrics. (Walks away. He starts laughing)

 Mathews: (to himself) She wants me.

 (Opens to Jones in the patient’s room. She’s sitting on a chair facing the patient’s bed.)

 Jones: So…Evan Waters…what brings you to the place where most of the people die anyway? (Parents look confused)

 Evan: I started shaking a lot and I felt sick.

 Jones: Sounds like a seizure to me. How old is he?

 Mrs. Waters: Seven years old. I don’t know what provoked it… the seizure… he was just doing his homework…there weren’t any flashing lights or anything.

 Mr. Waters: Well…it wasn’t a real seizure…just a lot of twitching.

 Mrs. Waters: No honey, it was a seizure. Why else would he do that?

 Jones: It’s a natural reaction for some people when they slip under into unconsciousness. Was he breathing?

 Mr. Waters: Er…I don’t think so. (looks at his wife) Was he?

 Mrs. Waters: No. That’s why we called an ambulance.

 Jones: Okay, then. We will get an MRI to see what’s screwing with your son’s consciousness. (boy falls back and starts twitching) And, apparently it’s reoccurring. Nurse! (the boy is twitching again, as nurses rush in to help. **Black Out/Commercial)

 (Opens to Lane with a patient and her husband)

 Lane: Okay…Mrs. Johnson. What seems to be the problem here?

Mrs. Johnson: Please! Call me Nicole. (Smiles).

 Husband: You look awfully young to be a certified doctor.

 Nicole: Ron!

 Lane: I actually just graduated recently, but I assure you that you have nothing to worry about. They wouldn’t have hired me if I wasn’t good enough, right?

 Ron: Good answer. (Smiles) I just want the best for my baby. (looks at Nicole)

 Nicole: I’ve been feeling…sick. (Laughs) Nauseous, tired all the time, and it burns… when I pee… down there (looks down to indicate what she means) But I don’t have a fever or anything and it has been like this for the last several weeks. I didn’t come in… thinking it was just the flu, and just took some antibiotics. But this is ridiculous.

 Lane: Have you found that there is any unusual vaginal discharge?

 Nicole: Well-  (interrupted by the sound of Ron’s cell phone)

 Ron: Sorry, sweetie. It’s work, got to take this.

 Nicole: It’s fine. (he leaves.)

 Lane: Anyway… (studying file)

 Nicole: I cheated. (Lane looks at her, surprised. Nicole is talking quickly) I know. Happy couple, married for 20 long years. He knows our marriage is dying. (shaking her head)  He’s in denial. So here it is: guy at work, sex and a lie to my husband. I swear, it was a one time thing. And he did it too, nine years ago… Please, just tell me what’s wrong, don’t say anything to Ron. I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with what I did…

 Lane: You don’t need to prove anything to me. I’ll just run some tests and find out what’s wrong. The vaginal burning, though, sounds like an STD to me. (Lane gets syringes and Nicole sighs and puts her head back onto the bed.)  

 Nicole: An STD, as in sexually transmitted disease? Seriously? Oh my God, how will I explain this to Ron?

 Lane: Um… (trails off)

 Nicole: Just give me something to say to him! Anything!

Lane: This isn’t really my place to say anything… I’ll just finish up here and leave. I’m sorry… (can’t think of anything else to say)

 (Opens to Lane and Fields getting lunch in the lunchroom. Just finishing at the cash register)

 Lane: I’m telling you…I totally froze in front of a patient. It’s hard to be a people-person.

 Fields: What did she want you to do again?

 Lane: Give her some reason for her STD to tell her husband…instead of you know, sex!

 Fields: I don’t suppose the husband could’ve given it to her?

 Lane: Nope. She cheated, and she wants me to give her an excuse for whatever she has. Not fair… I have my own problems.  (both sit down at a table. Then they are joined by Jones)

 Jones: Hey, I have this patient, and his parents argue about every little detail about his seizure. It’s pretty funny to watch. I stayed there an extra ten minutes just to watch it. (laughing)

 Lane: How did you do that?

 Jones: I pretended to look at the kid’s files. Did you know he’s broken his arm three times in his little life time?
 Fields: That can’t be healthy.

 Lane: (ignoring their topic and changing the subject) Where can you get an STD from?

 Jones: Oh, I know this one…uh…sex? (looking at Lane like she’s an idiot)

 Lane: Ugh!

 Jones: Why? Or do I really want to know? (Lane shrugs and Jones doesn’t care anymore. All eating their lunch)

 Fields: You know the new guy, Mathews? Okay, I was supposed to show him around the hospital; where everything is. But then he tells me he’ll figure it out, then he asks me if I’m single!

 Lane: Seriously?

 Jones: What an ass.

 Fields: I know, and I’ve only known him for what, not even a day? God, and we have to work with him for who knows how long. (Jones’ pager goes off).

 Jones: Got to take this one. It’s the kid again. (smiles). Time to see the parents battle it out again. (leaves. Lane turns to Fields)

 Lane: If he asks you out, are you going to say yes?

 Fields: I don’t know… he probably just likes me because I’m hot. Lane, he’s one of those guys, if you know what I mean.

 Lane: I guess… but you never know.

 Fields: (her beeper goes off)  Sorry, I should go too. Patients to treat, (mumbles) people to avoid. (Lane laughs and Fields leaves.)

 (Opens to Jones rushing into Evan’s room. His parents are terrified and Evan is clutching his stomach and screaming in pain.)

 Jones: Evan! Evan! (trying to get his attention) Look at me and tell me what’s wrong.

Evan: It hurts! My stomach! Mommy, why does it hurt so much?

 Mrs.  Waters: Evan, it’s okay. Just stay calm and listen to the doctor. (Evan starts seizing again and the nurses enter)

 Jones: Push 12 milligrams ativan and prep him for surgery.

 Mrs. Waters: What’s wrong with him?

 Jones: At this point…no idea.  (Blackout/ Commercial)

 (Opens to Jones sitting in the lounge, thinking. Mathews enters)

 Mathews: Hey…uh…what’s your name?

 Jones: I wonder how long it would take you to guess it.

 Mathews: You don’t have to be so rude. PMS lately?

 Jones: Shut up. I’m trying to save someone’s life. Why don’t you leave and go hit on Fields? Or better yet, go hit on a patient and get your ass kicked right out of this hospital.

 Mathews: I’d rather go to Fields.  So she told you about that? She must really like me, then.

 Jones: Yeah. Like to strangle you. (He laughs and sits down) What are you doing? Don’t sit here, you’ll contaminate it with all your idiot-ness.

 Mathews:  (sarcastically) Good one. (changes his expression) Let’s be friends. I’ll help you figure this case out and you tell me about Fields.

 Jones: (thinks) Deal. Okay, I go first. This seven year old kid had a seizure at his house and they are reoccurring. His MRI came back showing a tumor in his brain and I removed
it. So then his stomach starts to digest itself. What the hell? His MRI was clean except for that one tumor. Unless… (she gets up quickly) Don’t you love it when you answer your own question? Gives you a real reason to be full of yourself. (leaves the room)

 Mathews: (shouting after her) Hey! What about me?

 (Opens to Jones in the lab. She is there with another doctor that we’ll just call “doctor”)

 Doctor: What do you see?

 Jones: Metasis. Looks like his tumor spread, except they were too small to show up on the first MRI. Get him in there, now.

 Doctor: Are you going to say please?

 Jones: Do I ever say please?  (Doctor rolls his eyes and leaves)

  (Opens to Evan in the MRI machine. He is fidgeting and looks really bored. Jones is in the other room with an MRI technician.)

 Jones: (through the microphone) Evan, can you stop moving for like, one second, please?

 Evan: Sorry.

 Jones: (looking at the images of his brain) Yup… there they are. Chances are there are more smaller ones.

 MRI Tech: Some look inoperable.

 Jones: Not for me…  (Jones walks out of the room)

 (Opens to Jones in Evan’s room with his parents and she has his new MRI results. Evan is sleeping.)

 Jones: Okay, here’s the deal. On Evan’s first MRI the one mass we saw was in the part of the brain that controls consciousness and we removed that one. The stomach pains were his stomach trying to digest itself, caused by lack of mucus in the lining, which was caused by another tumor. Your son has tumor metasis. It spread quickly, and we didn’t see it on the MRI because it was very small. According to the newest MRI, there are more than two, and it’s only going to get worse.

 Mrs. Waters: Is he going to…die? (starts crying)

 Jones: We’ll have to wait and see. I need you to consent to your son’s brain surgery for the tumors we do see.

 Mr. Waters: Brain surgery is awfully…big…

 Mrs. Waters: But he could die either way.

 Jones: Just the tumors haven’t had any effect…yet. And it’s a guarantee that he’ll die with all the growths in his brain, but surgery is almost definite.  (Evan wakes up.)

 Evan: Mommy? Daddy? Where am I? Why am I in a hospital?

 Mrs. Waters: Evan, don’t be silly. Remember, (looking scared) you…you had a seizure?

 Evan: What’s a seizure? I’m going to be late for school… Mommy… what’s going on?

 Mr. Waters: What’s wrong? Why is he doing this?

 Jones: The tumors must have reached his short term memory. You need to make a decision; the tumors are really taking effect on his brain.

 (Opens to Lane opening the door to McKenzie’s office. He is sitting in a chair at a big desk.)

 Lane: Dr. McKenzie?

 McKenzie: Yes, yes! Come in! What is it, Dr. Lane?

 Lane: I have a problem, and I was wondering if I could have some advice.

 McKenzie: (looks really happy) Of course! Lane…Olivia… you can always come to me. I am a listener. (points to his head with a pen)

 Lane: Okay. Well, I was with this patient who cheated on her husband, and she has an STD… she came in this morning at about ten.

 McKenzie: Was it Nicole? (Lane nods) Really? It doesn’t seem like her to do that… she’s been our patient for years. Anyway, sorry, go on.

 Lane: Well, she doesn’t want to tell Ron, so she wanted to me give her another reason for her STD, but you see-

 McKenzie: Why can’t she just treat it if she is uncomfortable discussing it? What is it, syphilis?

 Lane: Uh…yeah. And…she is positive for HIV and pregnancy.

 McKenzie: Oh. (thinks for a moment) Then you have to tell her it’s her decision. HIV isn’t curable. And a baby…well is a baby. You shouldn’t get in the middle of this.

 Lane: That’s what I thought… thank you.  

 McKenzie: How’s Mathews doing for his first day?

 Lane: Uh… he’s doing fine. Really gets along with everyone! (turns around and mumbles) Except, you know, the people he works with… (BLACK OUT/COMMERCIAL!!)

  (Opens to Jones walking quickly down a hallway. Mathews appears from around the corner behind her and rushes to catch up to her)

 Mathews: We had a deal. Tell me about her.

 Jones: Mathews? Kind of busy…you know…kid waiting for brain surgery.

 Mathews: Just tell me something.

 Jones: Go away. (he still follows)

 Mathews: What’s her favorite color?

 Jones: (sighs) Her favorite color is pink… uh… she’s a dancer and her dad died when she was seventeen. Okay? Goodbye. (she walks away and Mathews stops.)

 Mathews: Died? Great, thanks. I’m sure that makes excellent conversation. (sarcastically)

 Jones: (from distance) Whatever.

 (Opens to Jones operating on Evan.)

 Jones: God, they’re everywhere.

 Nurse: He doesn’t stand a chance.

 Jones: And you would? You can at least show a bit of support even though he may not make it, ‘Kay? (nurse nervously nods and turns away.) Okay… I got all the tumor I could see, although chances are there are more.

 Nurse: Didn’t he have memory loss?

 Jones: I guess we’re going to see if it came back or not. For now, this is all I can do. Thanks, everyone. Fantastic job. You all deserve a gold star. (all sarcastically.)

 (Opens to Jones with his parents and Evan is still coming out of the gas.)

 Jones: I managed to get all of it out, but you’ll have to come back in about six months to make sure it’s going to stay away.

 Mrs. Waters: You mean, he could still die?

 Jones: Look, he’s alive for the moment, just enjoy that. Stop freaking out about the future, you’re only scaring him. Chill. (gets up and leaves. Parents look a little shocked.)

 Evan: (waking up) Did my surgery go well? (parents look happy).

 (Opens to Lane entering  room with Nicole on a hospital bed. She looks worried as Lane walks in.)

 Lane: I am so sorry, Mrs. Johnson…

 Nicole: Please, don’t scare me like that. How bad could it be?

 Lane: You need to contact the man you slept with right away.

 Nicole: (looks really scared) …Why?

 Lane: You have syphilis, which can be cured. But you are pregnant, and you have the HIV virus. You can endure treatments and---

 Nicole: Oh my God…(starts crying) I cannot…believe…Oh My God! How did this happen? I’m forty… that’s much too old… oh my God.

 Lane: Was the sex unprotected? (Nicole nods and starts crying more). I’m going to send you to Dr. Fields, she’s our obstetrician and she’ll let you know your options. Chances are the baby has HIV, too.

 Nicole: Thank-you. Please leave; I need to call Ron. (Lane nods and leaves.)

 (Opens to Mathews, Jones, Lane and Fields all in the lounge getting ready to leave. Mathews looks in Fields’ direction, but she isn’t looking. But as soon as she looks up, Mathews looks away.)

 Jones: Well, I’ll see you guys later.

 Fields: Do you want to go for coffee?

 Jones: No. I have something more important to do. Sorry. (leaves)

 Fields: What else is new. (laughs) What about you, Olivia?

 Lane: No, I can’t. I have a date.

 Fields: Oh, La La! With who? (joking, because she knows Lane has a boyfriend)

 Lane: Funny. (serious) Michael’s meeting me at Charley’s.

 Fields: Okay. Have fun. (leaves). I don’t suppose you’d want to go. (talking to Mathews)

 Mathews: Maybe. Depends, do you still hate me?

 Fields: I don’t hate you. (smiles) You’re just incredibly cocky and full of yourself.

 Mathews: I can live with that. But you still haven’t answered my burning question.
Fields: Oh my God… (rolling her eyes)

Mathews: Are you single?

Fields: (sighs) Yes, I am.
 Mathews: But you don’t believe or support work-place relationships…

 Fields: Exactly. We’re going for coffee as friends. Got it?

 Mathews: Fine.  (both leave)

 (Open to Lane in a restaurant. In the background there is a faint sound of a person playing the piano. A man comes up to her and they kiss.)

 Lane: (smiling) You’re five minutes late.

 Michael: Sorry…I tried to tell the other officers that my girlfriend was waiting for me, but like the guys I work with care. That’s life being a cop.

 Lane: Let’s just eat. (go to sit down at a table).

 Michael: Anything interesting happen at work today?

 Lane: This woman was married and pregnant with someone else’s  child. And she had HIV; she cheated. Can I say karma?

 Michael: That’s unlucky. (both laugh). Now that I think about it, are you interested in having children?

Lane: I don’t know. Maybe. They’d be a lot of work.

 Michael: I don’t think I want them. (he looks at the menu, and Lane is disappointed. But he looks up again and she fakes a smile.)

 (Open to Jones on the phone in her apartment. On the other end of the phone is an older looking woman.)

 Lady: (in a British accent) So I hope everything is going well for you, dear. You didn’t go to boarding school for nothing, right?

 Jones: Yeah…everything’s fine. I saved this boy’s life. I thought he just had a tumor in one part of his brain but it turns out there were more. I must’ve missed it, but the kid ended up being fine.

 Lady: How do you miss something so obvious? You are a doctor, aren’t you? I hope you apologized to the parents.

 Jones: (suddenly looking disappointed) Yeah, I did.

 Lady: Anyway, It’s late and I’m missing my beauty sleep. You have a good night, dear. Goodbye. (she hangs up.)

 Jones: Yup…’cause nothing is ever good enough for you, mom. (hangs up).       Blackout/Commercial**[/b]


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« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2008, 09:20:59 pm »
this is rlly niceee!!!!! - Check out my poetry and tell me what you think! Many thanks! -


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« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2008, 04:47:16 pm »
I enjoyed that.
That's what she said.


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« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2008, 06:25:10 pm »
Thanks!! Should I post episode two??


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« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2008, 07:41:44 pm »
Yes please!
That's what she said.


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« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2008, 07:19:06 am »
Okay, I'll post episode two after this message.. just letting any readers know the script above is callled "Episode one: That's Unlucky" and the series is called "Dr. Jones" .


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« Reply #6 on: July 16, 2008, 07:20:46 am »
Dr. Jones- Episode 02- “Worst Day of the Year”

 (INT. Jones walking the doors of the hospital. There are pink and red hearts everywhere and it’s obviously Valentine’s Day. She looks at the decorations and grimaces. Someone walks by and says “Happy Valentine’s Day” and she just rolls her eyes. She enters an elevator. Then it opens again and she enters the lounge. The whole team is there.)

 Fields: (looks at the agony in Jones’ face) Well, good morning, sunshine. Happy Valentine’s Day. (she’s being sarcastic because she knows Jones hates it.)

 Jones: Shut up. It’s the worst day of the year and you know it. Everyone’s all “oh I love you” it makes me sick.

 Mathews: You’re a little old to still think boys have cooties, aren’t you? (grinning)

 Jones: I don’t! I’m just waiting for a guy who respects women and will tend to my every need.

 Lane: Huh! Good luck with that.

 Fields: Hey, does Michael have anything special planned for you two?

 Lane: I don’t know…he hasn’t said anything. Oh! Maybe he’ll do some sort of a surprise.

 Mathews: Good luck with that. (Lane gives an aggravated look in Mathews’ direction. His beeper goes off.) Sorry girls, I have some real issues to deal with. (he exits.)

 Lane: (in her best Mathews imitation voice) Sorry girls, I have some real issues to deal with. How much do you want to overdose him with morphine?

 Fields: I know.  We went out for coffee and he was checking out other girls right in front of me. And then asking me to rate them. That’s attractive… (sarcasm )

 Lane: What do you care? He’s an ass.

Fields: I don’t. (looks away)

 Jones: Haha. He told me he’d help me with a patient if I told him about you…totally screwed him over. Sorry, don’t always keep my promises.

 Lane: Nice.

Fields: Wait. He asked about me?

 Jones: Yeah. I didn’t tell him much, like he wanted (grins) I think I told him your favorite color, that you dance…oh and that your dad died. That’s it.

 Fields: You actually told him that my father died? I can’t believe you! That’s personal!

 Jones: Not anymore. (smirking)

 Fields: (sighs) You're lucky you’re my friend. Or else I’d tell everyone about that one Christmas where-

 Jones: Okay, okay! No need to bring it up. Excuse-me, I have brains to diagnose with serious medical diseases. Goodbye. (exits).

 Lane: What’d she do?

 Fields: You don’t want to know. Let’s just say I will never eat cauliflower again…

 Lane: Ew…

 (Opens to Mathews with an older looking man lying on a hospital bed with wires and needles hooked up to him.)

 Mathews: Mr. Jacove, you said that you were having shortness of breath and chest pains…

 Mr. Jacove: Yes, that’s correct. It all happened so fast.

 Mathews: I’m guessing it was a heart attack.

 Mr. Jacove: No! I’m almost cholesterol free! That can’t be it.

 Mathews: Were you suffering any extreme anxiety or stress?

 Mr. Jacove: No…well, not that much, anyway.

 Mathews: Do you mind explaining?

Mr. Jacove: There’s this girl at the office. And I think I’m in love with her. (sighs) God, she’s an angel.

 Mathews: Then…why don’t you tell her?

 Mr. Jacove: She’s engaged. And she is my best friend. It’s just not going to work. (looking away) I’ve been in love with Ashley for almost five years. And every time she walks into a room… (shakes his head) I don’t know how to explain the feeling. I love it, but it hurts so bad that I cannot do anything about it. You know? Wanting something you can’t have?

 Mathews: (thinking) Yeah…I know exactly what you mean. (clicking back into reality) Well, we’ll do some blood work and let you know. Sorry we have to keep you here… just in case.

 Mr. Jacove: I understand. At least one pain won’t be here… (Mathews actually showing sympathy for him)

 (Opens to Jones and Lane together eating lunch in the lounge. Lane looks like she is studying Jones, who is beginning to notice. She looks away, but can’t stand it any more.)

 Jones: What do you want?

 Lane: Nothing…

 Jones: Okay, then. (But Lane keeps staring like she wants to say something. Jones is totally fed up.) What?!?! Stop staring at me.

 Lane: Just tell me what you did that was so embarrassing at Christmas! I promise never to tell anyone! I must know! (pauses after every word in the last sentence)

 Jones: Oh My God, you’re still thinking about that?

 Lane: (looks embarrassed) Maybe…

 Jones: Give it up. I’m not going to tell you.

 Lane: I’m not going to stop asking. What did you do?

 Jones: Stop being a four year old nosy pest.

 Lane: (about to say something, but looks defeated. Fields walks in)

 Fields: Hey. Where’s Mathews?

 Lane: (looks suspicious) Why? Were you like, expecting him or something? (smiles)

 Fields: No, of course not. He’s just…always here. (silence. Fields sits down, waiting. She’s tapping her fingers on the table.)

 Jones: You’re falling for him, aren’t you?

 Fields: Am not! (irritated) It was just a question, okay?

 Jones: Okay! You don’t have to get all five year old on me. (Mathews arrives) Are you happy now?

 Mathews: What?

 Fields: Nothing.

 Lane: Have you seen Peggy yet?

 Fields: No! I really want to, though! I love sending cards and flowers to people.

 Mathews: What are you talking about?

 Lane: Well, every year we have this thing where you can send cards and stuff like that to other people in the hospital. Peggy, the hospital receptionist, comes around to deliver them. Oh…here she is! (Peggy walks into the lounge with a cart full of request forms and cards)

 Peggy: Heyyyy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Fields: Hello! (everyone is happy to see her) I’ll take… six (gives Peggy some money) Thank- you! Oh, and, love the outfit!
Peggy: Thaaaanks! (looking at Lane) What about you, hun?

 Lane: Same as Phoebe. (Peggy gives the stuff to Lane)

Peggy: And what about you, Jones?

Jones: (sighs) I hate this. I’ll take…four, I guess.

Peggy: That’s it?

Jones: I hate Valentine’s Day. (Peggy shakes her head but gives Jones her stuff)

 Mathews: And I will take…ten. (everyone turns to look at him, and he looks quite proud of himself.)

 Peggy: Who are you?

Mathews: Dr. Marc Mathews…cardiac specialist and everyone’s favorite man.

 Peggy: MmmHmm…(eyes him suspiciously and gives him the forms.)

 Fields: Hmm… somebody’s popular…(whispers to Lane and she laughs. This was loud enough for Mathews to hear. He looks slightly hurt, but keeps writing. Everybody finishes except Mathews. Fields looks over and she tries to see who he is writing to. Lane and Jones eye each other. Before Fields could read anything Mathews finishes and hands them to Peggy. She looks at Mathews, then Fields, then Mathews again. She shakes her head and walks away smiling. Mathews notices everyone staring at him.)

Mathews: What? (then everyone realizes they’re staring) I don’t mind or anything but… (everyone else: sigh/”ugh” and rolling their eyes leaving.)  

 (Blackout/ Commercial **)

 (Opens to Fields and Lane walking down a hallway together.)

 Fields: How long have we been walking?

 Lane: I don’t know…like fifteen minutes?

 Fields: Seriously? It felt like an hour or something. I hate when I’m bored…I wish one of my patients would just go into labor.

 Lane: That’s nice. Maybe I should wish lupus on someone…(beeper goes off) Finally!

 Fields: Ohhh!! Can I come?

 Lane: If you have a good reason...(starts walking faster)

 Fields: (runs to catch up) McKenzie won’t just walk in on you… please!

 (Opens to Lane, Fields and a young female patient sitting in a clinic room)

 Lane: (looking at her file) Miss Swan… it says here your experiencing fatigue, nausea and you haven’t menstruated for two months.

 Miss Swan: Miss Swan? I’m not that old! I feel like my mom…

 Lane: Sorry… should I call you Marisa?

 Marisa: Yes. I’ve also gained five pounds. Everyone noticed. (self conscious and “sad”.) But, my boobs got bigger…that’s a plus to my mysterious disease.

 Lane: Right… have you had a fever at all?

 Fields: The question you should be asking is (turns to Marisa) Have you slept with anyone at all?

 Marisa: What? Who are you?

 Lane: Sorry…this is Dr. Fields. She shouldn’t really be here right now, so don’t listen to her. (smiles, but turns to Fields with a glare)

 Marisa: I promised my mom I wouldn’t have sex with any boys until I finished college. And I haven’t… (looks away like she is lying).

 Lane: Well, your symptoms could be anything… and it’s your mysterious disease…but Dr. Fields does have a point… (Fields has a proud look on her face, knowing she is right)

 Marisa: I have to disagree with you. There is no way I’m… (uncomfortable) pregnant. Can you like, swab my throat or something that you doctors do?

 Lane: (thinking of a plan) We could do a lot of things. If it’s just minor symptoms, we’ll just swab your throat. But, if they become more severe, well, that’s a whole different story. It could be… cancer. (Fields gives a look in disagreement and surprise in Lane’s direction.) We would have to do a…brain biopsy, or keep you here for a week…or a month! You could be stuck in this place which is crawling with dirty, disgusting, fatal bacteria. Everywhere. And your hospital room wouldn’t have a TV!

 Marisa: (freaking out) but I won’t be able to see if McDreamy chooses Addison or Meredith!

 Lane: Or you could tell me the truth…

 Marisa: (hesitating slightly) Okay, okay! I did it…with my best friend’s boyfriend! But don’t tell her, ‘kay? (Lane looks annoyed)  I can’t ruin my rep, let alone my friendship with Rebecca!

 Lane: (turning to Fields) Well, I guess it’s a good thing you came. Do a pregnancy test and an ultrasound. She’s all yours. (smiles) You wanted a patient…

Fields: (mumbles to herself) in labor… (Lane leaves and Fields starts talking to Marisa)

 (Opens to  Mathews with Mr. Jacove again. He is watching TV and Mathews has forms in his hands)

 Mathews: Mr. Jacove?

 Mr. Jacove: I’ve been here long enough for you to call me Trevor. How did the tests go?

 Mathews: We’ve concluded that your blood isn’t getting around your body fast enough. You’re right…your cholesterol is pretty low, but that is what makes us think your blood is too thick.

 Trevor: Really? That can happen?

 Mathews: Yes. We need you to consent to let us give you blood thinners. It has its risks, but it’s definitely worth it…if you want to see Ashley again…

 Trevor: Okay…I’ll do it. Let me sign. (Mathews gives the paper to Trevor. The door opens behind them, and Trevor stops writing. Camera shows a woman has entered) Ashley…    (Blackout/ Commercial **)

 (Opens to the same scene as before the commercial)

 Trevor: Ashley…What are you doing here?

 Ashley: I heard you were sick and I was worried. What’s wrong?

 Trevor: My blood is too thick… I told you it wasn’t my cholesterol! (laughing and she is laughing, too.) How is everything at work?

 Ashley: Well, Susan forgot the paperwork again, and Don got fired!

 Trevor: Finally! We’ve all been waiting for years! (having a good time, but then another man walks in and puts his arm around Ashley)

 Man: How are you doing, Trevor?

 Trevor: Fine. Never better… (he starts looking uncomfortable) uhh…doctor…my chest! I think it’s another…ugh! (lies back and goes unconscious. Mathews rushes to help)

 Mathews: Nurse! Need some help in here! Get them out of here! (a nurse starts directing Ashley and her fiancé out of the room)

 (Opens to Lane and Jones walking into the lounge together. They both see a bunch of roses and cards and other flowers.)

 Jones: (looking at Lane…they’re both ready to run for it) …I saw it first! (both running for it!)

 Lane: Did not! You don’t know who it’s for. We shouldn’t look at it. It’s none of our business.

 Jones: Shut up and find the cards.

 Lane: (hesitates) You’re right…I can’t resist. (rummaging through.)They’re for Fields, but it doesn’t say who it’s from! Oh my God, that’s not fair!

 Jones: Hey captain obvious, who else would they be from?

 Lane: (thinking… a lot. When she is doing this, Mathews walks in and realizes what they’re talking about but Jones and Lane haven’t noticed him yet. And…finally cluing in:) Mathews sent them? Really?

 Mathews: (jumping into the conversation) Do NOT tell Fields they’re from me…
 Jones: Why did you send them, if you don’t want her to know you…like her?

 Lane: Yeah…I thought you weren’t really into her…personality?

 Mathews: Well, at first I wasn’t…I mean she is hot, but then we got talking and…maybe I’m interested in her, okay?

 Jones: That’s…something. I couldn’t care less. I just wanted to know who these were from. (she smiles, then grabs a magazine and starts reading it, lying on the couch with her feet on the arm rest).

 Lane: Were you planning on telling her they’re from you?

 Mathews: I don’t know…not here…that’s inappropriate. We would discuss this outside of work…on a date. (looks proud of himself, but then his smile fades.) So don’t say anything. Please? (looks like he is begging)

 Jones: Whoa, whoa whoa! Hold on one moment… (getting up from the couch) Are you actually insisting on begging to us? Seriously? Wow, somebody got a camera? After the way you treated her on the “coffee date”… I love it. Really. I do. (sarcastically smiles but she rolls her eyes and Mathews still looks desperate)

 Lane: (sighs) Fine. But I swear if you do one thing to tick me off… (no need to continue. Mathews says thanks and quickly leaves.)

 Jones: Are we really not going to tell her?

 Lane: You’re a terrible person, you know that? He actually likes Phoebe…we should bring them together! (looks enthusiastic and excited. Jones doesn’t so much)

 Jones: (sarcastically) Yeah! And I could be cupid and you could be my sidekick…the elf. (serious now) No thanks. Leave me out of this.

Lane: Fine. But just wait for the wedding bells! (exaggerating)

 Jones: Oh my God… (she just leaves).

 (Opens to Lane in reception filling out some papers. She hears some noise and looks up to the entrance of the building. Marisa is there, stumbling in, dazed and most likely drunk. Lane rushes over to catch her before she falls)

 Lane: Marisa, what are you doing here, like this? What happened? Are you drunk?

 Marisa: (clears her throat and she is crying) Yeah… I tried…to kill…my baby. With alcohol. I am so sorry! I can’t handle a child. But then after like, 10 beers, I started to feel sick…Please, I changed my mind. Don’t let it die!

 Lane: Okay, okay…slow down. Man, you’re burning up. You have alcohol poisoning, I suspect.  We’ll get you a room…everything will be fine. Marisa? (she has passed out on Lane) Can I get some help here, please? (Nurses rush over to help Lane)

 (Opens to Mathews quickly walking down a hallway with another doctor/nurse. They are worried and almost rushing.)

 Mathews: How long did you have him on them?

 MD: About three hours…he just started bleeding and throwing up blood. (they arrive at Trevor’s room. He is doing just as they said. He looks totally scared and Ashley is there, too, but up against a wall terrified and out of the way. The doctors rush over.)

 Mathews: Get me an OR. We need to get in there. Make sure he clots. NOW! (they give Trevor morphine to calm him) We made his blood run like water…

 (Opens to Mathews operating on Trevor. He is looking through, then looks shocked.)

 Mathews: (to a surgical intern) Look at the size of his heart. No wonder he was having all that trouble.

Intern: Yeah. I’m guessing he doesn’t have much longer to…(cut off by Trevor’s heart monitor beeping quickly, then not at all) Oh, Man…

 Mathews: Get the paddles. (a nurse hands them to him)

 Nurse: Charging three hundred…(shock. Still nothing) Again?

 Mathews: Yes. (it shocks again, but still nothing. Once more, but it isn’t looking so good for Trevor) One more time!

 Intern: Dr. Mathews…I don’t think it will work…

 Mathews: I said one more time! (nurse does so. Nothing. All hope is lost. Mathews just looks stunned.)

 Resident: Declare it, Dr. Mathews.

 Mathews: (Takes a deep breath) Time of death (clears his throat, uneasy) 16:05. I’ll tell Ashley. (takes off his gloves and throws his mask and gloves down)

 (Opens to Mathews walking down stairs, taking his scrub mask off, mad at himself. He keeps walking, but Fields opens the door to the stairway. She sees him and she is smiling.)

 Fields: Hey. (her smile fades as she notices Mathews’ solemn look on his face) What’s wrong?

 Mathews: Nothing. I got to go. (He keeps walking faster. On a landing, Mathews is about to go, but Fields grabs his shoulders and turns him to face her. They look at in each other’s eyes for a minute, but he looks away.)

 Fields: Tell me what’s wrong. Please. (she half smiles. He breathes deeply)

 Mathews: One of my patients died. (he looks embarrassed)

 Fields: Aww…(sympathetic) It happens to everyone. It’s not your fault… it was just…going to happen.

 Mathews: But I feel like I should have done something more.

 Fields: I know. You tried though, right? It’s all you can do. Don’t let it get you down. (smiles)

 Mathews: Whatever. (He tries to leave, but she just stops him again. He rolls his eyes, but Fields is serious here)

 Fields: Promise? (she laughs lightly and he smiles.)

 Mathews: (sighs) Yes. After I tell Ashley, the girl he was in love with.

 Fields: (they’re walking again) Girlfriend?

 Mathews: Not exactly… (scene change)

 (Opens to Lane with Marisa in a hospital room. Marisa’s eyes are red and she looks upset)

 Marisa: I’m still drunk, you know. I won’t remember the lecture I’m going to get from my mom.

 Lane: Exactly why I put you on a drug but clears out your system. (Marisa looks even more upset, but a calm look comes over Lane’s face.) Look, it was very irresponsible to even get pregnant in the first place, but this isn’t the right way to handle it. Marisa, you have options. Adoption, abortion… and telling your parents. Whatever you do, make sure you want to and it’s the right thing. We’ll get you an ultrasound to see if the baby survived. (Marisa starts crying and hugs Lane. Lane is surprised but hugs back.)

 Marisa: Thank-you.

 (Opens to the lounge where Mathews is drinking a bottle of water. Fields walks in.)

 Fields: Hey, how did telling Ashley go?

 Mathews: Oh…uh…okay. She started crying, of course, but I could handle it.

 Fields: That’s good. (she looks over at all the flowers and cards) Ooohh, whose are these? (she walks over to them. Mathews’ eyes widen and he looks shocked. He forgot about that) They’re for me! (Fields is happy.)
 It doesn’t say who from though. (studying it. Jones walks in and Mathews looks even more annoyed. Jones looks entertained.)

 Jones: Well, what do we have here? (eyeing Mathews and his worried face.) Ohh…look at all the pretty flowers you got, Phoebe.

 Fields: I know! But I wish I knew who it was from…maybe John? He has been flirting with me nonstop. I swear, every time I see him.

 Mathews: (his expression turns slightly jealous looking) Who?

 Jones: John, the cat man? (Fields laughs and nods her head.) Creepy. Last I heard, he has twelve cats, one of which is pregnant.

 Fields: (still laughing) God, I hope they aren’t from him… (Lane enters and looks just as “happy” as Jones.)

 Mathews: (mumbles) Perfect.

 Lane: Wow. That is a lot of flowers.  (also eyeing Mathews) I wonder who sent them…

 Fields: (finally caught that look) Wait… Mathews…(smiling) Did you send these?

 Mathews: Uh…well…I don’t…I mean…yeah. (looks away embarrassed. Fields tilts her head to the side smiling sweetly and Lane is giggling like a ten year old girl. Fields looks very happy. Then McKenzie walks in and everyone jumps and stiffens up like they weren’t just talking about anything)

 McKenzie: Hello! (looks at everyone’s strange expressions) What’s going on?

 Jones/Lane/Fields/Mathews: Nothing!

 McKenzie: Hey, Fields! Look at all the stuff you got! Who are they from?

 Fields: Well, these are from Lane and Jones, and one from Peggy, then the rest…I have no idea. They’re nameless.

 McKenzie: That’s always fun. Ahh...young love. I remember when I was young... wild-

 Jones: (interrupting) Wow…is it late? I got to go…wish I could stay for the flashback. See ya. (grabs her stuff and leaves.)

 Mathews: Phoebe…can I talk to you? Maybe for…dinner or something?

 Fields: Sure…I’ll…um…grab my stuff, then. Bye Olivia, Dr. McKenzie. (Mathews holds the door open for Fields as they leave together.)

 McKenzie: It’s Mathews, isn’t it?

 Lane: What?

 McKenzie: He sent them, right? To Fields?

 Lane: Uh…(trying to think of something to say) I have no idea… maybe we’ll find out. (avoiding eye contact while trying to lie. She quickly grabs her coat and runs out the door.)

 (Opens to Jones walking past Peggy at reception. Song starts: Your Star- All American Rejects)

 Peggy: Hey, Kristyn!

 Jones: (Rolls her eyes) Peggy, I told you to call me Jones, remember? What do you want?

 Peggy: Got any special Valentine’s Day plans?

 Jones: No…

 Peggy: Cause, honey, don’t look now, but the cute blondie over there is totally checking you out right now!

 Jones: I like guys with dark hair. (starts walking away)

 Peggy: One day, Kristyn, you will find your man. Don’t stop lookin’! (Jones smiles to herself as she leaves.)  

 (Opens to Fields and Mathews at some bar together.)

 Fields: Marc…I don’t know about this. Like, should we really get into a relationship right now? I mean, you just started here. You don’t need this kind of drama, you know? And you hardly know me. What if you don’t really like me? (looks away) What if it doesn’t work?

 Mathews: (isn’t sure what to say) You mean… saying no to me?

 Fields: (turning back to him) No… well…what if we take it slow? Get to know each other?

 Mathews: Okay. (Mathews stares at her and she looks like she feels bad and isn’t sure as she bites her lip.)

 (Opens to Lane at home. It’s 8:00 pm and looks like there is no sign of Michael. She checks her answering machine. There is a message from Michael)

 Michael: (voice message) Hey, Olivia. I hope you get this, otherwise I’ll call you later. Anyway it’s about six and I just got a notice from the chief that I have to stay at work late tonight. I am so sorry, I know it’s Valentine’s Day… I promise I’ll make it up to you. I’ll see you later. I love you. Bye. (hangs up. Lane looks disappointed. She turns off the machine and walks into the kitchen and breaks out a bottle of wine.)



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This is. very very very good.
Quite entertaining.
But I want to know...
what happened at the Christmas party?
Only the cube knows.