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Hello Everyone - an update!
« on: January 31, 2009, 10:46:42 pm »
I don't think I deserve a thread dedicated to me saying hi but it's been so long - it only seems right!

It's me, divasteph...Stephanie Pressman.

Still in Los Angeles, still teaching music, dance, cooking, and such.
I work at 4 private schools.
Still a singer/songwriter, still performing at local clubs and bars.
Still working on an album.

so... what's new?

Have some new band members...
going back to school in a week to start my degree in music - which i am looking very forward to.
Very into 16th century European History.
Interested still in globe trotting but with more emphasis on learning about History, Food, and Jewish Culture around the world.
not sure what my plans are this summer - whether it's more school, taking a job in arizona, or a US tour.
I currently have 2 companies that make guitars that are interested in endorsing me... so that will be cool and i have a bunch of friends on tour - check them all out by visiting my myspace and clicking on my top friends - support them when they come to your town cause touring is tough work!

This past year i did a lot of flying coast to coast - i had a bunch of friends weddings as well as my sister - so, with bridal showers, bachelorettes, and the weddings themselves it was a good year for frequent flyer miles.

I have some free all ages shows coming up (check the myspace for dates & locales...if you are in the LA area) and i am also on the facebook (book of face) with the artist page just search my name!

other than that... looking forward to hopefully seeing modest mouse in concert soon...

I guess that's all - if you know me quite well - please feel free to give me the update of you and what's going on in your world - if you don't know me - introduce yourself - i dont bite (unless provoked)