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Ok, we've gone to SMF.  The mass of spam signups has necessitated doing something beyond phpBB2.  A bunch of modifications aren't in place, and we're considering going to SMF2 from here, but haven't finalized that as of yet.  Until then, it'll be a bit lean on the mods, but will work for now.

I was already freaking out that I couldn't get on

I sure have to get used to this new board, though, phew! :D

I have a few questions:
- Will we get a "sent box" in our Private Message options?
- Will there be more smilies we can use?
Hmm.. what else...

The Outbox is your sent messages box.  More smileys is easy.

Thanks Kelly for taking care of this.  You are awesome...

To everyone else (I know a few people have hit me up via IM)... THERE WILL BE WEIRDNESS!  The tools to move the data from phpBB to SMF are awesome, but they're not perfect.  The two apps work very differently.

If you can't upload something, can't post, can't see replies, etc... PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

You can either IM me (katiakaysha) or email me katia@nessaholics.com.  Make sure you note your username cuz i don't have everyones memorized all the various spellings :P


p.s. i hope everyone likes the new forum :)

Oh this is nice.... BUT SO CONFUSEING! ???


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