Author Topic: A Birthday Poem for VC  (Read 1298 times)


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A Birthday Poem for VC
« on: August 16, 2009, 06:10:17 am »
The Piano Girl's Birthday

It won't do well to place in a box
This woman of agreement and paradox,
This mix of pandemonium and harmony
Combining so creatively.

This woman, as many have said before,
Has the looks of a girl-next-door,
And yet we see behind those eyes
A quality of being worldly wise.

Her fingers tickle the ivory
And she sings of love and her community,
And this woman, with her skills so fine
Has now reached the age of twenty-nine.

For sure, her songs will be played for long,
Even after I'm gone for long,
For her music, shall it fade? I surely say NEVER!
Bands may come and go, but Vanessa is forever!

And may the Lord, who willed her be,
To the gratitude of us fans, wherever we may be,
Grant that I may not die too soon
And not hear her albums being played on the Moon.

And may the last line of this poem be:
Happy birthday, dear Vanessa C.
Artist's comments are on its page on DeviantArt,
Happy birthday, VC!
Miracles DO happen! =)

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