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The Hunger Games

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So anyone else hooked onto the series? The third book came out in August and I was intrigued with all the rave reviews the books were getting. So started reading 'The Hunger Games' and well...

I can honestly say, I started reading the book and couldn't put it down until I was done with it. (I think I finished it in four days)

It's fast paced and literally a page turner.

I'm onto 'Catching Fire already'. Can't put it down.

I love THG! I have not been able to stop reading them! I just started "The Mockingjay" last night.

I love the first two (despite Catching Fire's repetitiveness), but Mockingjay was absolutely god awful. Only the last thirty pages are any good.  :-\


I love how in the end of the book, Katniss actually becomes mad/depressed. I mean you don't see this in the Harry Potter books (Please don't eat my ass for this... I LOVE the HP books. Don't get me wrong.) But you think that maybe Harry could also be depressed or something after seeing so many people die in front/cause of him... ya know?

I also love how Collins manages to create a love triangle without explicitly doing it. The movie is being made as we speak and I swear if teenage girls start a team Peeta/team Gale thing a la Twilight... I am going to throw a hissy fit.
It took me after the book when I was drawing parallels with Twilight (once again... not book bashing) to notice there was a one girl two guy scenario.

 The movie is going to be amazing.


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