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Joan Didion - The Year of Magical Thinking

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Hey guys, I don't you if you remember, but one time when Vanessa played "Fair-Weather Friends" at a show, she prefaced it with a short blurb about the book The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. It was on one of the live recordings of the song, and after hearing her say it each time I listened to the song, I decided that I should probably look into that book. So, I checked it out from my University's library at the beginning of the quarter and I started reading it. Sadly, my workload became heavier, and I was not able to finish the book. I was wondering if any other Nessaholics read the book after she suggested it. I didn't quite see the elements that V talked about, but that's probably because I failed to finish the book. However, I felt like it was a very well written memoir and I will have to return to it again when I get more time. Do any of you have any thoughts on this book?

I havent read this one though I did think about it after hearing her mention it. I'll try to find it at my library and read it though  ;D

I've read it and now consequently love Joan Didion. I really recommend reading it, because it is a beautifully written, yet simple book, and i can see why V drew inspiration from it.

Also, Slouching Towards Bethlehem is a really good read too.


I've read it but did not get much from it. I read it last year. But I think I've grown since first time I read it, so I'm putting it to my re-read list.

I've read this. It's pretty intense, and I really liked it. I think the essence of 'magical thinking', as discussed in the book, revolves around the grief and insanity that results from losing a loved one, and, in turn, how it affected the author in her personal life. It touches on many bases of grief, including - but not limited to - self-alienation, disorientation and vulnerability. I think Vanessa merely expanded on the theme based on her personal understanding of the concept, or perhaps even related it to a personal experience?


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