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Part 1 Link:

From the JFCS Emigre Gala in San Francisco (01.28.11):

LOVE the tights! and the dress.  She looks very healthy and has a glow about her.  Just love her!

2 picture requests:
1) that picture where her jacket is open you can can see her bra, and it's kinda black/pinkish. (this one, only, you know, the actual picture, and not as small)

2) a picture of the actual demo tape.
I remember seeing this back when it was first discovered & on ebay. it's a cassette with a white sticker that said Vanessa Carlton and had the tracklist on it.
I cannot find this picture anywhere, and I would love to have it  :-[

any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


nice long dress she's

accidentlay I found a video with her with the same dress

You know, I was looking through of these pictures of Vanessa and she's so inspiring to me. I'm recovering from anorexia and I tend to be triggered by celebrities and how thin they are. It's so wonderful to see Vanessa so natural and so beautiful!


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