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Game of Thrones

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I started reading the book because of V's tweet.  I don't have HBO but put the discs on my netflix list for when they come out (however, I did watch five minute clips on HBO.com of every episode and it looks pretty true to the book)  I'm on the third book, they are soooo addicting.  I went out and bought all of them (except the newest one because it just came out so it's still in hard cover).  I love how the story is told through different characters and you have to kind of piece it all together.  Any one else reading them or have read them?

The show is BRILLIANT. Have this one next up on my reading list!

I haven't been able to function the past couple weeks because all I've been doing is reading these books when ever I'm not sleeping or working!  I'm on the fourth one which is a little different than the first three in that there are different characters involved.  Instead of numbered chapters, they go by character perspective so each chapter is named for the character it's about and there are just newer ones in this one so it's taking me a little while to get into it.  When it's slow at work I'll read and then forget to do some things! LOL.  I can't wait to check out the show, I think my husband will actually watch this show with me!

Haha... I know that feeling. I was reading this book called 'Will Grayson, Will Grayson' last week and it was just SO GOOD. I mean I was reading it at every waking hour I had.

I love books that you have difficulty putting down.

Haha! I was reading book called "Life as we Knew it" late at night and I couldn't put it down. Then it scared me, part of me wanted to keep reading, and I also wanted to put it down. I was like "Yes... No... One more page.... NO! This is creeping me out.... ughhhh."


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