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A Brief History of Time

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So I took the plunge and bought the book. Has anyone else read the book? Thoughts or reactions? Did you see the correlation between the book and Tall Tales for Spring? haha when i started reading i didnt think id be interested but its getting there :)

I found it as a PDF on the Internet which I'll post if anyone else wants it. Planning on reading after I've finished the house of mirth. Is it really ful of physics or quite accessible?

I had started reading the book and found it very... text book-ish?

But currently reading the 'Uglies' series. This woman gives us so much to read. I wanna read something my Jack Kerouac as well!

We should open a NESSAholic book club!

Lol yeah i agree but i just want to see what the hype is about. Stephen Hawking is coming up around everywhere haha. What other books has Vanessa mentioned, besides Watership Down and A Brief History of Time?

Just the movie Donnie Darko (and The Last Unicorn?)


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