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Golden Girls


I can't believe there isn't a thread already since V loves the show. lol.  well, a friend on facebook posted this pic and I thought V would love it.  I don't know where this is but I had to share!

The Hallmark channel airs GG practically every morning (for those interested). Such a fresh way to start the morning! : )

lol, except for me it's ending my day since i work nights.  I have watched a few and I am quite astonished at some of the language!  for the decade it aired in, it's a very progressive show!  I love how sophia calls blanche a slut in pretty much every episode.  I've decided she is my favorite character.  It's also on during the wee hours of the morning when I'm on my lunch break at work.

I have been a fan of the Golden Girls for six years, thanks to random channel surfing. My favorite character is Rose because she is.... Rose? I don't know what words to use to describe how she... is...

My favorites are Rose & Sophia  :D They don't make shows like this anymore..


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