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My (Vanessa Carlton) Sheet Music Thread [NEW!!! "Ordinary Day {Alt. Version}"]

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I've worked pretty hard on this [since late January/early February] and wasn't going to post up here until I got it just right. It's not perfect but I did my best. I listened to 'The Wreckage' & notated it as close as I could to the actual version, even adding my own flavour here & there. Comment to lemme know what you [whoever you are] think about it. I'm currently working on "Superhero" and will post it up here when I'm done w/ it. ;)

NOTE: To save you time you can download [and check out] the (attachments) down in the signature area. No having to go to any file-sharing sites or anything. Since it's hard work working on sheet music I like to usually work on one arrangement at a time. :)

Vanessa Carlton .mid/.midi & Sheet Music Index/Table of Contents (In Alphabetical Order)
-Alicia Keys - Feelin' U, Feelin' Me - (Video Here)

-A Thousand Miles (Album Version) - [Video Here]
-A Thousand Miles (Alternate Version) - [Video Here]

-C'est La Vie - (Video Here)

-Hands On Me - (Video Here)
-Hands On Me 2/II - (Video Here)

-Iwashiro Taro - Her Most Beautiful Smile (from "Rurouni Kenshin' anime") - [Video Here]

-Ordinary Day (Album Version) - [Video Here]
-Ordinary Day (Alternate Version) - [Video Here]

-Private Radio - (Video Here)

-San Francisco (Live Version) - [Video Here]
-San Francisco (Album Version) - [Video Here]

-Superhero - (Video Here)

Here's "Superhero".

These are very cool, thanks! You don't by any chance have any youtube vids playing it do you? It helps me when I'm learning to see/hear someone playing it.

That's great, thanks. I seriously admire people who can transcribe music because I have the melodic ability of a spoon, so cheers!

Thanx lots for commenting, I appreciate it. [Didn't think anyone would respond but I guess I'd have to wait, lol.] ;) Believe me, I've really wanted to for YEARS now, but unfortunately I don't have a webcam [and I won't be getting a laptop until after my birthday -- July 1st -- and I'll be sure to get one that contains one b/c my current PC is almost 5 years old and has that sorry Windows Vista]. But I'll be sure to do just that when I'm able.

As for 'Superhero' [it was pretty simple to transcribe which is why I got it done a lot quicker] I didn't add the lyrics b/c it was pretty difficult to do so and didn't want it looking sloppier or taking up more space. I figure y'all already know the words, anyhow. Moreover I might take down & put the pdf. & mid./midi. files after making minor adjustments.

BTW I use MuseScore [free notation software] to do sheet music. After going thru many programs this is the best (free) one. The ones that were better had only 30-60 day-trial periods and afterwards you either 1) lost the free benefits or 2) had to upgrade/pay for the extra stuff afterwards. MuseScore could use some boning up, but it's the best [it also looks the best].

I plan on doing more sheet music, but I haven't really decided what (we'll see). I was hoping to post this stuff on the official VC forums, but there's no such thing; I reckon they did away w/ it long ago and the only 'official' one (left) is this one.

Cheers. :)


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