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After a lot of behind-the-scenes work trying to make the best web-site and web-reference for Vanessa Carlton related material it can be, we are now ready to step back into the forefront and really take off with the NESSAholics Fan Club, trying to make it the best Vanessa Carlton fan club it can be!

How can you help us promote and expand the NESSAholics Fan Club? Well, if you're already a member, you've taken one positive step in that direction. If you're not a member, be sure to Join as soon as you are done reading this post :wink:.

But now, to the real way you can help... We here at now have our very own promotional flyers! (View The Flyer, your computer will need to be able to view .pdf files to view the Flyer.  And just as a general note, the flyers look much better printed than they do on the .pdf file, trust us on that one :)).

If you are willing to help, all we ask that you do is when you go to Vanessa shows, events that Vanessa is going to be involved in, etc. if you could print out as many copies of the flyer as possible (each 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper equals 4 "flyers", so all you have to do is cut them out and therefore you save paper/ink, and gain more flyers to distribute :D) and distribute them to people attending the show. If you are too shy to go up to people and hand them a flyer, you can simply place them on tables in/near the venue, under people's car windshield wipers, seats in the venue, etc., places where you know people will see them just as long as you distribute them within legal boundries. The idea here is to get the NESSAholics Fan Club and out there in the general public to fans of Vanessa who may not know about them yet.

Now I know that some of you are wondering what is in it for you to help out. The staff at is working very hard at coming up with perks and other special rewards for helping out, but for right now you will get a hearty thanks from the staff for a job well done, and the opportunity to help promote Vanessa while helping out.

If you are convinced that you want to help and are attending a show soon, or even if you want to post the flyers on college "free-for-all" posting boards or things such as that, just print out the flyer and go for it! However, if you want credit for your work be sure to send me a PM (PM Brian) and let me know what show you are going to, where you plan to post the flyers, etc., and then after you do it let us know how it went!

Now since I know this was a long post, I will review the process in four short steps :

1) If you want to help, step one is printing out the flyer, which you can find here :

2) Send Brian a Private Message and let him know that you are planning on distributing/posting flyers.

3) Distribute/Post the flyers in any way you see fit, as long as it is legal :wink:.

4) Let us know how it went! (You can post about it, or PM Brian)

Thank you all so much in advance, we all know that Vanessa Carlton fans are some of the most dedicated fans there are, and with your help in promoting the NESSAholics Fan Club and we can make this a success!

-The Staff

That is a fantastic idea.
I will surely promote the site when she gets here to Australia.
And when i get ink 4 my printer haha!

*thumbs up* :D

Awesome idea! If I ever see Nessa live or go to any event she is at, I will definitely try to do that!  :D

well... i dont know how successful it was but kaysha and i put some on the table where they were selling the vanessa stuff at the ithaca show...


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