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Hello everyone! I'm quite interested in creating sheets for Willows since it's one of my favourites. I don't have any experience in creating sheet music by ear but I think I might've figured out some of the chord progressions as a start.

I think the first verse:
(Find a love -->To bring strength to the bones)
Goes C# minor, A maj, E maj, B maj

(Our weeping willow --> keep safe my love)
Goes F# minor, A maj, F# minor, E maj (?)

Anyone willing to help a girl out?  :D

Those notes are quite right! I have figured out most of the notes but the bridge  :'(

Anyone make any progress on this? I'm having trouble figuring out what the exact notes are during the chorus. I haven't even gotten to the bridge yet haha

I can't figure out the bridge! any help! I got the intro and the rest of the song but the bridge  :-\


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