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4/3/2017 The Soiled Dove Underground, Denver CO


me and my piano---tim:
Unbelievably amazing show tonight by Mrs. Carlton. This is my 7th time seeing her live, and I believe this was her best performance yet. She really performed tonight and got into the music in a way I hadn't seen from her before. Her singing has not sounded better. I was surprised when she said that this was the last tour they would be doing in this kind of intimate setting, and that next time she would he back with a full band. Of course I was also elated to hear that. I believe she said that right after or before she played her new song, "love is an art", and it made me wonder if she might already be anticipating bigger commercial success for her next album. She certainly seems to be at the top of her game and, given the great critical reception of Liberman, it might be safe to assume her star is on the rise again. Regardless, it's good to know there's more to come from this amazing talent.

I don't remember every song she played but a rough setlist:

Thousand miles
Who's to Say
White Houses
Fairweather Friend
Take It Easy
Blue Pool
Nothing Where Something Used to Be
Love is an Art
The Marching Line
I don't want to be a bride
Duet with the opener and I'm kicking myself for not remembering her name because she was super talented.... they sang some song about mustangs and Porsches that sounded like a song I should have heard before (but haven't)...

Anyway it was a great show, great energy, great experience

Yes! She does sound better than ever and Skye!! They are amazing together. They had 2 songs on FB live so I was excited to hear WTS again.

Thanks for your review!!

me and my piano---tim:
*goes straight to facebook*  ;D

Thanks for pointing that out!

I totally agree! She has been totally off the charts this tour!

Thanks for the review :)


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