Author Topic: Seeing Vanessa in Milwaukee, WI 8/6/2002  (Read 2867 times)


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Seeing Vanessa in Milwaukee, WI 8/6/2002
« on: September 08, 2002, 04:41:59 pm »
Instead or re-typing everything I typed when I got back from the Vanessa show I went to, I figured I'd just re-print the post I made on the Vanessa Carlton message board. =)

"Well everyone, I am back. This was my first time seeing Vanessa Carlton live in concert, and let me tell you, it was AWESOME. I will run down a notated version of what happened leading up to and through her set, then touch on Third Eye Blind and the Goo Goo Dolls a bit....

5:30 pm - I leave the house.

6:10 pm - I have arrived at the Amp and grab a bite to eat.

6:25 pm - I head to my seat, 9 rows from the stage. Section 2, Row K, Seat 1.

6:33 pm - My mother (who came because she likes GGD) notes that there is a purple guitar on stage LOL.

6:46 pm - I notice that the backdrop for Vanessa's set is very drab. It is just a black curtain.

6:47 pm - While I am writing that, my mother notices that a squirrel has run up a pole and onto a balcony in the Amp. (Most of the Amp is covered, yet it is outside.)

6:58 pm - Vanessa takes the stage in a black shirt and kiwi green pants. I realize that people have snuck in cameras and the people infront of me haven't shown up yet, so I'm kicking myself.

6:58 pm - VC launches right into "Ces't La Vie", not even naming it. The only reason I knew what it was is because I read Andrew's Indy report. It reminds me of "Sway" and "Swindler".

(times from here on out are approximate)

7:03 pm - Vanessa is done playing her first song and says "You guys are here early, aren't you?" .... She then tells us she is going to play a new song called "Papa". She says there aren't a lot of words yet and she is sorry if she f's it up. LOL... "Papa" was pretty interesting, really couldn't compare it to anything.

7:06 pm - When done with "Papa", the band joins Vanessa amd she launches into "Unsung". I will tell you what, on the album, "Unsung" isn't one of my favorites, but it kicks ass live. I was in awe of how awesome it sounded.

7:11 pm - Next, Vanessa introduces "Rinse". I love the song on the album, and it sounded GREAT live.

7:16 pm - After talking a moment, Vanessa goes into "Prince", which also sounds awesome live. I was jamming. At this point, my mother and I had this conversation, because I was writing things down:

Her: Are you making a minute by minute report of this?
Me: Maybe I am, do you have a problem with that?
Her: Yes.
Me: Oh well, too Bad.

LOL. My mom and I have a great relationship, and she knew I was kidding.

7:20 pm - After "Prince", Vanessa launches into her "A Thousand Miles" story. "I was in my living room one night and I did this... (plays a tease of the begining of ATM, people cheer). Then I thought, this is boring, I need to spice this up a bit... (plays another piece of the open to ATM, people again cheer).".... Then after talking a bit more, she says "Well, to make a long story short, I finally wrote the song, and here it is, A Thousand F@#^ing Miles!!" and jumps right into it. It was cool when she did the pause at the end, because almost everyone thought it was over.

7:26 pm - After finishing ATM, Vanessa tells us ANOTHER story. She says that the next song she is about to play is one of the few she actually wrote in one sitting. She then talks about ADD and ritilin and ended her story by going "YEAH Vanessa!! Here is Ordinary Day!!" while throwing her hands up in the air... Very weird, LOL.

7:30 pm - As soon as she finishes "Ordinary Day", Vanessa jumps up from the piano and rips right into "Paint It Black". She has got some freak in her, LOL. She was jumping and dancing around and it looked like she was having a great time. Once she finished PIB, she thanked Milwaukee and went off the stage...

At this point, I went outside for a moment to do a few things. I tried calling Danny because he said he would post the setlet, but his phone was busy (damn baller LOL). So I then called Joe, and asked him to post the setlist, which you can find Here: ...By the way, Thanks Joe!! I also tried calling nikkee, but her phone wasn't on, so eh LOL.

As for Third Eye Blind and Goo Goo Dolls, they also put on great shows. They were both hit-heavy, but also had new stuff. Very good concert in all. Both bands thanked Vanessa for coming with them, as she thanked them, which is pretty cool. :o)

In any case, Vanessa Carlton kicks so much ass live it isn't funny. I cannot wait until she headlines her own tour in fall. And for now, that is the end. :) I hope you enjoyed my wrap-up.

PS: You can find the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's review of the concert HERE."

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