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Vanessa in Towson MD 9/21/02 -- Another long review!


Short Version:
Set List:
C'est La Vie
Pretty Baby
A Thousand Miles
Ordinary Day
Paint It Black

Long Version:
Ok, so i show up fairly late due to getting lost in the 'hood' in MD and i didn't care to see the opening bands.  I wait outside until it's close to 10pm (when Vanessa is supposed to come on) and i go inside.  I see Nate, Sasha and Jesse walking around on the right side of the stage... Nate is warming up -- he so rocks!

So the pink floyd music starts and i'm like "woot, she's coming on soon!"

There are a few things of note for this performance... the crowd (at least around me) was completely obnoxious!  Talking through the entire time about how they didn't know this song or that song, or answering cell phones etc... you get the picture.  I made a point that right before she was going to play ATM, i turned around and go "Next is A Thousand Miles..."

Vanessa was excellent as usual... she had a vew very interesting comments during the show which i'll quote in order... and her family came to see her!  very cool...

Set List:
C'est La Vie
I like both of these new songs, i think they're very good.  I was really hoping she'd play Superhero, but no go... I like how she plays these herself on the piano and the lyrics to Papa are very cool.  I can't wait for the next CD with these songs!

*Band Enters* -- present is Nate, Sasha, Jesse, and Mike.
Unsung - I love what Nate does in Unsung... He twirls the sticks around and really makes the the song sound great.
*Mike starts playing the trumpet* She introduces Rinse and says "This isn't about laundry!... there is a lot of dirty laundry right now"
She talks for a while, and does an introduction of her band and mentions that she came to MD because she likes us and that she's a lucky gal to have a band like them because they're "fucking cool" (direct quote btw)

Prince -- The end of this song is so cool when the band just jams before her last verse

She goes "It's just you and me now because we have some business to attend to"... talks about how she's come along way because she used to just perform in clubs in NY.  She says "for all the boys and men in the audiance, don't be afraid of me..." lol... she goes into "Wanted"
*While talking, band exits the stage*
Wanted.  This is when you here some chick in the background go like "uh i'm sorry but she needs to like, play the songs people know" and i thought "oh my god, why are you here?  just go away you f'ing airhead...".  It's not like i drove 2 hours to hear them talk!! grrr.

She talks for a while about how she feels like this is a little living room setting and introduces Pretty Baby... She mentions that it's just a little Lulliby and the girls behind me again go "oh my god, a LULLIBY?"  (If anyone wants more detailed information about what she said, let me know... she said something funny about being able to talk like death i think)

Pretty Baby -- Great song ... everyone continues to talk, blah

*band comes back on stage* Nate begins to Jam for a bit
She gets up and instead of playing the piano, grabs a mic and sings this song while walking around the stage!

Sway - Make me high on lulliby

She talks for a while ago and makes some funny comments about not sitting on the stage telling us a bunch of stories.  She then goes into how she wrote ATM and how her mother was THERE that evening... and how her dog was barking, or howls in this horribly tragic sound.

"So tonight for YOU people, the good people, that come to the shows, i'm gonna play you all 'A thousand fucking miles'!!"

A thousand Miles -- during this entire song, the entire crowd was singing, and dancing it was crazy.  I heard more of the crowd singing then i did Vanessa!  "If i could fall, into the sky" everyone in the crowd is singing.. oy

Now THIS was the interesting part... When she goes to introduce Ordinary Day she makes some VERY cute comments about the whole ADD thing.

"So um it's really strange cuz people know me by songs on the radio but, i have other songs... this is the second song that one might know vanessa carlton by and it's called Ordinary Day" -- I think she knew that the crowd wasn't into her whole CD... very sad and very perceptive of her

Then she says : "I think you guys should know that I have "Attention Deficite Disorder" In case ya haven't noticed.. (she says this in this REALLY funny tone too btw) This is the one song i was able to complete in one sitting without getting up and doing something really dumb"
Ordinary Day -- yet another song that EVERYONE sings for... highly annoying as i could barely hear VC... ha ha ha

*Set goes dark, VC stands up... Nate hits the base and the guitar chims in...*

Paint It Black!  the girls behind me go "oh my god, she does THIS song?"  Then a few min into the song they go "Wow, she's incredible!"  feh...

The entire crowd (other then a very few VC fans) appeared to be going because it's "something to do".  As soon as she was done they left... i was hoping everyone would cheer for an encore but nope.. oh well.

Then i waited around outside hoping to ask VC to sign my CD.  Nate came out and i talked to him for a while... he's very cool and nice!  He made a comment about how "no one ever gets pictures of the drummer" so I told him i had gotten some pictures of him yesterday in VA Beach!  He asked if i could send them to him and gave me his email address! (No, you cannot have it!)

I walked over a little late as i had been talking to Nate, and Vanessa had already come out and there was about ~20 people around her.  She was giving a few autographs then some guy is like "that's enough".  I was extremely surprised at this because it wasn't like there was not a ton of people there!  I mean, it probably would have taken her like 5 min to finish autographs... Unfortunately, i didn't get an autograph :(  she got in the car and left.  So sad... I'm thinking about writing a letter about that.. then the guy goes "Maybe next show" and i didn't have a lot of confidence in that at all.  She didn't come out in Vegas (big surprise, there were tons of people there)... she didn't come out in VA Beach, will she come out next show?  doubtful..

No pictures as they were frisking people on the way in... no autograph either... she came out and got in the car with her family and was off.

Good concert, none the less, happy i went.


Thanks for the review, and your comments, feh and oy! I feel like I was there. I'll be at the 10/21 show in NYC, can't wait. I hope the crowd is respectful!

You rock!


Katia - What kind of location were the two concerts at? I tried to look on the official site but that info has been taken down. I'm asking cause the one I'm going to on Friday is at a college... and I really, really hope that they let us have cameras! I'm sorry that you didn't get your autograph. :( What a dream come true it'll be if I get the chance... one can dream, right? :)


the first was at an airshow with vanessa on a built stange in a hanger and everyone standing/sitting outside.  Cameras were no problem there... no one cared at all.

the second was at the college campus in towson.  they said no cameras or recording devices and were pretty strict (patting people down).  generally you can still sneak a camera in if you're clever.

i went to this last monday show in NYC and it was at a club.  they were against cameras and even had metal detectors.  I just had my camera in my bag, said i was a tourist and they had a section to check in your bags.  After getting inside and before checking my bag i took my camera out and put it in my pocket.

Once you get inside, if you are taking pictures i've rarely seen any event staff say anything.  I would avoid using a flash (it's rather obnoxious) and unless you're within 15 ft of the stage, it wont do a whole lot of good.  With the lights on the artists anyway, you can generally get a good shot without a flash.

hope that helps. =)

Awesome, Kat!  Reading these reviews is getting me excited for the show!  




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