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One Girl Army:
I watch it. I think it's mean how they announce 4 and then make the others wait all that time to find out if they're the fifth one. I mean, they're only kids, they shouldn't be made to stand the suspense like that. I like AJ, the one with Justin hair.  :D

I only watched it these last couple nights because Nick was judging  :wink:


--- Quote from: "LimeTwister" ---i feel sorry for the kids.
--- End quote ---

I saw the very end last night, and was disgusted. Those kids were freaks, especially that weird looking "boy" with the goofy hair.

wasnt this kid on american idol, but older?

One Girl Army:
Haha, thats AJ, the one I like. Justin (the one from A.I. with the poofy hair) was judging the night he was on, and he was like "Hey, man, I like your hair..."


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