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Vanessa at William Jewell College on 10/25

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Kev - Yeah, that was great! lol

I'm going to see Nessa again in November when she's in Oklahoma - I can't wait! The things I do and the distances I go to see Nessa... :D


Don't forget to post another review :O)

I am going to 3 shows, but I've gotta wait until Febuary (UK dates).


Kev - 3 shows, huh? Lucky you!!! I wish I could go to more of her concerts (this will be my fourth) but I live in the Midwest and she doesn't do a whole lot of show here. <Sigh> I had to BEG one of my friends to go with me to the Tulsa show...  :lol: I'll be driving six and a half hours ONE WAY to see Nessa... like I said before, oh the things I do to see Nessa! :)



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