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Big Brother 4

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I don't think that any of them have actually gone on to do anything in the previous 3. Here you can subscribe to watch online 24/7. I don't think I will pay for that, the few times a week is cool for me.

This time they added 5 of the housguests' ex boyfriend/girlfriends in to the mix (neither had any idea that was going to happen) that is why it is the X Factor. So we shall see if they use them to their advantage or not.

i dont know what to put:
I'll be watching......Big Brother is great........did it start last night???

it did start last night and it comes on tonight as well 9pm EST on CBS

I watched a little bit of it, just because I was bored...I rarly watch TV, mainly the only things I watch are Conan and SNL...But it was pretty funny, and The X Factor was just plain mean!


EWW they showed some of it on RI:SE this morning and YUCK fish guts! Its apparently going to be shown over here aswell, its all so serious and not light hearted at all like BB over here. It cracks me up! The stupid music and voices!


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