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hello everyone!

i just wanted to introduce myself. my name is jessica. i live in southern california. i've been a vanessa carlton fan since the first time i heard "a thousand miles". i just registered on this board the other day and decided to post finally. i am eager to meet all of you, i KNOW you all have IMPECCABLE taste in music (obviously)  :D

i was supposed to go to vc's concert at the house of blues in hollywood on monday, but because of a missunderstanding, i didn't.  :cry:  i was wondering who had gone to the show and how it was. i'm sure it was fantastic!  :D

i will be attending the show today (wednesday the 13th) in san diego. i'm pretty sure some of you will be there. if you see me, don't be afraid to come up to me and say hi  :wink: i have pictures on my homepage. there is a link to it on my profile.

thanks for letting me ramble on...  :wink:

Hi, Jessica!  Welcome to our board!  Too bad you couldn't make the HoB show.  It was great.  There were a whole lot of NESSAholics there too.  So how did you like the San Diego show?  There were several NESSAholics there too and I heard that it was great!


:D Thanks for the welcome, Wonkies!!  :D

The SD show was great. I got to meet her before the show... I was so nervous, my friends were making fun of me.. lol. GREAT GREAT show. It was my first and hopefully not my last time seeing her. WOW!! I can't wait until the next time she comes around.

I gotta run... my bed is calling me...



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