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Bad Boys II.

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I just saw it a few hours ago. I did. I laughed and everything:) Martin looks like some sort of mutant. We love Will, in a highly obssesive way. I recognize greatness when I see it. It's a gift, a gift. I got a Will poster, my priceless property.

I had to sit next to this insect-obssesed-Tony Blair-look-a-like freak. So he started playing with his laser, pointing at Will. Will has been kicking ass before he could crawl. Big mistake. Leave your laser crap for the playground. I could have bitched slapped his ass if I wasn't so afraid of him..So I yelled at him. I did, and he cried. He said: "Whoa, chill out, d00d, I think dis movie is whack!!" If it was you, I hope you choke on that sandwich you're eating.:)

Thats all. Be nice:)

Gently realistic:
All I remember from Bad Boys is the hilarious slow motion running scene... just like in the video for Under The Bridge... always has the opposite effect on me :)

I went and saw it today, it is awesome. Better than the first one IMO  :)

Brian knows what I'm talking about;)

Nicky, BBII is far better..



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