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American Wedding!!

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YEA! I am proud to say that i have based my humble little life after that movie series and i cant wait to go see this exciting sequal! I should go c it tommorow...whos seen it already?   :D

I saw it tonight. It was BAD! Not nearly as good as the first 2!
20 minutes at a gay bar watchhing Stifler dance with a bald gay dude... ugh!

Major disappointment.



I saw the first two, when of course I was messed up, hardly remember them, but I remember laugh, I need to buy them on DVD....I probably will get AW when it comes out on DVD, just cause I'm still grounded and too lazy to take anyone to see it, oh and I don't have money, that is another big factor...hehe!

i've never seen american pie 1 or 2

so sue me

and i play the flute

and honestly, that joke is so old, its past the point where its funny because people still think its funny

now its just pathetic

this one time, at band camp...

where is tricia when you need her?  sorry, i had to.  =)

Maybe we need a "Movie" forum since all the movie reviews and such tend to go in Off Topic?



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