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I LOVE Smallville!

Smallville is great! and its much more entertaining with all the gorgeous people in it!

Okay, so i'm almost caught up with all the smallville episodes... i started on season 1 about two weeks ago and i just finished season 3 episode 2... (going to watch the 3rd in a few minutes) then i'll be caught up.

Who likes the whole Lana & Clark relationship thing?  I'm pretty impressed with this season so far and I really like that Clark and Lana are finally starting to actually talk about their feelings.  Now i'm just getting all annoyed that Clark hasn't told her yet... grr :)

Does anyone read/has read superman comics?  Does Lana and Clark get together or not?  When does Clark go to Metropolis and get involved with Lois?


whens the next series? its annoying how the last one ended, i'm curious to how they're gunna work that into what happens in the supermans later on

it's smallville time soon for us on the east coast!  who all is watching?!?!


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