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Like the Ocean
« on: January 02, 2004, 07:09:33 pm »
This is a poem that was a school assignment where u had to say ur life (or something else) was like something. This kind of poem is also where i got my sn from (MyLifeIsLikeATM)

this one is about my thoughts

Like the Ocean

My thoughts are like the ocean…
Deeper then anyone could ever imagine
With places no one has every seen
People often question what they are for
Or how they came along
Inside there ocean are fish
And many new creates being discovered
In my thoughts
These fish are spur of the moment happinesses
And the new creatures
Are the new ideas I get
The deep blue color reflects the depth of my knowledge
And my interest in poetry
Like the ocean
My thoughts can do damage to others
Accidentally destroying what was placed in its path
My thoughts also nourish
Like the ocean does, to all that lives within
Like the ocean
My thoughts are wet with falling
From the heavens
Many don’t understand my thoughts
Like the ocean
They are mysterious

August 7th 2003, the best day of my life.