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FAQ - You'd best read this thread too (Updated: 4/17/11)
« on: March 15, 2003, 06:54:34 pm »
Stuff about Vanessa

How old is Vanessa?
Her birthday is 8/16/80. That means you should probably bust out the abacus and do some math if you want to know how old she is.

Where is she from?
Milford, Pennsylvania. That's Milford with an L.  If you start nonsense about it being Mitford with a T, we are liable to beat you over the head repeatedly with blunt objects.

Where'd she go to high school?

Did Vanessa really do ballet?
Yep, and she was really good.

Was that a nose piercing I saw?
Yeah, it was.

Wow, Vanessa is so pretty! What exactly is her ethnicity?
She is half Russian and half Scandinavian.

Is Vanessa bisexual?
She said she is, but it isn't really any of our business, so we'll leave it at that.

Who is Vanessa dating?
Does it really matter? Again, not really any of our business.

Will you date/marry me Vanessa?
I'm gonna go with NO. Nice try, though.

OMG! I heard Vanessa changed her name to V, is this true?
No, Vanessa did not change her name to V. Many people call her V or VC, but she has not officially changed her name to V. Calm down. It's okay.  

DUDE! I have to send Vanessa a letter, does she have an official fan mail address?!!?!?
Whoa buddy, calm down. She does have a fanmail address:

Vanessa Carlton c/o
Career Artist Management
1100 Glendon ave, 11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Just don't send anything scary. ;)

Other than being a member of this awesome site, how else can I connect with Vanessa?
Being the social media age, Vanessa is hip to all of your stalking needs.

Myspace | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Official Site

Stuff about Vanessa's music

When does her new CD come out?
Rabbits on the Run is scheduled for release on July 26, 2011.

What's the single from the CD?

What's Vanessa's record label?
Razor & Tie, an independent entertainment company.

Does Vanessa write her own songs?
Yep! 10 of the 11 songs on Be not Nobody are originals. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote the other (Paint It Black). For Harmonium, Vanessa wrote 7 of the 11 songs solo and co-wrote 4 with Stephan Jenkins. On Heroes & Thieves wrote 4 of the 11 songs solo and co-write 4 with Stephan Jenkins, 2 with Linda Perry, and collaborated with both Jenkins and Perry on 1 song.

What about "Where The Streets Have No Name"?
That is a U2 cover, Bono wrote it.

Does she play piano on her albums?
For sure! She's been playing since she was two.

What are her previous CD's titled?
Be not Nobody, Harmonium, and Heroes & Thieves.

Are they good?
Duh...BnN got her 3 Grammy nominations and allows her to write songs about vampires.

Are Be not Nobody, Harmonium, and Heroes & Thieves available internationally?
Yep! They should be available in most countries. And if not, there is always or eBay. :)

I'm from the States, where can I get Vanessa's CD's?
Your friendly neighborhood Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy or other random record store.

Where can I get all the unreleased/rare Vanessa songs?
Use this thread to ask for whatever song you are looking for. Don't make new threads. Eventually you'll find someone to send the songs to you.

Can I talk about the rare songs?
Sure, you can do so here. A word of warning, if there is anyone asking for the rare songs in the thread, the thread will be immediately locked and the matter is not up for discussion.

Where can I get the sheet music for Vanessa's songs?
It's cheap. Buy it. If you get lucky, you may find the sheet music books in a music store.

Lyrics, lyrics, I must have lyrics!
OK. Head over here. The thread discussing lyrics can be found here.
Mmm...complete lyrics *drools*.

When is Vanessa coming to my town?
Check here.

At a Vanessa show, there were different lyrics in Ordinary Day -- so I screwed them up! What gives?
The "Ordinary Day" chorus was changed for Be Not Nobody after the events of September 11th. Vanessa always preferred the original lyrics and has begun performing it in the original fashion with the lyrics that can be found here.

At that same Vanessa show, did I hear Vanessa say something about feet in C'est La Vie?
There is an alternate lyric for C'est La Vie that goes something like "Oh, I'm at your feet, say always and forever more I'll be your perfect little sugar bride," but you've gotta be pretty awesome to hear it.

What is up with the unicorns?!
We want the unicorns to live! If you don't know, now you know.

Random Board Info

How long has been around?
Since May 7, 2002. Yeah, we're pretty bad ass.

Does Vanessa ever read here?
She's said that she comes to to see what she's been up to.

Since I'm a member here, will you hook me up with an interview with Vanessa?
SURE!...oh wait...NO.

How do I send a message to a user?
The little button that looks like this: you will find under someone's username/avatar.

How do I check my messages?
Via the My Messages tab at the top of the screen.

What does the lock mean?
No replying in the thread.

How do I do HTML stuff like adding pictures, links, etc?
You can't do HTML, but there are buttons above the box when you're posting that allow you to make things bold, underlined, italic, add in pictures, insert links, quote other people, change font color, change font size.

Are the people here nice?
Oh yeah! The people here are the best. As long as there is RESPECT.

As cool as Vanessa is, are we allowed to talk about other stuff too?
That's what the Off Topic forums are for.

Can I change my password?
Check out the Profile has all the info you need

How do I get an avatar?
In the Profile section you have the option of adding one in.  Don't make it too big or your avatar rights may be taken away.

No, dumbass, I asked how do I get an avatar, not how do I upload one
Well, pin a rose on your nose...meanie.  Maybe someone will make one for you.  Maybe you can make one yourself using photoshop or something.  It just needs to be a small pic.

Do I have to enter the code for my sig every time I post?
Not at all!  In the Update Profile section you can add a sig which will be displayed everytime you post, unless you choose to disable it.

What's the little blue unicorn above some people's avatars?
It means that person is part of the Vanessa Carlton Unicorn Brigade.

Who came up with that lame ass name?
Me, smart ass.

Can I have one?
The members of the VCUB have been recognized by the Moderators of this forum as having gone above and beyond the call of duty in supporting Vanessa and hooking other fans up with things.  Be cool, help out, you may be able to join us one day.

Help! I want join the Street Team, but I can't access the forum!
Ask one of your fellow NESSAholics over AIM or PM how to get in, I'm sure they'll help you out.

Can I have a custom rank?
Sorry my friend, custom ranks are only for Mods, Admins, and members of the VCUB.

What are the guidelines for getting my rank changed?
It depends on the number of posts you have.
0: You're a Genuine Wannabe
50: Willing and Able to... Run
100: Make me high on lullabies
250: Just a day, just an ordinary day
500: Your true colors shown
750: You aren't tryin'
1000: I'd Walk A Thousand Miles...
1500: Fine as dandelions
2000: You never thought it'd hurt so bad
3000: Keepin' secrets at midnight
4000: Speeding into the horizon
5000: Just looking for some affection
6000: It's nice not to be so alone
7000: Will always reach too high
8000: Who are they anyway?
9000: Summer dies & nothing lasts forever
10000: I know what you did...
11000: I see the ruin

Who came up with those and what songs are they from?
Joe, Katia, Brian, and I did, and they are from: "Papa", "Prince", "Sway", "Ordinary Day", "Swindler", "Unsung", "A Thousand Miles", "She Floats", "Dark Carnival", "Private Radio", "The Wreckage", "All I Ask", "White Houses", "Twilight", "Who's To Say", "Annie", "San Francisco", "Afterglow".

Can I make a poll?
In the poll section, yes.  You're limited to 25 choices as of right now.

Somebody keeps changing my thread titles by getting rid of apostrophes...what's that all about?
That'd be me.  Misplaced apostrophes are the bane of my existence and I will go to extreme measures.

Language...what can I say?
You can say whatever you want.  Keep the thread titles clean.  Don't over do it.  We're being nice now, but the nazi mods will emerge if need be.  Oh yeah, if English is your first language, please make sure you type like it.  There's no need 4 u 2 talk like that.  Gratuitous and intentional misuse of the language bugs us.

Why'd you move my thread?
Because I can BWAHAHAHAHA ... Not really, we moved it because we felt it would be more appropriate in another forum.

Why doesn't the link I clicked on work?
We changed forums to SMF a few years back and it wreaked havoc on links in threads created prior to conversion. Let a mod know if you come across something that is so egregious you can't stand it, otherwise, use the search feature and you can probably find what you're looking for.

Geez, that guy posting is such a jerk, I'm going to tell him off!
Please don't. Report it to a mod using the "Report to moderator" button on that users post and B will lay the smack down on their candy ass it will be taken care of right away.

Fucking nazis
Damn straight!

Combined with the Rules and Regulations, this should be all you need to know to get along here.

The end...for now
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