Author Topic: new tour and neil young!!!!!  (Read 2365 times)


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new tour and neil young!!!!!
« on: October 27, 2002, 08:15:00 am »
just thought I'd share some moments with you guys via good old technology. My tour is a dream. You guys that make it out are my down home peeps. Thank you. I shared the stage yesterday with, Neil Young, James Taylor, Jack Johnson, Thom Yorke and the Foos (there are more). Neil is an actual fan of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's unbelievable. It was such an honor. I get to do it all again today. Tonight I'm singing with neil and company. Pretty Baby video is sure to be a big surprise. Perhaps, you won't be too afraid of my penchant for twisted, weird, yet kinda funny stuff. Confused? You'll see. See you all at the shows.

posted: 10/27/2002 11:15