Author Topic: Recent Pictures Thread Part 2  (Read 364632 times)


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Recent Pictures Thread Part 2
« Reply #2985 on: November 21, 2005, 01:55:38 am »
Quote from: "Holly"

Yea! It was totally out of nowhere too! I called him about 5:30pm and he's like, "I'm leaving for a concert in 30 mins and have an extra ticket. Want to go?" The concert was about 90 mins from our school, but luckily i didnt have much going on that night and was able to go. His mom is friends with Bonnie Raitt so we got 2nd row center seats in the orc pitt plus got to meet her afterwards. And I was totally expecting to do nothing that night! So random! I went to see Rob Thomas too, but I don't remember him singing one of her songs, what song was it?

cool pic from disneyland btw! i love it there!

Dang, that's so awesome his mom is friends with her. Way cool. And 2nd row center in the pitt? Damn, that's exactly how close I was at a backstreet boys soundcheck thing a few months ago & it was surreal being that close to them for the first time so that must have been so cool. And yeah, I don't remember what the song was called but he had a really cool set & it was when he went on the keyboard to play & my friend told me afterwards it was one of her songs cuz I didn't recognize it from Rob's cd or Matchbox 20.