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Avatars...I have a question on how to get one...

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now i actually read the FAQ but it didn't really answer my question. can someone tell me how to make them, if someone else can make someone else one, if theres a site with some you can use?  :?:

Sorry I missed the thread on the VCMB LOL...

Anyway... you can make them. I think they have to be 80x80 pixels, or something like that. There is a place in your profile to plug it in. You just have to host it. :)

I know there are sites out there too. What exactly were you looking for in an av?


LOL i have no idea how to make one. haha im not sure what im looking for...something rad.  8)

do you know how to make them? i have no idea about them so i dunno. lol

I addressed your concern in the FAQ...I hope...I added on to what was originally there

oh you did Tricia? i'll go check it out now. Thank you!  :D

"Well, pin a rose on your nose...meanie." haha i wasn't THAT mean  :wink:


Tricia or Brian would one of you guys mind making one for me? i can think of an idea right now if you could...


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